The Specialist best aluminium extrusion products suppliers & manufacturers in China - YUZHI

The Specialist best aluminium extrusion products suppliers & manufacturers in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned distinction as a skilled aluminium extrusion products specialist designing and manufacturing premium aluminum profiles in China for buyers worldwide across infrastructure, transport, renewable energy and allied sectors. Leveraging fully integrated production capabilities comprising in-house tooling and strict quality control procedures, YUZHI`s customizable offerings, including LED panels, solar PV frames, rail coach parts and heat sink extrusions, cater to discerning B2B consumers from industries as diverse as warehousing, roadways, airports, rolling stock, and automotive around the globe.

People May Ask

What Are The Raw Materials Used in Casting Aluminum?

The primary raw material used to create aluminum is bauxite, a ferruginous aluminum hydroxide. Alumina (aluminum oxide) is created by chemically treating bauxite to eliminate impurities.

What Type of Cast Aluminum Is Most Prevalent?

A380 Aluminum Alloy. One of the most popular aluminum alloys with the most important advantages is A380.
ADC12 Aluminum Alloy 383 A380 is frequently substituted with 383, also known as ADC12 in Asia, if your component is extremely complicated.
B390. A413....... br>413... br>K-Alloy, as well as A360.

What Is The Purpose of 6061 Aluminum?

The 6061 aluminum plateAmong the heat-treated alloys, this grade is one of the more adaptable ones. Due to its durability and outstanding corrosion resistance, it is frequently used for flooring, ramps, and steps.

Describe Three Fascinating Facts about Aluminum.

7 Quick Facts Regarding Aluminum(br)#1) It Is One-Third Lighter Than Steel.#2) There Is No Rust....#3) It's the Most Common Metal in the World.#4) It Can Be Recycled.#5) Its Use Dates Back Thousands of Years.#6) It Can Handle Heat Resistance.#7: It's Flexible.Feb. 20, 2019

What Are Some Uses for The Extrusion Process?

Laboratory. small batch processing for testing, brief runs, education, and training.Filtration and purification. Extruding substrate blocks for chemical air and water cleaning.
Food. preparing and cold-forming foods of diverse shapes, sizes, colors, and textures.
Food for animals.Plastics and polymers.

What End Items Are Created by Metal Extrusion?

Metals including lead, tin, aluminum alloys, copper, titanium, molybdenum, vanadium, and steel are examples of those that can be extruded. Aluminum cans, cylinders, gear blanks, collapsible tubes, and other objects are a few examples of items that are cold extruded. The benefits of cold extrusion include the absence of oxidation.

Which Nation Produces The Most Aluminum?

ChinaChina, India, and Russia are the top three producers of aluminum worldwide. The significant demand of some particular industries, such as transportation, electronics, automotive, and construction, has depended on and continues to depend on the expanding production of aluminum in these regions as foils, sheets, and plates.

Which Product Does Not Use Extrusion in Its Production?

What one of the following cannot be produced using extrusion? Among the following, extrusion is not used in the production of helmets, whereas it is used in the production of every other product.

What Are Some Examples of Extruded Products?

The ideal method for creating lengthy cross-section objects is extrusion. Extruded shapes include vehicle trim, plastic rain gutters, and windshield wiper and squeegee blades. This method also produces vinyl siding, which is used in more than half of all new home construction.

What End Items Are Produced by Hot Extrusion?

When cold extrusion cannot be utilized to form the material, hot extrusion is used to create metal products with constant cross sections, such as bars, solid and hollow sections, tubes, wires, and strips. Nonlubricated, lubricated, and hydrostatic hot extrusion are the three main subcategories.

Aluminium Extrusion Products Products

10 pieces of 500mm V-slot 2020 aluminum extrusion with black European standard anodizing are used to make industrial brackets and CNC DIY 3D printers.

For use with 3D printer parts and CNC DIY, 4PCS V Slot 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Profile 19.7 European Standard Anodized Linear Rail, 500mm Black

aluminium extrusion products factory manufacturer supplier

Aluminum Extrusion Rail in Red 2020 Series 1010 10 Series 6 Meters 2020 Series 1010 6mm Aluminum Profile Slot Cover Flat Seal for 6mm Slot Seal Strip 20mm x 20mm and 1 x 1

aluminium extrusion products

European Standard Anodized Linear Rail for 3D Printer Parts and CNC DIY 500mm Black (4PCS T Slot 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Profile 19.7 )

Aluminum Cooling Box for Circuit Board PCB Instrument DIY Electronic Project Case Electronic Product Shell Protect Box Heat-dissipating

For use with 3D printer parts and CNC DIY, 4PCS V Slot 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Profile 39.4 European Standard Anodized Linear Rail (39.4inch)

6 Pieces 300MM Linear Aluminum Extrusion Profile 300MM Aluminum Extrusion T Slot Printer Parts from Baluue T Slot Extrusion Aluminum Profile Linear Rail Rail

With 20PCS of the 3030 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profiles, there are 20Sets of 3030 Extrusion Connectors for 3030 Aluminum Extrusion Corner. T Slot L Bracket Hardware 40PCS Screws 3030 T Nuts

For 3D printer parts and CNC DIY, 4PCS T Slot 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Profile 39.4 , European Standard Anodized 1000mm Silver

Printer Parts Linear Rail- 2 Pieces Aluminum Profile T Slot 300MM Aluminum Extrusion Anodized

Top Reviews

Frank Ryan

The blue hue is striking and contrasts beautifully with the black extrusion. I was shocked to notice that this precisely matched the color of the TPU that I had printed some bespoke parts on my printer. This is the URL: The product number for this item is B0922C5PDR. They are easy to press in and remain in position. All that needs to be done is shove them in; nothing more. really simple to consistently trim to the ideal length. These are now installed in the European Standard Aluminum Extrusion V Slot 2020. One of the sets I bought is linked here. at this link. Fantastic product


Perfect to me means it's beautifully anodised and exceptionally smooth. The packaging met all expectations and had nice, clean cut ends. For protection against rubbing and scratching, each component is enclosed in a foam sleeve. Unfortunately, I am new to this extrusion stuff, thus looking at the pictures has taught me yet another lesson. In order to match up a sim rig that is 4040 different from this 4040, I was hoping. The photos clearly show that it has two spaces per side, whereas I require one bigger slot per side. I won't be returning it due to my error because I intend to use it someday when I do some machining.

michael belew

There is no technique to inserting these slot covers, unlike what some people have said. There is no need for lube and they don't slide in. They may be pressed straight into position, where they create a tight seal, and they simply press to fit. In addition, the 6 meter length is one full meter longer than the majority of comparable items, most of which are more expensive. My one and only criticism is that the red hue is much duller in reality than it seems in the picture.

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