Wholesale aluminium extrusion industries products supply YUZHI Meets Any Requirement in China

Wholesale aluminium extrusion industries products supply YUZHI Meets Any Requirement in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd wholesale aluminium extrusion industries products supply Chinahas delivered excellence in tailored aluminum extrusions from its world-class facility in Guangdong, China. YUZHI`s prowess stems from integrated capabilities to design, tool, extrude, machine and finish resilient 2080 series aluminum profiles specifically for lighting, solar and mechanical engineering applications. With state-of-the-art production lines manned by qualified staff, and a customer-first business approach, YUZHI supplies exceptional custom aluminium extrusion industriess to leading companies across sectors as diverse as railways, roadways, aviation, construction, warehousing and renewables in export destinations spanning 6 continents.

People May Ask

Cheaper Than Aluminum Is What?

In terms of cost, mild steel is typically less expensive than aluminum. This is so because mild steel is easier to find and more expensive than aluminum, making it far more accessible. Mild steel has a lower melting point than aluminum, making it easier to shape into various shapes.

What Kind of Metal Is Easy to Machine?

Bra . Bra is one of the easiest and most cost-effective materials to mill because of its stability and low tensile strength. This kind of machining was used in a broad range of industries and applications. medical, consumer goods, and electrical are a few of them.

Does Age Make Aluminum Harder?

All aluminum alloys need to be quenched in water (or a little brine), but some alloys harden as they age in the air. One type of component that benefits from air aging is a rivet.

6061 Or 7075 Is Lighter, Which Is It?

The most popular temper for 7075 aluminum is 7075-T6, and it can be reinforced using the heat treatment method. The density of 7075 aluminum is somewhat higher than that of pure aluminum at 2.81 g/cm3 (0.102 lb/in3). As with pure aluminum metal, the density of 6061 aluminum alloy is 2.7 g/cm3 (0.0975 lb/in3).

How Come It Was Called 6061?

Additionally, each digit of the number represents a characteristic that helps to distinguish the aluminum alloy from other alloys. The beginning number 6 in the ca e of 6061 aluminum, which is a component of the 6000 erie, denotes that manganese and silicon are the main alloying elements.

Does Coolant Apply to Aluminum?

You'll need a coolant with a high oil content, such plain oil, for CNC aluminum applications. Because aluminum has a tendency to be quite sticky, you will need a lot of lubrication to keep the chips away from the milling tool, thus this is the ideal solution.

What Distinguishes CNC Aluminum from Cast Aluminum?

For robust mass production, die casting works best, but CNC machining works better for smaller batches of extremely complicated or strangely shaped parts. Compared to CNC machining, die casting is far faster and more repeatable.Dec. 16, 2020

When Does Aluminum Fracture?

The alloy loses strength at temperatures higher than 150 °C, and the depreciation gets worse with time. The weakening is significant above 200 °C and is accompanied by a slight increase in ductility.Aug. 4, 2020

Can 6061 Aluminum Be Hardened?

Treatment with heatAfter being heat-treated for a suitable amount of time at 533°C (990°F), the aluminum/aluminum 6061 alloy is quenched in water. It is possible to carry out the precipitation hardening procedure at 160°C (320°F) for 18 hours, followed by air cooling.

How Come You Can'T Weld 7075?

What Complicates the Welding of 2024 and 7075? After welding, aluminum alloys 2024 and 7075 may become susceptible to corrosion cracking. This occurrence is especially risky because it cannot be seen right away after welding. The cracking will eventually appear once the component has been in use.

Aluminium Extrusion Industries Products

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Aluminum Extrusion Connector with Shrapnel Nut for Aluminum Extrusion, 3D Printer, 2020 Aluminum Profile Connector, GETLITOOL 10 PCS Aluminum Extrusion Corner

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For 20 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile 3D Printer Accessories, Zeberoxyz 2 Pieces Black Aluminum Alloy Handle Rectangular Industrial Pull Handle Hole Distance 100mm

8 oz. of Foggy Mountain Mt. Lion Urine

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L-shaped 40mmx40mmx76mm uxcell Inside Corner Brace Angle Bracket Fastener for Aluminum Extrusion Profile

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There are 20 pieces of 2020 Series Aluminum Profile Corner Bracket Right Angle Corner Bracket Joint Brace Fastener.

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For 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, uxcell Inside Corner Brace Angle Bracket Fastener L Shape 20mmx20mmx18mm, 8pcs.

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These are the legs I bought for my custom-built 2020 PC case. Looks fantastic.


I have a portable welder that weighs only 15 pounds and has a stupid carrying strap instead of a sturdy handle. I bought these after seeing them on YUZHI. They have hex bolts and are composed of premium aluminum alloy. I mounted the handle on top of my welder's upper case after drilling two holes there and placing the two nuts within the cabinet. I had just what I wanted in the handle. It performs the desired function and appears to have been delivered from the factory. Another excellent item from YUZHI.


Our family has enjoyed this game for many generations because it is simple to play, portable, and quick to pick up. I adore it.

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