Trusted custom aluminum alloy extrusion suppliers & manufacturers in China - YUZHI

Trusted custom aluminum alloy extrusion suppliers & manufacturers in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd custom aluminum alloy extrusion suppliers & manufacturers China has provided exceptional custom aluminum extrusions worldwide. Operating out of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, YUZHI utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to engineer tailored 2080 series aluminum profiles suitable for LED signboards, solar PV mounts, mechanical parts and various specialty applications. With an unwavering commitment to product excellence, on-time delivery and white-glove service, YUZHI supplies robust and versatile extrusions to buyers across China, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

People May Ask

Which Cutting Material Works Best for Aluminum?

Therefore, the best tools are diamond cutting tools or very hard, micrograin solid-carbide tools. Diamond, however, clearly has the upper hand in this application. According to Graham of Seco Tools, even very hard carbide grades have an incredibly short tool life of 3-5 minutes as opposed to an hour for diamond.

Which Is More Costly, Titanium Or Aluminum?

Does titanium have a higher price than aluminum? Indeed, titanium is more expensive than aluminum. For this reason, aluminum is chosen in low-cost designs.

Is An Aluminum Driveshaft Inferior to A Carbon Fiber One?

Transparent Carbon Fiber DriveshaftsThe capacity of a carbon fiber driveshaft to absorb vibrations and other rotational harmonics that are frequently conveyed by steel and aluminum driveshafts provides it a modest edge over aluminum driveshafts.

How Can Aluminum Be Smoothly Cut?

Out of bounds on the right side of the curve slice on that side cut. They both have more since that one time.

What Makes Titanium Better Than Aluminum?

Although both materials exhibit exceptional resistance to corrosion, titanium is thought by manufacturers to be more resistant to corrosion than aluminum. Titanium is more biocompatible and inert, making it a useful material for a variety of applications. To create additional non-reactive materials, aluminum oxides.11 Nov. 2021

What Benefits May Aluminum Drive Shafts Offer?

In addition, their throttle response will be far superior than that of a stock driveshaft. Your right foot will perform better because the engine won't have to push as much weight. Personally, I feel like the car responds to acceleration much better and seems lighter overall as a result.Nov. 28, 2018

Which Kind of Metal Bends without Cracking?

Aluminum has a reputation for having good bendability, or the ability to bend a material without breaking. Higher purity alloys of aluminum, such the aluminum foil used in household appliances, are incredibly bendable and flexible.Aug. 5, 2021

What Metal Performs Superior to Aluminum?

In general, aluminum is not as robust as steel. However, when aluminum's lower weight is taken into account, aluminum wins out since it has a better strength-to-weight ratio. You can determine which metal is stronger for your application based on how flexible your design is.

Are Aluminum Driveshafts Worth The Expense?

Aluminum Shaft DriveshaftsAlthough it might not seem like much of a difference, less weight means the engine has to work less hard. In addition, an aluminum driveshaft provides superior performance for not much more than steel and won't rust (though it should still be checked for corrosion on a regular basis).

A Three-Aluminum Driveshaft Can Take How Many Horsepower?

Do you need assistance placing an order? For measurement instructions, see our Driveshafts 101 page or give us a call at 727-442-1711.

Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Products

Yinpecly 3030 Aluminum Alloy 1.35 Degree Angle 2.36 x 0.87 (LxW) Profile of Corner Brackets Connectors for Corner Joints Table Corner Braces Office Cabinet Beds, Silver Tone, 3 Pieces

20 L-shaped interior inside corner connector joint brackets, 20 sets of 3030 series L-shape corner brackets, 40 set screws, and two wrenches for 3030 aluminum profile are available from CNCMANS.

For 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, Aicosineg 20Pcs Hardware Bracket Inner Angle Bracket Gusset Zinc Alloy Interior Joint Bracket 90Degree 0.23in T-Slot L-Shape Corner Bracket

The 10 pieces of Yinpecly T Slot L-Shape Corner Bracket 3030 Series 90 Degree Zinc Alloy Interior Joint Bracket for 8mm Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile

LUORNG Aluminum Alloy Handle: 2 pieces 90mm rectangular industrial pull handle made of silver aluminum alloy, anti-pinch handle for 20 series aluminum extrusion profile accessories

aluminum alloy extrusion factory manufacturer supplier

Easy to Use for 3D Printer, CNC DIY, Workbenches, Brackets, Furniture and More: 4PCS 19.7inch T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile (500mm), European Standard Aluminum Linear Rail

aluminum alloy extrusion

uxcell 4Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits, Silver/32 Slider Nuts & Hex Socket Bolts & Washers, 57x57x59mm 6060 Angle Connector for 6060 Series Aluminum Profile

12 pieces of EU-2020 T Slot Zinc Alloy Corner Angle Connector L Shape 25 x 25.8 mm with Silver M5 Screw

Two sets of 2020 Series Die-Cast Zinc Alloy Flexible Pivot Joint Connectors with Handles for Aluminum Extrusion Profiles

For use with 4040 Series 8mm T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile, Aicosineg 10pcs Zinc Alloy Interior Joint Bracket 90 Degree T Slot L-Shape Corner Bracket, Silver Tone

Top Reviews

Steve L.

Although my application is odd, it demonstrates how incredibly useful aluminum extrusion components are. Not just for 3D printing, however. In my situation, I required a mechanism to mount a pair to the shower's drying racks. I didn't want to drill through my glass tile or press directly against it with a clothes dryer. Since I already had vertical grab bars installed, mounting the racks to them looked like the logical course of action. The black anodized surface of the aluminum extrusion linear rails looked terrific and provides the ideal structure. Someone person described these rails as a modern-day adult erector set that can be used to construct anything. I select a stock length by...


At least the profile is correct thanks to the high quality and dimensional accuracy of the extrusion. Although my extrusion arrived in a variety of lengths, they were all at least 400mm long, as promised. If you were expecting for exactly 400mm, you might need to keep exploring unless you're okay with cutting them down. For me, the discrepancy in lengths is not a problem. Finished in millwork with rounded corners. I'm not sure if they will function with v wheels as well because it doesn't have the same smooth v slot as the rails on my Ender 3 3D printer. However, I bought this extrusion to use in the construction of customized rigs and jigs.

Gary D.

These are the aluminum extrusion profiles that come standard with 2020. These arrived in good condition, free of dents and scratches. With the appropriate t-nuts and screws (not included), all of the slots are clearly defined and function flawlessly. This kind of aluminum profile material is so useful that I feel it's practically a need to have some on hand. Extremely helpful if you enjoy building 3D printers, DIY CNC machines, or hardware design. These will work if you require 2020 profiles that are 400 mm long in silver.

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