Your high quality Choice aluminum framing extrusion manufacturer & factory in China - YUZHI

Your high quality Choice aluminum framing extrusion manufacturer & factory in China

For over fifteen years, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has offered exceptional CNC machined aluminium profiles to buyers in infrastructure, transport, renewable energy and high-value industries across China and worldwide export markets globally. Headquartered in Guangdong province, YUZHI leverages fully integrated manufacturing resources to precision craft LED panels, solar PV frames, heat sinks and mechanical parts that attest to our capabilities as China's premier aluminum framing extrusion specialist.

People May Ask

What Distinguishes Aluminum from Extruded Aluminum?

Casting procedures including sand casting, die casting, permanent mold casting, etc. are used to create casting aluminum goods. On the other hand, extruded aluminum is created when hot billets of aluminum and its alloys are forced through a die to create a certain cross-section.

What Distinguishes Extruded Materials from Molded Ones?

Simply put, continuous linear, two-dimensional shape has to be created via the EXTRU ION procedure. Three-dimensional shapes produced by injection molding do not stay consistent in a parallel line.

What Distinguishes Forged from Extruded Materials?

The distinction between extrusion and forging

Metal is heated during the forging process, after which it is shaped with hammers or presses. Metal is forced through a die during the extrusion manufacturing process to produce the desired form.

What Is A Type of Aluminum That Is Extruded?

Components used in lighting fixtures and other interior design or architectural solutions can be created using cu tom aluminum extrusion. Some extruded aluminum components that might be used in this application are hinges, light fixtures, trim, and other artistically appealing removable pieces.

Why Should I Frame Using Aluminum?

The strength-to-weight ratio of aluminum frames is higher than that of other types of metal frames. For instance, 304 stainless steel is only about four times stronger than aluminum of the 6061-T6 grade. It maximizes strength while simultaneously minimizing weight.

How Is A Frame Built of Aluminum?

The frame was constructed by physically welding together aluminum tubes. A raw weld may appear fairly rough, but on expensive frames, this is frequently smoothed down after welding to give it a smoother appearance. Additionally, it aids with weight loss.

What Purpose Does An Aluminum Frame Serve?

Due to its excellent conductivity, aluminum frames can be utilized to defend against lightning during thunderstorms. Last but not least, an aluminum frame has tremendous strength. dependable and steady. corrosion protection.

What Is The Process of Extrusion?

Extrusion is a process that causes plastic deformation in a material by applying a force that causes it to flow through an aperture or die.

What Type of Aluminum Extrusion Is Most Typical?

Due to these qualities, it is the most widely used extruded aluminum alloy for architectural and thin wall applications. The simplicity of extrudability and anodizing responsiveness of 6063 is a significant factor in its popularity. It creates a fantastic surface polish as well.

What Exactly Is Frame Extrusion?

A modular solution, aluminum extrusion frames are made of aluminum bars with a distinctive T-lot design. A set of specialized connectors enable the buyer to connect whatever structure they require.

Aluminum Framing Extrusion Products

20 pieces of 1 x 1 T-Solt Connectors for 10 Series Extrusion s 1010 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profiles fasteners

Extruded Aluminum 20mm x 20mm 20 Series T Type Profiles, Coavoo 4 Pack 2020 T Slot Black Aluminum Extrusion 78.74 inch / 2000mm Length European Standard Linear Rail Frame in Anodized 4 Pieces

European Standard Anodized Linear Rail Aluminum Extrusion Black Connector Set-8 Pack, Dnyta 100mm T Slot 2020 Aluminum Profiles

PZRT 10 pieces of 4040 T-Slot End Caps for European Standard Aluminum Profiles, Black

Mssoomm 2 Pack 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Black, 20 x 20 mm, Anodized Linear Rail Guide Frame for CNC, Length 17.72 inches / 450 mm, Series T Type T-Slot European Standard Extrusions Profiles

For use with a 3D printer and CNC machine, 4PCS 400mm 4040 V European Standard Anodized Black Aluminum Profile Extrusion Rail

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2020 V Slot Aluminum Extrusion for CNC DIY Silver 400mmX4 and 3D Printer Parts

aluminum framing extrusion

2 pieces of 450mm V-slot 2040 aluminum extrusion linear rail for CNC DIY and 3D printer parts (17.7 inches)

BELLA BAYS 1 unit 13.78 inch 350mm 2080 T slot aluminum extrusion European Standard anodized silver linear rail guide frame for 3D printer laser engraver CNC workbench

One 20x20mm Silver 2020 extrusion with a 6mm T-Slot Cut and European Standard Linear Rail is part of the SANTIE 700mm T-Slot Aluminum Profile.

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Michael Kondo

I used these to secure the corners of my homemade 2100 x 1525 mm, 100 watt CO2 laser setup, and they worked perfectly. greatly aided in maintaining the square for building.

Steve L.

These items are fantastic. They can be used to create an infinite number of projects. For my surround sound system's rear speakers, I created some speaker stands. I adore them.

Steve L.

I'll keep buying it as long as it's $9 or less because I really like it. Since I'm not wealthy, I'm hoping the price doesn't increase because it cleans clothes nicely. If it does, though, I'll find another product. Right now, I have both mine and my grandmother's on subscribe and save.

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