Leading high quality aluminium window extrusions suppliers & manufacturers in China - YUZHI

Leading high quality aluminium window extrusions suppliers & manufacturers in China

As a distinguished high quality aluminium window extrusions suppliers & manufacturers in China serving discerning clients worldwide, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd (YUZHI) brings exceptional technical prowess and over 15 years of manufacturing excellence to create exclusive, purpose-engineered aluminum profiles. Since 2007, our fully integrated facility in Guangdong province has been providing high qualityized and versatile aluminum solutions ranging from superlative LED extrusions and robust panel frames to resilient mechanical parts purpose-built for critical applications in industries as diverse as infrastructure, renewable energy, lighting, machinery and automotive. With an export footprint spanning the Americas, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa and the Middle East, YUZHI is the go-to manufacturer for tailor-made extrusions among leading multinationals and growth-focused companies looking to enhance performance, aesthetics and reliability.

People May Ask

Which Three Elements Make up Windows?

The following are the primary elements of the Windows Operating System: both configuration and upkeep. interface for use. utilities and applications.

What Benefits Can Frameless Offer?

offers adaptability

French doors were once a common door option. Frameless glass doors are a more flexible option than conventional doors for your rooms because they occupy less swinging space, giving the impression that both rooms are larger.

What Does "Frameless" And "Non-Frameless" Mean?

Frameless cabinets don't have a face frame, as the name implies. By eliminating the face frame, a frameless cabinet box provides greater accessibility and storage capacity. Kitchen cabinets without frames have cleaner lines and cabinet doors that are directly linked to the side of the box.

In Mm, How Thick Should A Window Frame Be?

The typical thickness for uPVC window frames is:The typical thickness of a double glazed unit on an uPVC window is between 20mm and 28mm due to the gap and glazing.

How Are Windows Made out of Aluminum?

Aluminum is the ideal material for making window frames with wide expanses of glass. It doesn't need to be extremely thick to hold on to window glass because the material is incredibly durable, sturdy, and resistant to decay. Aluminum frames can be seen on a lot of huge windows in commercial structures, mansions, and cultural institutions.

What Grade of Aluminum Is It?

Different Grades of AluminumThere are three fundamental varieties of aluminum: 1100, 3003, and 6061. The pricing point and end-use application will depend on the aluminum grade. For instance, 1100 costs less than 6061 but can't be utilized for high-temperature applications like pot lids or cooking utensils.

Which Window Is Better, PVC Or Aluminum?

Generally speaking, aluminum is stronger than uPVC. Because of the strength of the frame, aluminum windows can have a shinier appearance and a bigger surface area. For this reason, they are quite common in office, government, and commercial buildings such as schools.

Rust Occurs on Aluminum Window Frames?

If you've been thinking about getting aluminum windows and doors for your house, you might be relieved to learn that, thanks to its unique chemical makeup, aluminum is actually rust-resistant.

Why Sweat from Aluminum Windows?

Aluminum windows quickly lose heat via the metal frame and become frigid. The warm air cools and loses its ability to contain water when it comes into contact with the aluminum and glass window frames. The moisture in the air then escapes, appearing as water and fog on the glass.

Which Six Components Make up A Window?

Window components
Head. the primary horizontal component of a window or door frame.
Jamb. the primary vertical elements that make up a window or door frame's sides.
Frame. the precise opening created by the head, jambs, and sill into which a window sash or door panel fits.
... glazing.... PaneThe sash.In any case.Inn at Muntin.

Aluminium Window Extrusions Products

aluminium window extrusions factory manufacturer supplier

European Standard Anodized Linear Rail Aluminum Profile Extrusion for DIY 3D Printer, Orgry 2020 V Type 4 Pcs (400mm, Black)

aluminium window extrusions

European Standard Black Aluminum Extrusion Connector Set Anodized Linear Rail for 3D Printer and CNC Machine, Dnyta 300mm T Slot 2020 Aluminum Profiles Extrusion Frame, 4 Pack

four BELLA BAYS European Standard 3.94 inch 100mm 2020 V Slot Aluminum Extrusion Black Anodized Linear Rail Guide Frame for 3D Printer Laser Engraving Machine CNC Workbench DIY

Rubber U Channel Edge Trim (20 Feet) Rubber Edge Trim Edge Protector Rubber Strip Weather Resistance Metal Edge Protector Fits 1/8 Inch Edge

For 30 Series European Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profile, Rrina 2 Pieces Rectangular Pull Handle in Aluminum Alloy (Black)

Self-Closing Latches, Gray Spring Door Lock, Resilient Bolt Latch Aluminum Alloy Safety, INIRET 4 Packs Used for gates, windows, cabinets, etc., Automatic Spring Barrel Slide Door Lock with Screws

Sliding window lock, 1/4 inch, extruded aluminum, white painted finish, Defender Security U 9802, 2 Count (Pack of 1).

FOYO Pair of Two Antique Rustic Cast Iron Handrails with Grab Bar, Towel Bar, and Industrial Pipe Door Pull Handles - Matte Black, 12 Inch

SÜA - 3/32 x 14 Aluminum E4043 Stick Electrode Rod - 1 Lb

DC12V White 6500K Injection 200 PCS For letter signs and advertising signs, 3 LED Module 1.32 W Waterproof Decorative Back Light with Tape Adhesive Backside

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These 2020 T slot extrusions come in 6 pieces. They are accurately cut to 400mm (15.748") and measure 20mm by 20mm (2020). These rails have clear anodization and are colored silver (I believe this to be the case). Unlike other black 2020 rails that I have seen, the cut ends are not anodized. There are numerous common accessories on hand. Although there are countless uses for these 2020 rails, the most common ones involve 3D printers, CNC routers, and Diode laser engravers/cutters. Any robotic or automation ideas may find these railways indispensable in 2020.


This product can also be used to make circular blade covers. Stop tearing holes in your dependable construction go-bags by spending the $10 @10 foot length! On all of my 10" dia. traditional thickness 32T-180T blades, I use this 1/4" (5mm) trim edge. For all of my other 4.5" dia. and 7.25" dia. circular blades, I use this 1/8" (2.5mm) trim edge. If you frequently use thin kerf blades, you might wish to downsize to the 1/8" trim (shown on the 10" x 200T blade), which is more flexible to apply. For your information, the 1 /4" x 10' length will completely cover 4 of your 10" blades. Depending on the planned dia use, the 1 /8" offers a variety of covering.


I have two stools, both of which have cracked bottom edge guards. On YUZHI, I discovered and purchased QWORK in a roll of 15 feet and 1/4. I could cut out and properly fit 2 of my stools with this length, and still have extra length for my 2 little foldable tools. They are readily installed and snugly fitting. Excellent quality and an excellent product. To better protect the hard-wood floor, I would advise everyone to get it to replace the plastic edge on the stool.

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