The best aluminium sign frame extrusions suppliers & manufacturers Factory in China - YUZHI

The best aluminium sign frame extrusions suppliers & manufacturers Factory in China

Since its 2007 founding in Foshan, Guangdong, YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned distinction as China`s premier best CNC machined aluminium profile wholesaler best aluminium sign frame extrusions suppliers & manufacturers China. Supported by fully automated production technology and in-house tooling expertise, YUZHI delivers customized LED panels, heat sink bars and accessories purpose-built for infrastructure, renewable energy, transportation and industrial applications across overseas markets.

People May Ask

What Is The Aluminum Extrusion's Strength?

BT Aluminum Extrusion AlloyThe Alloy Tensile Strength 1 Weakness3003 110 – 200 MPa Average machinability and low strength5052 193 – 290 MPa inadequate machinability6005 170 – 270 MPa Average machinability and formability.6061 241 – 310 MPa Typical formability

How Thick Was The Aluminum I Extruded?

Many industrial extrusion plants and aluminum extrusion firms consider.050" to.065" wall thickness. We extrude parts with a. 040" wall almost every day at Profile Precision.

What Kind of Aluminum Is Extruded in Aluminum?

The grades of aluminum that can be used for extrusion are alloy erie 1xxx and 6xxx erie.

How Many Different Types of Extruions Exist?

The metal's shape changes as it passes through the die to reflect the die's shape. However, there are several extrusion processes, such as cold, hot, friction, and micro.

Which Aluminum Alloy Is Better, 6061 Or 7075?

Compared to 7075, the 6061 aluminum alloy is more resistant to corrosion. The justification for this is not absurd. The 7075 alloy has a lot more copper than 6061 does. Corrosion is inevitable because copper reacts with the environment more than other metals.

How Does A 6061 Alloy Frame Work?

When welding is necessary, such as with a bicycle frame, the 6061 alloy, which is alloyed with magnesium and silicon, is a great option. It offers toughness, structural durability, superior corrosion resistance, and favorable machining characteristics.

What Kind of Aluminum Is It Exactly?

The 7000 erie grade of aluminum is the toughest and most expensive commercial grade of aluminum, known as the zinc grade since zinc is a significant alloying element. The most prevalent grade among the 7000 is grade 7075. It is the highest strength alloy available and is used to make all commercial grade aluminum.

What Is The Price of Aluminum Extrusion?

The largest unknown in the entire cost of extrusion calculation is the price of aluminum. In recent years, it has ranged from $1,500 to $3,500 per metric ton. Political developments around the world can have an impact on material costs.

What Distinguishes 6061 Aluminum Extrusion from 6063 Aluminum Extrusion?

When compared to aluminum 6063-T6, aluminum 6061-T6 has a better yield strength and fatigue strength. Although it is more expensive than Aluminum 6063, it has better extrudability, machinability, and weldability in addition to high corrosion resistance.

Are Extruded Aluminum Alloys?

Since load carrying is a crucial performance factor in applications like aero aircraft, truck trailers, and bridges, aluminum extrusion's special combination of high strength and low weight makes them perfect.

Aluminium Sign Frame Extrusions Products

Motorcycle ENGINE AIR FILTER,Powersports Air Filters,Air Cleaner Intake Filter System Kit For Harley Davidson Sportster 883 1200,Aluminum CNC Machined Washable(Transparent-Bronze)

Coavoo 2 Pack 4040 V Slot Silver Aluminum Extrusion, Extruded Aluminum 40mm x 40mm 40 Series V Type Profiles, 86.61 inch/ 2200mm in Length European Standard Linear Rail Frame in Anodized, 2 Pieces

aluminium sign frame extrusions factory manufacturer supplier

For 8.3 x 11.7-inch paper size, Jecery 2 Pcs Stanchion Sign Holder Frame Portrait Top Stand Poster Display Crowd Control Sentry Stanchions Double Sided Sign Frame with Cover (Black, Iron)

aluminium sign frame extrusions

Sign Stand, Heavy Duty Floor Stand with Pedestal, Adjustable Pedestal Poster Stand with Aluminum Snap Frame for 8.5 x 11 Inch, Black, DisplaysWorker

One set of the V type black AM8 3D printer aluminum extrusion metal frame complete set with rubber foot, nuts, and screws bracket corner.

Silver, 20 x 20mm, Mssoomm 2 Pack 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Round Arc Length 11.81 inches European Extrusions 20 Series T Type T-Slot Anodized Linear Rail Guide Frame for CNC

Horizontal NIUBEE Acrylic Sign Holder 8.5 x 11 Inches 3 Pack, Slant Back Clear Paper Frames, Plastic Flyer Display Holder, and Document Menu Table Stand for Office, Retail, and Restaurant

8.5x11 Clear Acrylic Plexi Sign Holders, No Drilling, Wall Sign Memo Document Menu Holder by NIUBEE (6 Pack), with Double Sided Adhesive Tape

SONFILY A picture Sign Stands For Display Floor Standing Sign Holder Small Retail Signs Sign Holder Adjustable Poster Stand Black 8.5x11-inch Double Sided Signs Indoor For Store Shop

White KODAK PLA Plus 3D printer filament, 750g (1.6lbs) Spool, +/- 0.03 mm. In a vacuum-sealed aluminum Ziploc bag containing silica gel, the lowest moisture premium filament is placed. Generally Fits FDM Printers

Top Reviews

Steve L.

These items are fantastic. They can be used to create an infinite number of projects. For my surround sound system's rear speakers, I created some speaker stands. I adore them.


The filament has a beautiful color and is simple to use. We've already bought nine rolls or more. I can't say enough how happy we are with it.

Steve L.

Although my application is odd, it demonstrates how incredibly useful aluminum extrusion components are. Not just for 3D printing, however. In my situation, I required a mechanism to mount a pair to the shower's drying racks. I didn't want to drill through my glass tile or press directly against it with a clothes dryer. Since I already had vertical grab bars installed, mounting the racks to them looked like the logical course of action. The black anodized surface of the aluminum extrusion linear rails looked terrific and provides the ideal structure. Someone person described these rails as a modern-day adult erector set that can be used to construct anything. I select a stock length by...

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