Best Leading aluminium profile supplier products supply in China - YUZHI

Best Leading aluminium profile supplier products supply in China

For over fifteen years, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has perfected the art of precision aluminium profile supplier manufacturing catering to leading industrial enterprises worldwide. Headquartered in Guangdong province, YUZHI employs advanced CNC machining centers meeting German quality benchmarks to create resilient, best LED frames, heat sink bars and accessories tailored to customer technical requirements for global export.

People May Ask

How Are Aluminum Profile Joints Made?

Brackets are the most fundamental type. For connections at a 90-degree angle, brackets are used. A few screws and nuts are all that are needed to attach a bracket; extra profile machining is not necessary. Two aluminum profiles that have been precisely cut at a 90° angle are required to prepare the junction with the brackets.

Who Is The Leading Aluminum Supplier?

ChinaChina will manufacture 37 million metric tons of aluminum in 2020, making it the world's largest producer overall. One reason why China produces so much aluminum is because the country's manufacturing sector needs the metal for products like cars, buildings, electronics, and consumer goods.

Which Tool Works Best for Cutting Aluminum Profile?

saw, mitre A mitre saw is a multifunctional single or double head tool with a few characteristics that can be used to precisely cut angles in materials like aluminum extrusions. For cutting small to medium-sized metal parts, it works nicely.

Can Aluminum Profile Be Bent?

The aluminum profile can be cold bent (extruded and bent) to standard dimension tolerance or to a specified tolerance. The dimensions and bend angle of a product can be carefully measured and re-measured, but only the aluminum profile bending machine or procedure will produce an exact result.

Which Nation Exports The Most Aluminium?

China.The largest exporter of aluminum and aluminum-related items worldwide is China. China was the second-largest exporter of aluminum with around 18.8 billion dollars, while Germany's exports were valued at 34.7 billion dollars in 2021, a difference of about 16 billion dollars.

How Can Aluminum Be Made Free of Corrosion?

You can remove persistent corrosion from metal surfaces by washing them with soap and water. Wet the aluminum's surface with warm water first. Next, use a soft-bristled brush to gently scrub the affected region after lightly applying a little amount of mild dish soap there.

An Aluminum Profile Is What?

Aluminum profiles are made of aluminum alloy and are molded into desired shapes using the extrusion process. This process is crucial to the unique combination of physical characteristics that define aluminum. Because this metal is used for tables and towers, aluminum extrusion is used in many different industries.

Why Is The Price of Aluminum Falling?

After the company announced reduced prices for aluminum products at the end of 2022, Alcoa's stock price fell on Thursday. Additionally, a margin compression is anticipated in 2023.19 Jan. 2023

What Types of Aluminum Profiles Are Most Common?

The four most popular types of aluminum profiles are 6061 Aluminum Channel, T-lot Aluminum Extrusion, 6063-T5 Aluminum Heat Ink, and 6061-T5 Aluminum. I Beam, a profession.

Why Did I Use Aluminum Profile?

An aluminum profile's benefit stems from its basic material properties. Aluminum is considerably lighter than steel, yet it is still rather heavy. It faces little threat from corrosion, thus time-consuming preventative measures are not necessary.

Aluminium Profile Supplier Products

Parking & Reverse Safety Distance Scale Lines, Waterproof, Night Vision, 170° View Angle, 7 LCD Video Color Display for Vehicles, Pyle Backup Rear View Car Camera Screen Monitor System (PLCM7700)

Plaster-in LED Aluminum Channel, 3.3-foot Plaster LED Strip Light Diffuser Profile, 6 Pack, Trimless Drywall Aluminum LED Channel Profile, Milky Diffuser Cover End Cap

Super Wide Aluminum Channel U Shape Shallow Profile Track for Waterproof Strip Light U102 1M BW, LU2 LP1 Muzata 6Pack 3.3FT/1M Black LED Channel With Milky White LED Strip Cover

Replaces WB06X0486, WB06X10125, and WB6X10125 Microwave Grease Filter by Prime&Swift for G-E 9 x 7 3/4 Microwave

Exceptional Dual Carabiner Tool Lanyard with Safety Fall Protection, Aluminum Screw Lock, Twin Locking Attachments, Ultra-Sturdy Tool Leash, Reflective High Visibility, and 3 Foot (Black 1PK)

WB06X10608 Microwave Aluminum Mesh Filter 7-5/8 x 5 Inch (2-Pack), Microwave Grease Filter, 5304464105, and 5304478913 Equivalent to a Frigidaire microwave

aluminium profile supplier factory manufacturer supplier

POWERTEC 71223 Multi T-Tracks | Universal T Track Aluminum Extrusion For Woodworking | 36 Long, 3 High

Ascher 3 Lights Flexible Rotatable LED Track Lighting Kit with Matt Nickel Finish GU10 LED Bulbs Included, 4W 400LM Daylight White, 5000K, 3-Way Ceiling Spotlight

Close Quarters Tubing Cutter, Model 101, RIDGID 40617, Silver, Cutting Capacity: 1/4 -1-1/8

aluminium profile supplier

Easy to Use for 3D Printer, CNC DIY, Workbenches, Brackets, Furniture and More 10PCS 48inch T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile (1220mm), European Standard Aluminum Linear Rail

Top Reviews

J Osborne

Excellent multi-track that is robust and strong. The 3" width works well as an edge guide for jig and circular saw cuts on edges of support surfaces and thin materials, as well as for trimming narrow parts from narrow stock, etc. Their t-track clamps make for an excellent portable work configuration when combined. My color isn't as brilliant as the photographs or other Powertec blue I've seen in person; it's more of a strange darker, smoother, translucent blue. If you care about it, which you shouldn't. These need to be packaged much better by YUZHI. Despite having a plastic sleeve, they place it in an excessively huge box without any padding or wrapping, therefore unsurprisingly the box has a torn and damaged...


Pros: Good-looking, solid, and high-quality item. Cons: I haven't noticed any, but I'll find out with more use. I'll be using this item on my band saw and drill press in opposition to a piece of 2/5" angle iron fence, but I'm now installing two Magjig-150s on the fence. Right now, I'm utilizing this thing as a Straight Edge. Although I lean more toward woodworking than metal works, I would recommend this product line to a friend. It can be utilized for either; whatever you have in mind. When you pick up the item, you can tell that it is well-made because it is solid and does not bend. The "POWERTEC" Table will be used for my woodworking tasks in the future, and...


I recently bought 10 pieces of 48inch T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion European Standard Anodized Linear Rail and got a terrific deal on an open box set. This product offers fantastic value, especially if you plan to one day build something and are collecting extrusions. The aluminum extrusions have a smooth and even anodized finish, and they are constructed nicely and are strong. They are also incredibly adaptable because they can be used for a wide range of tasks and purposes, such as building furniture and developing unique 3D printers. The extrusions I received were in excellent shape and were tightly secured to prevent any damage during transportation, even though the box was open. In conclusion, I heartily endorse 10pcs 48inch T Slot 2020 Aluminum.

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