Your wholesale 2080 extrusion supplier & manufacturer with 16+ Years Expertise in China - YUZHI

Your wholesale 2080 extrusion supplier & manufacturer with 16+ Years Expertise in China

Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI), founded in 2007 in Foshan, Guangdong, is a leading aluminum extrusion manufacturer with 16+ years of expertise. Specializing as a wholesale 2080 extrusion supplier & manufacturer in China, YUZHI offers high-quality, wholesaleized aluminum profiles and accessories for LED lighting and other industrial applications worldwide in markets like North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. With advanced equipment and strict quality control, YUZHI provides personalized and comprehensive solutions from design to delivery.

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What Grade of Aluminum Is Most Popular?

Aluminum 3003. 3003 is the most often used type of aluminum alloy. It is mostly employed in the production of kitchenware, aluminum storage tanks, and architectural components. Manganese has been added to pure aluminum to boost strength by up to 20% without reducing flexibility in 3003.

What Is Aluminum Type A7?

Aluminum grade A7 is equivalent to grades 1070 and 1170, registered by the American Aluminum Association, and marches of aluminum EN AW-1070A specified in the European standard EN 573-3-94.

What Nations Are Awaiting Admission to Europe?

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2080 Extrusion Products

10 pieces of 1000 mm 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Industrial Aluminum Profiles (Silver, T Style) for CNC DIY CNC Workbench and 3D Printer Parts

For use with 3D printers and CNC DIY, OUYANG T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Extruded Aluminum European Standard Anodized (300mm 4PCS)

Black, 20 x 40mm, Mssoomm 2 Pack 2040 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Length 39.37 Inches/1000 Millimeters Extrusions of the 20 Series T Type T-Slot European Standard Linear Rail Guide Frame for CNC

High-strength European Standard Extruded Aluminum Linear Rail Guide, Anodizing Technology, 4PCS 15.75inch(400mm) T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile for 3D Printer and CNC DIY

A Pyle Backup Rear View Car Camera Screen Monitor System with Parking & Reverse Safety Distance Scale Lines, Waterproof, Night Vision, 170° View Angle, and a 7 LCD Video Color Display for Vehicles (PLCM7700) is available.

European Standard 10PCS T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Anodized Linear Rail with 1000mm (39.3 ) Length for CNC Homemade 3D Printer and Manufacturing of Industrial Brackets

Extruded Aluminum 20mm x 20mm 20 Series T Type Profiles, Coavoo 4 Pack 2020 T Slot Black Aluminum Extrusion 78.74 inch / 2000mm Length European Standard Linear Rail Frame in Anodized 4 Pieces

Mssoomm 1 Pack 2060 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Silver, 20 x 60mm, Length 78.74 Inches Extrusions of the 20 Series T Type T-Slot European Standard Linear Rail Guide Frame for CNC

2080 extrusion

For use with 20mm aluminum profile extrusion rail, 8PCS 2020 aluminum extrusion corner 20 series extruded inside corner connector

2080 extrusion factory manufacturer supplier

4 PCS 2020 European Standard Anodized Linear Rail, T Slot Square Metal Profile Bracket with Inner L Bracket for 3D Printer Parts and CNC, Aluminum Extrusion Rail Kit (7.87IN) (200mm)

Top Reviews

Scott P.

I don't regret spending thousands of dollars on their aluminum extrusions. They have always been of the highest caliber. I do make an effort to hunt for their deals, such as a precut bundle or a client return. I may have purchased some unusual hues or lengths, but I was always aware of them beforehand. Worth it was the value (discount?). They buy things in bulk and the delivery cost per unit drastically reduces because they have a "no BS" shipping policy. The packaging is done expertly, and the only damaged delivery I've had was from a UPS guy who must have had a particularly rough day. I am sometimes disappointed by their prices for supplementary parts like as hinges, fasteners, and the like, therefore I occasionally purchase competitors. However, I get theirs if I truly must rely on the assembly. To you, cheers, health, and happiness! Jason P.

World Kangaroo

The cut length was about 1 mm longer than 500 mm, and the anodizing is solid and extremely evenly produced with precise dimensions. For my current Ender 3 Pro project, I'm going to use these lengths in addition to some 2040 of the same color to create a rear support structure and a second parallel x-axis beam to support an additional linear bearing rail. In order to avoid significantly reducing x travel, which is ultimately what two large direct drive assemblies would do due to the limited distance, I will be adding a second extruder that will also be bmg driven. Currently, I am working toward dual extrusion with an SKR v1.4 turbo base. One extruder is a bmg directly driving a Microswiss, which is currently working well. To enable the attachment of my own gantry plate to two linear bearing rails arranged one above the other with a space for the bearing sliders' clearance, I have machined it to a specific size. It's been a really enjoyable job, and as I make adjustments to the printer in the critical areas, the print quality only gets better.


Although it fits my 25/75 extrusion profile well, it is advertised as being for 20/20 extrusion profiles. The bolts are carbon steel, the sliding nuts are galvanized, and the brackets are cast aluminum (painted black, not anodized). That is, if you keep this outside, the hardware (or at least the bolts) will eventually rust on you. In my pictures, the cutoff extrusion profile is 2575, not a 20 series extrusion. Having said that, this also worked perfectly in a leftover 2020 that I had. This paint is in good condition. It is rather easy to scratch with a screwdriver, but you cannot scratch it with a fingernail or piece of plastic. I don't think that's a huge concern, but it's something to be mindful of. If you are unsure if this will fit your profile, please refer to my photographs for the sliding nut measurements. Because of the M5 hole and the nut's shape, you must insert it through the extrusion's open end. This cannot just be dropped someplace in the extrusion's center. It must be slid in from the

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