Trusted best aluminium section channel manufacturer & factory in China - YUZHI

Trusted best aluminium section channel manufacturer & factory in China

For over 15 years, Foshan YUZHI Aluminium Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has delivered unparalleled product quality and service as China's trusted best CNC aluminum profile producer best aluminium section channel manufacturer & factory China. Leveraging fully integrated manufacturing capabilities at its Guangdong headquarters, YUZHI`s stellar reputation stems from tailored LED profiles, resilient panel frames and robust accessories crafted to buyer specifications for solar power, lighting, machinery and construction applications worldwide.

People May Ask

Aluminum 6061 Or 6063, Which Is Stronger?

Although there are not many differences between this alloy and 6061 aluminum, 6063 aluminum is a better option for extrusion projects due to its lower strength and improved corrosion resistance.

What Does "C-Shaped Channel" Mean?

A wide web that is normally vertically aligned and two flanges that protrude from one side of the beam give C-shaped channel beams, also known as structural channel and parallel flange channel (PFC) beams, their distinctive shape.

Why Did I Channel Erect?

Where the flat, rear edge of the web may be fastened to another flat surface for optimum contact area, channel or C-beam are frequently used. They are frequently welded back-to-back to create an unconventional I-beam.

How Is Aluminum Produced for Use in Building?

Extrusion is a process that shapes products by forcing soft aluminum through a unique die with predetermined-sized holes. The greatest degree of accuracy in aluminum product sizes is made possible by extrusion. Aluminum sheet, wire, and slab are made using flat rolled goods that have been hot or cold finished.

A BCC Or FCC Describes Aluminum.

The face-centered cubic crystal structure (fcc) of pure aluminum has an ABCABCA layer sequence and is a tightly packed arrangement (the densest geometric packing of spheres feasible).-

How Can I Determine Whether My Content Is FCC Or BCC?

It is a body-centered cubic (bcc) if the unit cell also has an identical component in the cube's center (part (b) in Figure 12.5). The unit cell is face-centered cubic (fcc) if, in addition to the components at the cube's corners, there are also components in each face's center (see portion (c) of Figure 12.5).

Carbon Or Aluminum, Which Is Stronger?

Tensile strength (σ /ρ) in specificAccording to this chart, carbon fiber has 1.71 times the specific stiffness and around 3.8 times the specific tensile strength of aluminum.

Is Steel Tube Stronger Than Aluminum Tube?

No of the type, steel has an elastic Young's modulus of about 30 million psi. However, a length of steel tube weighs about three times as much as an aluminum tube of the same length and dimensions. This practically means that steel tubing is three times stronger than aluminum tubing of the same dimensions.

How Do C Channel Sizes Compare?

Chart for the Structural Steel Channel C-Section AISCArea (in2) Size Width x Weight/FT Channel5.00 x 9.00 1.885 2.64
6.00 x 8.20 1.92 2.40
6.00 x 10.50 2.034 3.09
6.00 x 13.00 2.157 3.83

Is 6061 Aluminum Flexible?

An alloy: 6061-T6 aluminum that has been hardened and is renowned for not bending easily. It is always best to bend the item in an annealed state before tempering it to the right condition from a bending perspective.

Aluminium Section Channel Products

Replace missing or damaged window screen frames with the Make-2-Fit PL 7812 Window Screen Frame Kit, which measures 5/16 x 3/4 x 36 and may be used to build screens that are 36 x 36 or less. It comes with an aluminum frame and vinyl spline with plast

American Energy Products Aluminum Foil Insulation with a Double Sided Reflective Heat Radiant Barrier (1/4 Thick R8 Double Poly-Air) Roll: Windows, Radiators, Air Ducts, Walls, Attics more HVAC garages (12 x 50 )

aluminium section channel factory manufacturer supplier

10 Pcs metal slivers Metal Sheet Metal Shim Stock Gap Filler Metal Shims Trim Strip (Stainless Steel), 12 Long, 1 Wide, and 0.02 Thick

aluminium section channel

Aluminum LED Channel with Opal Diffuser, End Caps, and Mounting Clips, LED Aluminum Profile Heatsink for Strip Lights, SATZOL 6 Pack 1ft V Shape Aluminum Channel.

Led Strip Diffuser Track with End Caps and Mounting Clips Accessories, Aluminum Profile for Led Strip Lights, HAMRVL 6-Pack 1ft Led Channel Diffuser Black Aluminum With Mliky White Cover V Shape 16x16mm

L Shape 45x45 90 Degree Connectors for Led Strip Lights with HAMRVL Led Aluminum Channel Corner Kit LED Aluminum System 16x16mm with Screw Angle Turning Solution for V Shape Kitchen Cabinets

210 Pieces 2020 Series T Nuts, M4 T Slot Nuts, T Slot Track Nuts for 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile Hammer Head Fastener Nuts

For aluminum storm doors, Thermwell Y3750 1/2 x 37 Vinyl Y Shaped Storm Door Bottom Replacement Insert, Gray

Aluminum Unthreaded Spacer, 1/2 OD, 1/2 Length, for 1/4 Screw Size, Small Parts 500814RSA, Pack of 5.

American Energy Products Walls, Attics, Air Ducts, Windows Radiators, Double Sided Reflective Heat Radiant Barrier Aluminum Foil Insulation Roll more HVAC garages (16 x 25 ) One pack, please.

Top Reviews


Try not to cut them. I chose to turn at a 45-degree angle. But the clasps must be flawless otherwise the entire thong would look dreadful (cheap-looking narrow edges that don't butt up). Tape will probably yield better results. But in their natural state, uncut, they are really exquisite. It was good to have end caps. Diffuser can be a nightmare since it constantly tries to escape unless it is balanced in its very narrow, very tiny hole.


The diffuser makes the LED light in a row appear more homogeneous and gives the installation a more attractive appearance. Installing them requires measuring and checking, but it's not that difficult. Although it could be little challenging, inserting the diffuser into the guide can be done with a little patience, and theoretically you only need to do it once before forgetting how to do it.


For a replacement screen frame for my old storm door, my local hardware store wanted an outrageous amount of money. It takes roughly 26 miles to get to HDepot or Lowes. The corner pieces that are provided appear as though they won't fit into the frame, but as was indicated in a review, they do. However, the directions don't explain how to accomplish this. Cutting the framing pieces requires patience. All you need is a well-honed hacksaw blade. To make the cut edges fit the corner pieces better, I also filed them down a little. Additionally, you'll note that every frame has a crushed appearance at one end. I suppose the quality of the cuts produced by their cutting machine is not that fantastic. In order to eliminate the manufacturing edge, I would measure from the opposite end. The plastic corners will insert more easily as a result. Of course, this set does not include screen material, so you will also need a spline roller. There is a spline included. All you have to do is be patient, and the outcome will please you. My cat is unable to exit the storm door anymore, so I am.

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