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Your custom aluminium profile section manufacturer & factory Solution in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned distinction as China`s premier custom aluminium profile section specialist designing and manufacturing high-quality products for export worldwide. Leveraging fully integrated production capabilities, YUZHI`s customizable LED panels, solar PV arrays, rail coach parts and heat sink extrusions are tailored to technical specifications laid out by discerning B2B consumers from industries as diverse as infrastructure, renewables, transport and aviation globally.

People May Ask

What Is Aluminum 6061-T6 Made of?

Heets made of 6061 T6 aluminum.I have an aluminum heat product that is incredibly versatile and has several uses. One of the most popular heat treatable aluminum alloys is used to create 6061 aluminum heat shields. This fabric has great workability, excellent corrosion resistance, and good machinability.

Why Are There Numbers on Aluminum?

The major alloying element is represented by the first numerical digit of the wrought aluminum erie name element, a modification of a specific alloy is indicated by the second numerical digit, and the third and fourth numerical digits are arbitrary numbers assigned to the specific alloy in the erie.

Is It Wise to Paint Aluminum?

In a few years, you'll need to repaint your aluminum siding once again to keep it looking good. Depending on the environment and wear and tear, painting should be done every 4-6 years. Although repainting may appear to be a cheap option, the expense quickly adds up.

Does Aluminum Require Particular Paint?

Aluminum is best painted using latex or acrylic paints. Pick the ones intended for usage with metal. Make sure the paint is exterior quality if you're working on an outdoor item like patio furniture. Despite how tempting it may seem, avoid using high-gloss paints because they will draw attention to surface flaws.

Profile Extrusion: What Is It?

The process of creating continuous plastic shapes through extrusion (excluding sheet and film) is known as profile extrusion. A metal die that has been linearly cut to form the desired completed item (a channel, tube, etc.) is pressed through molten polymer.

Aluminum Is It More Durable Than Plastic?

To begin with, aluminum is far more resilient than plastic, meaning it can be used for extended periods of time and is ideal for reuse or repurposing (almost indefinitely). In actuality, nearly 75% of all aluminum produced to far is still in use. From an environmental impact perspective, plastic is far more dangerous than aluminum.

What Distinguishes The Two Alloys, 6061-T6 And 7075-T6?

By comparing the melting points of 7075 t6 and 6061 t6, we may examine their temperature resistance. Compared to 6061 aluminum, which has a melting point of 582–652°C, 7075 aluminum has a slightly lower melting point of 477–635°C. As a result, 6061 alloy resists heat higher than 7075 alloy.

What Is A 403 Grade in A TM?

A TM A403 steel pipe fitting is made of forged and rolled au tenitic steel and is used with pre-ured pipes. The grades WP304/L and WP316/L are typical. They can be used in numerous industries, such as the engineering sector, energy conversion facilities, etc.

A Metal of What Kind Is Aluminum?

Aluminum (Al), sometimes spelled aluminum, is a chemical element that belongs to the major Group 13 (also known as the boron group) of the periodic table. It is a light, extremely white metal. The most prevalent nonferrous metal and the most common metallic element on Earth is aluminum.

What's The Distinction between 6061 And 5052 Plates?

Aluminum 5052 is not heat treatable, however it has a smoother finish than 6061. Aluminum 5052 is a superior forming alloy because it has a better fatigue strength and elastic modulus than Aluminum 6061. Non-heat treatable is another characteristic of aluminum alloy 5052.

Aluminium Profile Section Products

GE Compatible BlueNatHxRPR 1/4 in 1.05 MFD uF Universal Microwave Capacitor Samsung Whirlpool, LG Media, Hair, Amana, Kenmore

Washer tub bearing and seal kit from XiKe DC62-00223A & DC69-00804A Rotate Quietly and Durably, Replacing Samsung and Kenmore DC97-15328L, DC97-328L, DC97-15931A, DC97-15328A, DC97-15328F, DC97-328G.

aluminium profile section factory manufacturer supplier

2-1/4-Inch Fence Flip Stop for Woodworking by POWERTEC 71135

aluminium profile section

For T Slot 6mm Aluminum Extrusion Profile Connect Parts, PZRT 4-Pack 2020 Series Aluminum Profile Straight Line Connector, Length 3.9 Inch Bracket Fastener with M5 Screw

3-Inch Fence Flip Stop for Woodworking, Blue, POWERTEC 71367

LAIWEI bi-metal hole cutter, 0.7 inch hole saw, for drilling plasterboard, PVC, aluminum profiles, and other materials. Knife, round (23/32 (18mm))

For use with 12 Jet and 16 3-Wheel Delta Bandsaws, POWERTEC 13121 82 x 1/4 x 6 TPI Band Saw Blade

Band saw blade, POWERTEC 13140, 67-1/2 x 1/8 x 14 TPI, for Rikon 10 Band Saw

Band saw blade, POWERTEC 13143, 67-1/2 x 1/4 x 6 TPI, for Rikon 10 Band Saw

For Craftsman and Hitachi s 10-inch tilt-head bandsaws, use the POWERTEC 13005 63-1/2 x 1/4 x 14 TPI Band Saw Blade.

Top Reviews

Tim P

Perfectly sized item for stove. Spill pans, etc. merely need "refreshing" because the GE gas range is approximately 20 years old and still functions well. Be careful when ordering because the left and right pans have two distinct part numbers and are somewhat different. The parts came swiftly. feel and seem authentic.

Amanda Sasso

These are incredible. Never would I purchase another one for manual routing. They're really excellent. The really pointed ones haven't chipped even after I've dropped them a few times. They appear, feel, and behave upscale.


I haven't used them yet, so I can't comment on their sheerness, cost, or longevity, but they seem rigid and made of excellent tungsten steel. The shipment, however, really amazed me. I was concerned that I wouldn't have these in time because I ordered them on a Monday but saw no activity until Wednesday; I messaged the seller, and BAM...ship notice and arrival in 24 hours. Based only on customer service at this time, I will absolutely place another order from this merchant.

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