Dedicated wholesale aluminum parts machining manufacturer & factory Since 2007 in China - YUZHI

Dedicated wholesale aluminum parts machining manufacturer & factory Since 2007 in China

For over fifteen years, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has offered exceptional customized aluminum parts machining to buyers in infrastructure, transport, renewable energy and high-value sectors across China and worldwide export markets in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Australia and Middle East. Leveraging integrated manufacturing resources based out of Guangdong province, China`s aluminum extrusion heartland, YUZHI creates purpose-built LED panels, solar frames, heat sinks and mechanical parts tailored to customer technical requirements using advanced European CNC machining centers operated by certified technical personnel.

People May Ask

Which Four Modes of Material Failure Are There?

There are four failure mechanisms for mechanical devices: corrosion, electrolysis, fatigue, and overload. Although failure mechanisms are common in nature, they might or might not be present in a particular employee's working environment.

What Three Common Modes of Material Breakdown Are There?

Ductile fracture is an illustration of a failure mode. brittle injury. exhaustion fracture.

What Is The Hardest Metal There Is?

While there are many criteria for classifying metals according to their degree of hardness, chromium (687–6500 MPa) is the hardest metal that is known to exist.
It should not be confused with titanium, which is the metal with the highest tensile strength.
Tung ten is often brittle and can break on impact in its pure form.

What Metal Is The Weakest?

Since mercury is a liquid at ambient temperature, it is the weakest element. The lightest and lowest densities are 22.4 g/cc for gallium and 22.4 g/cc for iridium, respectively.

What Makes Metal The Easiest to Machine?

Bra . Bra is one of the easiest and most cost-effective materials to mill because of its stability and low tensile strength. This kind of machining was used in a broad range of industries and applications. medical, consumer goods, and electrical are a few of them.

Which Metal Is The Second-Heaviest on Earth?

The Top 10 Heavy Metal SongsExample of Rank Type of Metal U e#1 Tung ten Making missiles and bullets#2 teel Building of a railroad, road, and other infrastructure and equipmentNumber Three Chromium Manufacturing tainle teelNo. 4 Titanium In order to maintain an aerodynamic pace, Indu attempts to use a lightweight material with strength.

Can You Grind Aluminum?

One of the most widely used materials for machining, and milling in particular, is aluminum. It alloys are lightweight, resistant to corrosion, and long-lasting. They also have excellent heat conductivity, are simple to machine, and can be enhanced through subsequent processes (such as anodizing).

What Urine Is Necessary to Grind Aluminum?

Recommended Material: H peed, V [urface ft/min]
Aluminum and its 250 alloy250 Bra (360 high machining)100 Bronze (high ten ile)100 Ca t Iron (oft)

How Did You Choose Your Cutting Wheel for Aluminum?

Aluminum is highly corrosive and has a low melting point. As a result, cutting aluminum requires the use of a lengthy, effective cutting wheel. The best cutting wheel for cutting aluminum is the Type 1 Premium Thin Cutting Wheel from Benchmark.

What Are Some of Aluminum's Weaknesses?

One significant benefit of using aluminum is that it is relatively expensive when compared to other metals like steel or iron. Additionally, aluminum can become brittle when exposed to severe temperatures or a sudden temperature change, which may result in structural failure.

Aluminum Parts Machining Products

aluminum parts machining factory manufacturer supplier

Mini Lathe Machine Tools, for Wood Metal Glass Plastic Machining, 60W Mini Rotating Lathe, 12000RPM Metal Rotating Lathe

aluminum parts machining

Bicycle Accessory 34mm Bike Headset Fork Bearings CNC High Precision Machining Aluminum Alloy

Bicycle Disc Brake Conversion, Aluminum Alloy CNC Machining, V Brake Stroke Converter Road Cycling Bike Accessories: V Brake Caliper Regulator, V Brake Stroke Converter, V Brake Stroke Regulator

Losi 1/18 Mini-T 2.0 2WD RC Truck Upgrade Parts DKKY Auminum Alloy CNC Upgrade Parts Kit Steering Knuckle C-Hubs Bellcranks Set

1.20 x 12 x 1/8 (3MM) Inch Thickness Solid Flat Bar 6061 T651 Aluminum 12 Pieces Aluminum Flat Plate Mill Stock for Manufacturing, Cutting, and Industrial Applications

Compatible with HSP Redcat Racing 1/10 On-Road Car Buggy Truck ShareGoo Metal Differential Gear Box Housing Cover 102075(02051)

Cutting Tools for cutting Steel Parts/Stainless Steel (CNMG432-MA Gold) GBJ Carbide Turning Inserts CNMG120404-MA CNMG432-MA

RC Servo Arm Upgrade Mini Servo Arm Accessory (Silver), Dilwe 21T Servo Arm, Portable CNC Machining, Aluminum Alloy 21T Servo Horn Arm for MD922 MD933 Servos

Redcat Volcano Epx HSP Exceed RC 1/10 Truck Buggy Car Upgrade Parts by Hobbypark 102057 Aluminum Servo Saver Complete Set Ackerman Plate Purple

Blue Yost Vises COV-3 Clamp-On Vise with a 3 inch jaw width and Gray Iron Casting

Top Reviews


I'm quite happy that my FoxAlien 3018-SE came with this low profile vice! Using this to clamp my workpieces is so much simpler. The tiny individual clamps that are included with the 3018 can be difficult to install and may obstruct the spindle. Several times, when a spindle slammed into a clamp, I witnessed folks frying their MOSFET on the controller board. There aren't any bolts sticking out above the workpiece when using this mini-vise. Because it clamps from the sides rather than the top, it also enables me to engrave tiny bits of wood from edge to edge. Since the Z-axis of the 3018 CNCs is somewhat short, a standard vise would not function. I had to lift my spindle as high as it would go and undo my spindle clamp. When I first acquired it and started using it, I felt the price was a little steep, but I soon understood you are paying for quality. Everything fits together perfectly, and it's machined from a single, solid piece of aluminum. It eliminates a lot of the headache associated with clamping your machine, therefore I heartily recommend it, especially if you're new to CNC.


Though I wish I hadn't, I know I managed without these 3x2x1 bricks in the past. I wish I could get back the time I saved by using the 3x2x1 blocks to complete the fit up, measuring, and squaring—and occasionally making mistakes. You'll get it correctly the first time if you use a Stronghold grasshopper along with some magnets. One interesting application of the blocks is to measure EXACTLY 1, 2, or 3 inches without the need for a precise tape measure. I usually use these for welding, but they're also excellent for table saw offsets and checking that the blades on my bandsaw and table saw are precisely 90 degrees. Man, I wish I had these years ago.


I used my Mitutoyo calipers to measure the blocks, and each measurement was within 0.0005" (half a thousandth) of the original. For $20, I did not anticipate that level of accuracy. According to evaluations I've read for other manufacturers, the surface polish was good and there were no burrs or sharp edges around the holes or on the chamfers. I haven't used the threaded holes, but I haven't tested them either. arrived with a shielding oil. To avoid things from rusting over time, I washed them off before using them but then gave them a light layer using the rag-in-a-can technique. (I've seen some folks lament rust, but you have to take precautions against rust unless your tools are stainless steel.) Strongly advised. Well worth the money.

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