Leading top aluminium profile rail manufacturer & factory in China - YUZHI

Leading top aluminium profile rail manufacturer & factory in China

Since its 2007 founding in Foshan, Guangdong, YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned global leadership as China`s premier supplier of high-performance, top CNC machined aluminum profiles top aluminium profile rail manufacturer & factory China. Supported by fully automated production technology and in-house tooling expertise, YUZHI delivers customized LED panels, heat sink bars and accessories purpose-built for infrastructure, renewable energy, transportation and industrial applications in overseas markets.

People May Ask

What Exactly Is Aluminum C-Channel?

Frequently used in construction and manufacturing, cable runs, lighting projects, automobile and boat bodies, and ornamental applications is aluminum channel. Depending on how you looked at it, it sometimes referred as an aluminum C channel or U channel!

How Is The C Channel Size Determined?

Place a measuring tape on the flat long edge of the beam in the C's center to gauge the depth of the C-channel beam. The middle portion of the C-channel nevertheless referred to the height of the C-channel even if the idea was lying flat and not vertical in order to imply identity.

What Are The Benefits of C Beam?

One advantage of C-Channel is that it can twist or bend under extreme pressure. Although C-Channel hasn't been the best for long-term support, it's amazing for crew members and other duties. If all the members are tied in and the main beam isn't too long and unsupported, it works nicely.

Which Is Stronger, The I Or The C Beam?

Which one (the material it elf) is stronger, going to last longer, and more expensive than the other? That depends on the a wer. I-beam is stronger pound for pound in terms of comparable material.

What Does "C" in A Teel Beam Mean?

The structural channel, often referred to as the C-Channel, is made of an I, H, or W beam with flanges on both sides of the web. The depth (in inches) and weight (in pounds per foot) of a steel channel are frequently used in Canada and the United States to classify them.

What Is The C Channel's Purpose?

C channel steel was used to hold bridge deck and other heavy equipment in its most wide-preached form. I-beams and H-beams that are more stiff can break with more force than this steel can withstand. A very versatile product, teel channel is available in various sizes and widths.

The Length of An Aluminum C Channel?

What length does the aluminum C channel have? A third of the weight of the total steel in aluminum C channel is steel. When lightweight load bearing is needed for construction purposes, the e kind of channel is perfect. A wide range of structures can benefit greatly from high-level supplementary support provided by aluminum C channel.

What Is The C Beam Profile Made of?

High precision linear rail was built using Openbuild's C-Beam Linear Rail. The V-lot linear guiding system served as the foundation for the happed profile. This profile adds utility and strength. It was intended to have a 40mm x 80mm profile and is compatible with all of our standard V-lot parts and accessories.

How Does The C Channel Beam?

Parallel flange channel (PFC) beams, also known as C-shaped channel beams, have a distinctive shape consisting of a wide web that is normally aligned vertically and two flanges that extend from one end of the beam.

What Distinguishes An I-Beam from A C-Beam?

hape: An I-beam's cross-section resembles the letter "I," whereas a channel beam resembles the letter "C." While a channel beam has a single horizontal flange and a vertical web, an I-beam has two horizontal flanges and a vertical web linking them.

Aluminium Profile Rail Products

Aluminum 24 inch T-track from HOTTARGET with wood screws, a double cut profile, and predrilled mounting holes for use with clamps.Anodized with a Frosted Surface, 2 Pack (Blue)

8 Long, 35mm Wide, and 7.5mm High T&G 20 Pieces DIN Rail Slotted Aluminum RoHS

aluminium profile rail factory manufacturer supplier

For 3D printer parts and CNC DIY CNC Workbench, 10 pieces of 1000 mm 2020 aluminum extrusion European Standard anodized linear rail industrial aluminum profiles are available in black with V-style.

aluminium profile rail

For 6mm Slot Aluminum Profile Extrusion Linear Rail Accessories, QIJINTRID 10Set 2020 Series T Slot L-Shape Interior Inside Corner Connector Joint Bracket with Screws and Wrench

Coavoo 2040 Aluminum Extrusion 20mm x 40mm 20 Series V Type Profiles, 23.62 inch / 600mm Length, Black, 2 Pack European Standard Linear Rail Frame in Anodized, 2 Pieces

ALMOCN 2PCS 0.96 OLED Module I2C IIC Serial 12864 128X64 OLED Display Module with SSD 1306 Driver(2PCS,Blue)

M6/M8 T-Track Slider Sliding Nut for Woodworking Tool Jigs Screw Slot Fastener, BestTeam 10PCS T-Slider for T-Slot, Aluminum Alloy

Accessories for Slot 6mm 20S Aluminum Rail: 10Sets Silvery 2020 Series Aluminum Profile Connector Set, 10 Pieces Corner Bracket, 20 Pieces T Nuts

Aluminum Alloy Woodworking Tools, 4 Pack 24 T-Track Accessories for Wood Working with Screws Profile with two cuts Anodized Blue Universal T-Tracks with Mounting Holes

For 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile Rail with 6mm Slot, Odinest 2020 Series M3 T Slot Nuts Roll-in Spring Ball Loaded Elastic Nuts 15 Pack Carbon Steel

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I purchased these to use on a router sled for dado and rabbit cuts, and they are effective in this use case. Four lengthy 48" tracks are included, making this a substantial set. For whatever woodworking project you may have, these are excellent. Similar ones are in my routing table, and I want to use a few of these in a table saw sled and miter saw station as well. The fact that these tracks allow the use of clamps and stop blocks is fantastic. Because they are of such high quality, I would definitely purchase another pair.


The product is satisfactory and matches our expectations. Delivery was a nightmare procedure. Our first delivery was an empty box, and it took nineteen days for us to learn that the box was at the post office but could not be delivered. After receiving your notification, YUZHI shipped out a replacement, however it took an additional 14 days to arrive.Who YUZHI contracts with for deliveries needs to be reconsidered. This is poor customer service that will hurt future YUZHI purchases.


This was no exception to the rule that whenever I place an order for a product that is then forwarded to USPS, it never comes on time and frequently the packing is destroyed. All of the screws were inside the box when the delivery finally arrived, and it was evident that someone had attempted to tape the package after it had already been broken. It should be delivered as promised if the delivery time is posted. Regarding the goods, it appears and performs as promised. No grievances.

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