Wholesale Leading aluminum l profile manufacturer & factory in China - YUZHI

Wholesale Leading aluminum l profile manufacturer & factory in China

Established in 2007 in the aluminum processing hub of Foshan, Guangdong province, YUZHI brings 16 years of extrusion excellence to wholesaleers in China and high-value markets worldwide. As a premier wholesale aluminum l profile manufacturer & factory in China, the YUZHI brand represents robust LED profiles, resilient angle extrusions and reliable accessories purpose-built for lighting, signage, machinery and more. Combining technical prowess and personalized service, YUZHI delivers market-leading solutions to the UK, Italy, UAE, Indonesia, Mexico and beyond.

People May Ask

Which Grade of Aluminum Is The Cheapest?

One of the strongest aluminum alloys is 6061. Of all the heat treatable alloys, it is regarded as being the least expensive and most versatile. It is frequently extruded despite being less formable.

What Is The 6061 Aluminum Grade?

The temper for 6061 aluminum alloy might be any of the following:6061-O: Annealed, suitable for forming. 6061-F: No special treatment.6061-T1, 6061-T4, and 6061-T4511 are heat-treated and naturally aged, respectively.Cooled and artificially aged 6061-T51.6061-T6, 6061-T6511: Particular temper

Which Aluminum Doesn'T Work?

The most popular aluminum alloy, aluminum 3003, is also extremely effective at resisting corrosion, although it is more suited to anodizing, a factory process that imitates oxidation to produce a more durable metal with a corrosion-resistant aluminum finish.

Which Aluminum Is Stronger?

typically peaked and feeling heavier than metal. That is because aluminum has a superior strength-to-weight ratio when the reduced weight of aluminum is taken into account. Your design's flexibility will determine which metal has the best strength for your application.

Is The Metal You Use Thick?

Although thinner will add strength, aluminum is weaker than steel. Again, the number is modulated to bend steel 210 and aluminum 70. Thickness adds significant resistance to the cube of a 4,5 mm aluminum plate when bent in a tube.

What Are Two Benefits of Aluminum?

The melting point of tarter is lower than that of other metals. The substance ultimately tends to burn before melting. Additionally, due to aluminum's high thermal expansion coefficient, welding might be problematic.

What Exactly Are Common Profiles?

You can create and change the majority of important data with a Standard User profile, run Salesforce reports, and see how your Salesforce org is set up. Although you may view campaigns with this profile, you cannot control them. Additionally, it enables the creation of solutions but not their viewing.

Which Kind of Aluminum Should I Use for Cating?

For cabling where great strength is required, LM25 is a viable option. Unlike LM6, LM25 can be heat treated to significantly increase its hardness and strength thanks to its high magnesium concentration.

Why Use An Aluminum LED Profile?

LED tape is installed on or into an extruded aluminum length known as an LED profile that is typically 2 to 3 meters long.

In Mm, How Thick Is Aluminum?

Any aluminum panel that is between around 0.2mm and 6.5mm thick is commonly thought of as an aluminum sheet, whereas a product with a smaller gauge would typically be classified as foil. More frequently, aluminum plates with gauges more than 6.5mm (about a quarter of an inch) are referred to as such.

Aluminum L Profile Products

Aluminum L Bracket Connector for 4040 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile with Slot 8mm, Qjaiune 6 Pieces 4040 Inside Corner Bracket Gusset, Silver 4080 Aluminum Extrusion Brackets

PZRT 8-Pack Black T-Slot L-Shape Corner Bracket, Suitable for 6mm Slot 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, 90 Degree Aluminum Profile Interior Joint - with M5 Screws

aluminum l profile

Horizontal Vinyl Window Blinds, Shades for Indoor Windows, Inside Mount 1 GII Morningstar Collection, Pearl White, 26 W in x 64 H, Achim Cordless Light Filtering Mini Blinds

aluminum l profile factory manufacturer supplier

LUORNG 12-piece Aluminum Profile Corner Bracket for Standard 8mm Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile, 3030 Series L Shape Right Angle Connector, 30x30 L Connector Bracket Fastener

uxcell 4Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits, Silver/32 Slider Nuts & Hex Socket Bolts & Washers, 57x57x59mm 6060 Angle Connector for 6060 Series Aluminum Profile

For 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, Aicosineg 20Pcs Hardware Bracket Inner Angle Bracket Gusset Zinc Alloy Interior Joint Bracket 90Degree 0.23in T-Slot L-Shape Corner Bracket

includes 10PCS, 10Sets of the 10 Series Heavy Duty L Bracket Connector for 1010 Aluminum Extrusion 20PCS Screws 1010 T Nut 1 Extruded Aluminum 10 Series Corner Bracket

Yinpecly 3030 Aluminum Alloy 1.35 Degree Angle 2.36 x 0.87 (LxW) Profile of Corner Brackets Connectors for Corner Joints Table Corner Braces Office Cabinet Beds, Silver Tone, 3 Pieces

20 L-shaped interior inside corner connector joint brackets, 20 sets of 3030 series L-shape corner brackets, 40 set screws, and two wrenches for 3030 aluminum profile are available from CNCMANS.

Round Corner L Connector Fasten Connector, LUORNG Angle Arbitrary Bracket Set for 3030 Series Aluminum Profile (4 Angle Arbitrary Bracket + 8 M6 T-Slot Nuts + 8 M6x12mm Hex Socket Cap Screw Bolt)

Top Reviews

Brian Reid

Excellent fit for my needs. To replace the bull work on the front of my aluminum boat, I required this. I got the correct size when I cut it in half. very simple to cut and drill rivet holes. mild sanding is not difficult, and it may be primed and painted to match the rest of the boat. Very sturdy (1/8") and LxW were precise measurements. For a different boat project, I'm preparing to purchase two more parts.

Steve L.

Although my application is odd, it demonstrates how incredibly useful aluminum extrusion components are. Not just for 3D printing, however. In my situation, I required a mechanism to mount a pair to the shower's drying racks. I didn't want to drill through my glass tile or press directly against it with a clothes dryer. Since I already had vertical grab bars installed, mounting the racks to them looked like the logical course of action. The black anodized surface of the aluminum extrusion linear rails looked terrific and provides the ideal structure. Someone person described these rails as a modern-day adult erector set that can be used to construct anything. I select a stock length by...


Despite being shipped in a lot of wrapping, my metal arrived without a scratch. It arrived straight and true and in great condition. When I went to my neighborhood box stores to compare prices, I found that I could get every item for around $6 less, and thanks to Prime, they were all delivered right to my home! Seriously, these are bigger and thicker than solar panel mount kits you can buy, and they can hold two panels screwed in top and bottom with the cutoff providing nearly the ideal 30 degree angle 'kickstand' at the top. Excellent value, quite tough, and transportable. (To hold the kickstands in place, I use wingnuts and lock washers.)

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