High quality aluminum cnc machining parts manufacturer & factory for Lighting Fixtures in China - YUZHI

High quality aluminum cnc machining parts manufacturer & factory for Lighting Fixtures in China

For over 15 years, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has delivered manufacturer & factory service and product quality as a distinguished supplier of customized aluminum cnc machining parts solutions from China to destinations worldwide. Headquartered in Guangdong`s aluminum manufacturing capital Foshan, YUZHI`s stellar reputation stems from its integrated technical capabilities to tailor resilient LED profiles, durable panel light frames and robust accessories specifically to customer requirements across industries like solar power, lighting, machinery, construction and more. With warehouses overseas, YUZHI`s exports span Europe, Australia, Asia, Africa, North America and Latin America.

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For Cutting Aluminum, How Much TPI Are Required?

An 8 to 10 TPI blade is ideal for aluminum. We believe that MK Mor e and Diablo are by far the best brands of metal-cutting blades. Look for a carbide-tipped blade with at least an 8 TPI if you are cutting cast iron, stainless steel, and high-tensile alloys, as well as for jobs like auto dismantling and fire & re cue.

What Is The Best Blade to Use with Aluminum?

Carbide Tipped Band Saw Blades are also a fantastic option for cutting aluminum since they work well on a variety of abrasive building materials, including cast iron, concrete, graphite, and fiberglass.

Does Aluminum Lend Itself Well to Machining?

Because it chips easily and may be relatively simple to shape, aluminum is more machinable than certain other metals. "Chipping easily" implies that the material is more "free machining" and that the cutting tool expends more time and effort on the workpiece rather than the chip that it has already produced.

What Is The Thinnest CNC Aluminum That Can Be Made?

As a general guideline, CNC-machined walls should be at least 1/32" (0.794mm) wide. However, depending on a few important factors, the exact number and cost may differ: Wall Height:Thickness Ratio (H:T).

What Is Aluminum's Machinability?

The majority of wrought aluminum alloys are very machinable. Even though machining cast alloys with copper, magnesium, or zinc as the primary alloying elements can be challenging, using short tool rake angles can increase machinability.

What Three Types of Materials Can A CNC Machine Cut?

Which Materials Are Acceptable for a CNC Machine?
Metals: These include steel, brass, and aluminum.
Plastics: These include polycarbonate (PC), acrylic (PMMA), acetal (POM), and polypropylene (PP).Wood: Including softwood, plywood, and hardwood.
Foam: Such as stiff foam and carving foam, which tend to be more pliable but strong.

What Metal Works Best for CNC Carving?

. One metal that is incredibly simple to work with is aluminum. It is very strong, recyclable, and simple to cut through. One metal that many owners of CNC machines choose to work with is aluminum.

EDM Versus ECM Machining: What Are They?

Both EDM and ECM are non-traditional machining techniques, yet there are significant distinctions between the two. While ECM, or electrochemical machining, uses electrolysis to dissolve the metal locally, EDM, or electrical discharge machining, depends on localized spark erosion to remove material.

What Distinguishes The ECM from The ECG?

While both ECG and ECM use electrochemistry to dissolve metal, the key distinction between them is in the tools they use. Whereas ECG uses a revolving abrasive wheel, ECM uses a tool that is fashioned as the opposite of the required geometry.

What Are The Drawbacks of ECM?

Negative aspects of ECMThe biggest drawback is expense; compared to more traditional machining methods, ECM requires expensive equipment and specialized training, both of which add up quickly.

Aluminum Cnc Machining Parts Products

aluminum cnc machining parts

Wood Aluminum Steel Titanium 10 Pieces 4-Flute End Mill Bits, AFUNTA 0.08 - 0.47 HSS CNC Straight Shank Drill Bits Cutter Tool Set

aluminum cnc machining parts factory manufacturer supplier

Set of 10 Double Cut Carbide Rotary Burrs Tungsten Steel for Woodworking, Drilling, Metal Carving, Engraving, and Polishing, 1/8 Shank, 1/4 Head Length

Steel gauge block set, 81 pieces, grade B, Accusize Industrial Tools P900-S581

3/8-inch shank, extra-long 3.5-inch SpeTool 3 Flute Carbide End Mill for Aluminum Cut Non-Ferrous Metal Upcut CNC Spiral Router Bit

5 Spetools Aluminum End Mills 1/8 inch CNC Spiral Router Bits with 2 Flutes Non-Ferrous Metal Upcut for Woodworking Cutting, 1-1/2 inches long

SpeTool 3 Flutes CNC Spiral Router Bit for Aluminum Cut Non-Ferrous Metal Upcut, 1/4 End Mill 5 Pieces, 2.5 inches Long

SpeTool 3 Flutes CNC Spiral Router Bit for Aluminum Cut Non-Ferrous Metal Upcut, 1/4 End Mill Size: 2.5 inches

Inch Shank, 1/8 CD x 1/2 CL x 1/4 SD x 2 OL, DashHound BRO02 Carbide O Single Flute Plastic Cutting Spiral Bit CNC Router Bit End Mill Aluminum Milling Cutter

SpeTool 1.5-inch-long 1/8-inch End Mills for Aluminum with 3 Flutes CNC Spiral Router Bits for Non-Ferrous Metal Upcut

Drill Bits Sets for Professionals: SPEED TIGER Solid Carbide CNC Spiral O Single Flute End Mill - IAP1/4 Diameter 1/4 Shank 2 OVL(1 Piece, 1/4 ) - for Aluminum, Wood, Plastic, Brass, Copper Cutting

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Whoa. This book was fantastic. Simple to read and comprehend, it includes everything from choosing a solar power installation to designing and planning a suitable installation, locating the necessary parts and equipment, knowing where to locate expert assistance if necessary, and much more. I looked into solar power for a while since I wanted to live in an RV full-time, but the information was so complicated. This book is a great resource because it clarifies everything. This book is essential reading even if you want to hire professionals to complete the installation for you. It will help you make the proper choice and ensure that they are completing the job correctly.

Maria J Suarez

I purchased these burrs with the expectation that they would last me no more than a few uses—I mean, just look at the price! I've used the burr set on wood, aluminum, brass, copper, mild steel, spring steel, and 1095 high carbon knife steel since I received it back in 2020, and to my surprise, all but two of them still function. I vacuumed up one that was never seen again and bent one the first week due to overuse of force. I frequently see people whining about being bent. There are several reasons for this. The bit was too far out from the rotary tool. - using the instrument too firmly. (Don't force the tool; let it do the work) – the bit made contact with the hard substance on both sides, binding it. - The rotary tool vibrates because it is unbalanced and is junk. A few things to remember: always wear proper eye protection when using these parts. I was wearing some inexpensive spectacles when I was careless and caught a bit of metal that had gotten under them. Not to mention, the chips these burrs shoot skyward are extremely hot and sharp. So use caution.


Using my X-carve CNC router, I use this bit to cut aluminum (dry cutting; no coolant or lubricant). I have not found anything that cuts as quickly or lasts as long for cutting pieces out dry, so I heartily suggest it. It performs admirably on plexiglass and acrylic as well. The only thing I have to complain about is how poorly the single flute cuts tiny holes for fastening. Their typical shape is somewhat oblong. Despite this, I rate the product five stars for cutting quality. I use a two-fluid Kodiak end mill when I need nice holes, but it cuts considerably more slowly and jams up more easily.

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