The Trusted aluminium machined parts manufacturer & factory to best From China - YUZHI

The Trusted aluminium machined parts manufacturer & factory to best From China

As a distinguished best aluminium machined parts manufacturer & factory in China serving discerning clients worldwide, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd (YUZHI) brings exceptional technical prowess and over 15 years of manufacturing excellence to create exclusive, purpose-engineered aluminum profiles. Since 2007, our fully integrated facility in Guangdong province has been providing bestized and versatile aluminum solutions ranging from superlative LED extrusions and robust panel frames to resilient mechanical parts purpose-built for critical applications in industries as diverse as infrastructure, renewable energy, lighting, machinery and automotive. With an export footprint spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, YUZHI is the go-to manufacturer for tailor-made extrusions among leading multinationals and growth-focused companies looking to enhance performance, aesthetics and reliability.

People May Ask

What Is The Ideal Cleaner for Aluminum?

Toluene, lacquer thinner, acetone, and methyl ethyl ketone are all effective solvents.

How Is A Part Made Machinable?

Metal or plastic (and perhaps other materials as well) can be used to make machined parts, but they must be created from a material that can be cut without dramatically deforming. Some parts may be machined after being constructed using a different manufacturing process.

What Metal Have I Machined?

Machining is the regulated process of cutting a piece of raw material to produce the desired end shape and size. To make shapes in a variety of metals, metal machining uses milling machines, lathes, drill presses, and various other machines.

How Can Aluminum Be Strengthened?

Zinc (Zn) 7xxx - The addition of zinc to aluminum (along with a few additional elements, primarily magnesium and/or copper) results in an aluminum alloy that is heat treatable and has a high melting point. The zinc significantly boosts strength and allows precipitation to harden.

Can You Forge 6061 Aluminum?

A forging. An alloy that is suitable for hot forging is 6061. A closed die process was used to forge the billet after it had been heated in an induction furnace. This specific alloy can be used for open die forging.

Why Do I Easily Machine Aluminum?

Machinability. With a variety of techniques, aluminum is easily shaped, manipulated, and machined. Due to its frequent and easy chipping, it may be swiftly and easily sliced using a machine. It is far more expensive and requires more electricity to manufacture than steel.

What Machining Aluminum Do You Do Well?

One of the most widely used aluminum alloys available is 6061-T6, and the majority of manufacturing companies provide it as the standard grade for CNC machining. It is very lightweight, simple to process, and 6061 may even receive various heat treatments. An great all-purpose material that may be used for a number of applications is 6061-T6.

Was There An Aluminum Machine?

Taking care of aluminum foilYou can even put it in the dishwasher rather than having to hand-wash it. The woman is her!

Why Are Forgings Superior?

Casting is weaker than forging.

In comparison to the same cast parts, forged parts exhibited a 26% higher tensile strength. Cast parts had a considerably shorter lifespan than forged parts because forged parts had a 37% greater fatigue strength.

What Makes Forged Parts More Durable?

By using hammering and mechanical force to mould metal into a certain shape, forging methods produce products that are harder, stronger, and more shatter-resistant. In general, your final product will be stronger and more durable if your item can be forged.

Aluminium Machined Parts Products

aluminium machined parts factory manufacturer supplier

Motorcycle Bar End Mirrors with Blanking Plugs - PAIR with 10mm Plugs - CNC Machined Aluminum

aluminium machined parts

For the Scx10 1/10 RC Car, VBESTLIFE Gearbox Transfer Case 313mm Wheelbase 2 Speed CNC Machined Anodized Aluminum Alloy Parts are available in silver.

GDOOL 2 PCS Metal Oil Filled Shocks 9125 Upgrade Parts Aluminum Alloy Shock Absorber Assembled For 1:10 9125 9155 9156 RC Cars, S920 S921 RC Trucks, 25-ZJ03 LG-ZJ03, and 920-ZJ03

Dopro 4-Pack 25 * 15.5mm Set Screw Style Aluminium Potentiometer Knobs 1/4 Universal Pot Control Knobs for Guitar/Bass Equipment Silver Ringed in Red

For 1/7 Felony, Fireteam, Infraction, Limitless, Mojave, 1/8 Karton, Notorious, Outcast, Talion, and Typhon 6S BLX RC Cars, AIMROCK Aluminum FF Suspension Mount Hanger Upgrades AR330378 (Black)

Weld on Filler Cap, 1.5-inch inner diameter car modified parts, aluminum alloy fuel water tank cover, and weld on filler neck cap (1.5 inch black)

XKMT: Gas Pump for Motorcycle Fuel PickupCompatible with Rhino 660 Aluminum Accessories & Parts: Switch Tank Oil Pump tank [MT282-SR P/N]

Motorcycle Swing Arm Sliders Spools 8/10mm CNC Aluminum Alloy Stand Swingarm Bobbins Fit for Kawasaki, Honda, and Suzuki (M10-Anauto Motorcycle Swing Arm Spools, 10MM Yellow)

Silver OD 2 /50.8mm Aluminium Alloy Fuel Cap With Weld On Filler Neck.

Aluminum Front Rear Shock Tower, 2 pieces, Replace #AR330220 ARA320581 (Blue), for 1/8 Arrma Outcast 6S BLX Kraton 6S BLX Notorious 6S BLX, ARRCat RC Upgrades Part Hops Up

Top Reviews

Andrew Willcox

My 2016 Street Triple has very high-quality mirrors that look great. Even when subjected to the strain of rapid acceleration, they were incredibly simple to fit. My suggestion is to resist the temptation of the less expensive options because you will be let down. The blanking plugs look nicer, fit exactly, and required less effort to install than the Triumph originals. Even though the mirrors are smaller and pointed inward, the view is still better with them than it is with the original ones. They look so much better in this position, though you might make it even better by pointing them outward. The mirrors' little blue tinge isn't something I...


I've always owned CRG, Rizoma, Puig, and Motogadget—I'll admit, I'm a little brand-obsessed when it comes to mirrors. For the price, these mirrors are actually of remarkably high quality. The hardware is not subpar, the machining lines are spotless, and the glass is beautiful. The anodizing is nice and even. While stopping the mirror from moving does need some effort on the fastener holding it to the bar end insert, going slowly, being cautious, and checking the tension are the keys. After a few rides, they look and work excellent so far. I'll let you know if there are any durability problems.

Gregg Cesaroni

I put these on my Kraton 6S, and everything is working well so far! They have not broken after surviving some rather severe rolls and a crash into the side of an outhouse. Very simple to modify the camber, but after making any adjustments, you must make sure the 8mm jam nuts are snug. All things considered, I'm impressed with this product, and if you need rear tie rods quickly, I definitely suggest these.

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