Top aluminium profile bending manufacturer & factory Supplier in China - YUZHI

Top aluminium profile bending manufacturer & factory Supplier in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd top aluminium profile bending manufacturer & factory China has delivered excellence in tailored aluminum extrusions from its internationally accredited facility in Guangdong. YUZHI`s prowess stems from integrated end-to-end production encompassing in-house tooling design, precision extrusion and advanced CNC machining to create resilient, top LED profiles and heat sink bars purpose-built for global buyers.

People May Ask

How Is 3mm Aluminum Folded?

For a do-it-yourself project, you can use a thin metal folder to fold an aluminum sheet with a usual thickness of 3mm or less. When it comes to DIY projects involving cutting aluminum sheet, equipment like a heavy-duty saw and an alligator shear can be used to cut aluminum sheet with a thickness of 3mm or less.

What Is The Bending Strength of Aluminum?

It has a yield strength of at least 240 MPa (35 k i) and an ultimate tensile strength of at least 290 MPa (42 k i). More usual values are, respectively, 310 MPa (45 k i) and 270 MPa (39 k i). This may be more productive than a particular type of timber.

Which Bend Radius Is Ideal?

For all heavy metal parts, a minimum bend radius of 1 t is advised. However, the malleability radius of any bend in a hose should be at least equal to the hose's thickness. The minimum bend radius, for instance, should be 1 mm if the thickness of the heet is 1 mm.

What Is The Smallest Permitted Bending Radius?

The minimum bending radius for multiconductor or multiplexed single-conductor cables with individually hielded conductors is 12 times the conductor's diameter or 7 times the overall diameter, whichever is greater.

Is Aluminum Easier Than Steel to Bend?

Although it is susceptible to corrosion, steel is nonetheless tougher than aluminum. Although the strength of aluminum increases in colder environments, it is typically more prone to dents and craters than steel. teel is more prone to warp or bend as a result of pressure, heat, or weight.

Why Is Bend Allowance Calculated?

The bend allowance indicates how much material you should add to the part's actual leg lengths in order to cut the flat pattern to the proper size. The sides of the component that are not curved, as shown in the illustration below, are its legs.

Is It Easy for Metal to Warp?

Despite the many advantages of aluminum, there are also some drawbacks. When exposed to heat above 400 degrees Fahrenheit, aluminum is significantly more prone to distort and warp. Due to its great heat conductivity, aluminum may be more difficult to weld.

What Is The Capacity of Aluminum Angle?

Aluminum 6063 has a tensile strength of 27,000 psi, a yield strength of 21,000 psi, and a shear strength of 17,000 psi. The 6063 aluminum angle is mostly used for molding and trim in architectural applications, door construction, window construction, furniture, and related products.

What Degree of Bending Is Permitted in AI C?

The maximum amount of bending permitted for a ba e plate per year was 0.75Fy. However, AI C appear to tipulate 0.60Fy for A D as per the 13th Edition AI C teel Contruction Manual.

What Degree of Bending Is Permissible?

The term "permanent bending strength" in the context of steel refers to the greatest amount of bending strength that a steel material can withstand before failing or permanently deforming.

Aluminium Profile Bending Products

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MOSTON 2Pack Dimmable 60LED Rechargeable Closet Lights Three-color motion-activated nightlight (warm, natural, and white lighting) Operating from a 2500mAh Battery for Kitchen Cabinet, Pantry, or Anywhere

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Perfect Security Black, Black, Extendable Sliding Patio Door Security Bar with Child-Proof Lock (25.75-47.5 Inches)

Top Reviews


The pricing made me sceptical. Still, this works quite nicely. Although all I have bent is mild steel, it is good up to 11 ga, or 1/8". But because of the vice's mechanical advantage, I had a really hard time doing this. This is something I would suggest for 16 ga and thinner. For thicker materials, use a larger vice and the next size up.


really simple to set up. Previous vent had a simple metal duct that was difficult to bend and twist, and it appeared to leak air. This performed far better—it twisted around tight corners without tearing and didn't leak.

Steve Kearney

Performs as promised. incredibly flexible 1/8" aluminum strips that are 1" broad. The only adjustment I made was to machine the ends to the channel at a 90-degree angle in order to fasten a stop block to it.

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