Wholesale Global aluminium door frame extrusions manufacturer & factory Since 2007 in China - YUZHI

Wholesale Global aluminium door frame extrusions manufacturer & factory Since 2007 in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned global leadership as China`s most trusted manufacturer of durable and resilient CNC machined aluminum extrusions tailored to customer technical requirements. Headquartered in Guangdong province, YUZHI`s qualified specialists leverage fully integrated production lines underlining our reputation as the wholesale aluminium door frame extrusions manufacturer & factory meeting and exceeding expectations of buyers across aviation, transport, infrastructure, renewables and other key global sectors.

People May Ask

What Are The Benefits of Extrusion?

Expansion - The extruded product will continue to be hot and expand after being removed from the extruder (this is also known as the die well). This is a benefit because the rate of expansion is uncertain and the outcome might not be as anticipated.

Are Aluminum Door Frames Long-Lasting?

enduring and resistant

Frames with an aluminum base are far more resistant to weather damage and can easily last 20 to 30 years. There is little to no danger of rotting, warping, or dents.

Is Aluminum More Affordable Than Hollow Metal?

Affordable. For your workspace, hollow metal doors might be a wiser investment on a tighter budget. When we take into account the advantages described above, they are considerably more affordable than the other solutions, such as aluminum doors.

How Many Millimeters Thick Should A Door Frame Be?

Despite the fact that the width of a door frame is typically between 35mm and 40mm, custom doors can be substantially bigger. The typical door height ranges from 2040 to 2340mm. 820 mm is the standard door width (the range is 520 mm to 920 mm). Internal and external standard door thickness are 35 and 40 mm, respectively.

What Are The Benefits of An Aluminum Frame?

Resilience. Aluminum windows have a thirty-year lifespan. This is due to the fact that aluminum is far more weatherproof than other frame materials, which reduces the likelihood of warping or decay. Additionally, aluminum has a high strength-to-weight ratio, which makes it more difficult to damage.

How Much Weight Can A Door Frame Support?

An internal door in a residential building can typically support 45 to 100 pounds. A door on the outside that has sturdy hardware can support up to 400 pounds. Even more can be held by some doors of the commercial grade.

What Should The Door Frame Be?

Al wood: I believe that the al wood is one of the most substantial and heavy types of hardwood material that can be used to make door and window frames. When compared to teak wood, it is around 50% tougher and 30% heavier, making it the toughest material.

What Benefits Can Metal Door Frames Offer?

The advantage of teel DoorWhile steel doors cannot deform, they can be dented if struck by something. If the paint on the door chips off at the dent, rust can form due to the metal being exposed to airborne moisture.

What Benefits Does Aluminum Offer?

One significant benefit of using aluminum is that it is relatively expensive when compared to other metals like steel or iron. Additionally, aluminum can become brittle when exposed to severe temperatures or a sudden temperature change, which may result in structural failure.

Is An Aluminum Frame Preferable to A Timber Frame?

Aluminum has strong corrosion resistance properties, thus it doesn't rust. However, because it has chromium added, which gives it a protective coating and great corrosion resistance, steel has the advantage in this situation. giving it an added level of corrosion resistance is tainle teel i al o non-porou.

Aluminium Door Frame Extrusions Products

aluminium door frame extrusions

Door Frame Weather Stripping for Doors Windows, Slot Installation Seals Large Slot, Soundproof Door Seal Strip V Shaped Foam Kerf (Black, 40 Feet)

aluminium door frame extrusions factory manufacturer supplier

Weather Stripping Kerf Door Seal - Large Gap, Q Foam, Replacement Weatherstrip for Door Frame, Black

Revel-Simple Door Retractable Screen | Strong & Durable, PVC & Aluminium Components, for 79-1/4 to 82-1/4 Height, Up to 36 Width Standard Door | Hardware & Mesh, Easy to Install, (Black)

COMOWARE Circular Miter Saw Blade - 12-inch 100 Tooth TCG Metal Saw Blade, 1 inch Arbor Heavy Duty for Aluminum and Non Ferrous Metals

Access Control, Garage Door, Home Automation, Alexa Compatible Ewelink WiFi Wireless Smart Relay Module USB 5v 4 Channel Inching Self-Lock Latched Dry Contact Remote Toggle Switch Gmail Home

Suitable for apartments and homes, Armor Concepts Fix-A-Jamb 24 Interior Door Jamb Repair Kit, Door Reinforcement Strike Plates for Interior Doors (White)

Butt Hinge Position Hinge Limit of 120 Degrees, 2.45 Inches Aluminum Alloy Bushing Hinge Position Control Hinges

Brown, 1/2 x 3/4 x 7 Long Weatherseal Replacement from Frost King

Prime-Line MP1005 Aluminum Surface Mount Clamp Style Sliding Glass Door Handle Set

For 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, uxcell Inside Corner Brace Angle Bracket Fastener L Shape 20mmx20mmx18mm, 4pcs.

Top Reviews

Timothy H.

Using this kit, we were able to remove the OEM channel seal and cut three parts that ran along the inner door jam. This is worse than the original. No need to discard the previous. The top and two sides are well-sealed thanks to this. It cleared the hinges and pneumatic door closer and was sufficiently narrow to not obstruct the door lock or door handle. Perfect. All is well thus far. This should allow me to open the storm door during the winter with little draft. Along the bottom of the door, I also placed the Larson threshold replacement seal, which is sold separately on YUZHI. I'm also really happy with the packing for this. arrived in a large box, but...


I required this weather stripping for my home's two 193-year-old doors. To match hardware on a nearby new door and a new threshold on one of the old doors, I wanted an oil rubbed bronze finish. No big box or hardware shop carried the appropriate size or color. Before screwing the metal component to the jamb, I would suggest placing a strip of caulk under it to help seal out any air.


It really surprised me that the adhesive on the reverse of this material was so strong for once. For once, the product's creators gave you something satisfactory—something you wouldn't have expected given the cost and other factors. Because it works so damn well, I won't only buy this again; I would even suggest it as a gift. It's difficult to be truly amazed. I, for once, purchased an inexpensive thing that you purchased on YUZHI. It slides across the bottom of the floor without becoming too soft or too stiff, and it still adheres to the door. was simple to cut with scissors, which surprised me because I had assumed I was simply receiving a cheap product from YUZHI.

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