Best aluminum alloy profiles suppliers & manufacturers for Lighting Fixtures in China - YUZHI

Best aluminum alloy profiles suppliers & manufacturers for Lighting Fixtures in China

For over 15 years, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has delivered suppliers & manufacturers service and product quality as a distinguished supplier of customized aluminum alloy profiles solutions from China to destinations worldwide. Headquartered in Guangdong`s aluminum manufacturing capital Foshan, YUZHI`s stellar reputation stems from its integrated technical capabilities to tailor resilient LED profiles, durable panel light frames and robust accessories specifically to customer requirements across industries like solar power, lighting, machinery, construction and more. With warehouses overseas, YUZHI`s exports span Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America.

People May Ask

How Is An Alloy Classified?

Depending on the atomic configuration that gives rise to the alloy, alloys are typically categorized as substitutional or interstitial alloys. They can also be divided into three subcategories: intermetallic, heterogeneous, and homogeneous (composed of two or more phases).

What Alloy Is Used Most Frequently?

The most popular and well-known alloys are brass and carbon steel. Brass is created by combining copper and zinc in varied ratios, depending on the mechanical and electrical qualities desired.

What Kind of Aluminum Are There?

Table 2 lists various ca t aluminum grades along with some general information.aluminum quality A strengthening alloying element br> Procedure2xxx Heat-treatable Copper
Mangane e train-hardening, 3xxx
Depend on alloy, 4xxx iliconMagnesium train-hardening, 5xxx

What Processes Are Used to Clad And Ignite Aluminum Alloy?

Alloy of Aluminum Deignation:A 4-digit designation is typically assigned to an aluminum alloy. The purity or alloy type indicated by the first digit. The second digit denotes an alloy change. The third and fourth digits only represent purity in 1xxx erie.

What Is The Aluminum Profile's Length?

0.2 to 14 meters in length, cut in cu tom' order. Wall Thickness Requirement: 0.4 mm. Maximum Dimension: 300 mm for the circumscribed circle diameter. Workability: Simple to Machine, Cut, and Weld.

What Distinguishes 6061 Aluminum from A356 Aluminum?

A356-T6 aluminum has a 33000p i ultimate tensile strength compared to 45000p i for A6061-T6 aluminum. A6061-T6 aluminum has a maximum yield strength of 40.000 pi compared to A356-T6 aluminum's 24000 pi. Aluminum A356-T6 has a brinell hardness of 70, compared to 95 for A6061-T6.

What Distinguishes The 6061-t6 from The 6061-0?

Aluminum 6061-O and aluminum 6061-T6 are both variations of the same substance. They both have the same alloy composition and many of the same physical qualities, but due to differing processing, they differ in their mechanical properties.

What Is The Strongest And Lightest Alloy of Aluminum?

One of the strongest lightweight aluminum alloys, alloy 7075, is used most frequently in the aircraft sector. Similar to alloy 2024, it has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and is utilized in components that will be subjected to high levels of stress. If necessary, alloy 7075 can be heat treated.

What Is The Most Popular 6061 Aluminum Alloy?

Due to its affordability, strength, and versatility, aluminum 6061 is one of the most frequently utilized alloy materials in machining. Despite having a stronger strength to weight ratio, aluminum 2024 is less corrosion resistant.

What Are The Top 5 Alloys?

5 Common Alloying Elements: Nickel, Molybdenum, Vanadium, Manganese, and Chrome.

Aluminum Alloy Profiles Products

aluminum alloy profiles factory manufacturer supplier

uxcell 4Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits, Silver/32 Slider Nuts & Hex Socket Bolts & Washers, 57x57x59mm 6060 Angle Connector for 6060 Series Aluminum Profile

aluminum alloy profiles

For 4080 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, Aicosineg 4 Pieces Hardware Brackets Inner Angle Bracket Gusset Aluminum Alloy Interior Joint Bracket Inside Corner Bracket Gusset with Slot

For 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, Aicosineg 20Pcs Hardware Bracket Inner Angle Bracket Gusset Zinc Alloy Interior Joint Bracket 90Degree 0.23in T-Slot L-Shape Corner Bracket

LUORNG Aluminum Alloy Handle: 2 pieces 90mm rectangular industrial pull handle made of silver aluminum alloy, anti-pinch handle for 20 series aluminum extrusion profile accessories

8 Pieces of Yinpecly Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Aluminum Alloy Interior Joint Bracket for 4040 Series with 8mm Slot

For 3030 Serie Slot Aluminum Profile Extrusion Frame (Hole Diameter 30x24), 4set Aluminum Profile Hinge Install Kit, Aluminum Alloy Closet Cabinet Door Butt Hinge, with 16pcs M6 Screws and 16pcs T-Nuts

Yinpecly 3030 Aluminum Alloy 1.35 Degree Angle 2.36 x 0.87 (LxW) Profile of Corner Brackets Connectors for Corner Joints Table Corner Braces Office Cabinet Beds, Silver Tone, 3 Pieces

20 L-shaped interior inside corner connector joint brackets, 20 sets of 3030 series L-shape corner brackets, 40 set screws, and two wrenches for 3030 aluminum profile are available from CNCMANS.

E-outstanding Aluminum Profile Hinge Install Kit, 8 PZ-3030 Series T-Nuts, M6 and PZ-Flat Head Hexagonal M6*12 Screws, 2 Pcs 3030 Zinc Alloy Hinges

Angle Brackets, 6 Pieces, Aluminum Alloy, 45 Degree Extrusion Angle Code, Aluminum Profile Connector (3030), WDONAY Silver, 6.5 mm/0.26 hole

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Each part is covered in plastic film and is properly packaged. Nothing is causing any issues. used to assemble 3D printed components into a stand. Dimensions are accurate and the printed parts fit snugly.

Steve L.

Although my application is odd, it demonstrates how incredibly useful aluminum extrusion components are. Not just for 3D printing, however. In my situation, I required a mechanism to mount a pair to the shower's drying racks. I didn't want to drill through my glass tile or press directly against it with a clothes dryer. Since I already had vertical grab bars installed, mounting the racks to them looked like the logical course of action. The black anodized surface of the aluminum extrusion linear rails looked terrific and provides the ideal structure. Someone person described these rails as a modern-day adult erector set that can be used to construct anything. I select a stock length by...

Steve L.

These items are fantastic. They can be used to create an infinite number of projects. For my surround sound system's rear speakers, I created some speaker stands. I adore them.

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