Trusted top cnc aluminium parts factory products supply in China - YUZHI

Trusted top cnc aluminium parts factory products supply in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd top cnc aluminium parts factory products supply China has provided exceptional custom aluminum extrusions worldwide. Operating out of Foshan City, Guangdong Province, YUZHI utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to engineer tailored 2080 series aluminum profiles suitable for LED signboards, solar PV mounts, mechanical parts and various specialty applications. With an unwavering commitment to product excellence, on-time delivery and white-glove service, YUZHI supplies robust and versatile extrusions to buyers across China, North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

People May Ask

Which Nation Exports Aluminum The Most?

The largest exporter of aluminum and aluminum-related goods worldwide is China. China was the second-largest exporter of aluminum in 2021, with shipments of about 18.8 billion dollars less than Germany, whose exports were valued at 34.7 billion dollars.

Which Company Produces Aluminum at The Largest Scale in Asia?

Hindalco is Asia's largest integrated primary aluminum production.

Who Are Aluminum's Largest Consumers?

In addition to being the world's biggest consumer of aluminum, China also produces the most aluminum at smelters. China's energy-hungry smelters are primarily powered by coal.

From Whom Does Russia Export Aluminum?

In recent years, important consumers of Russian aluminum have included China, Japan, Turkey, and India.

What Spindle Speed Is Best for Milling Aluminum?

With cutters up to 5mm, the spindle (0.8kW 24,000 rpm) is suitable for cutting aluminum, plastic, wood, or laminate; similarly, cutters up to 8mm require a spindle of 1kW; cutters up to 12mm require a spindle of 3.3kW; and cutters up to 16mm require a spindle of 5.6kW.

How Much CNC-Ready Aluminum Is Needed?

One of the most widely used aluminum alloys available is 6061-T6, and the majority of manufacturing companies provide it as the standard grade for CNC machining. It is very lightweight, simple to process, and 6061 may even receive various heat treatments. An great all-purpose material that may be used for a number of applications is 6061-T6.

How Do Aluminum Factories Operate?

Alumina was put into a special reduction cell with molten cryolite at a melter for aluminum at a temperature of 9500C. When 400 kA or more of electric current is introduced into the mixture, the connection between the oxygen atom and the aluminum atom is broken, resulting in liquid aluminum ettling at the bottom of the reduction cell.

What Kind of Aluminum Is It Exactly?

created the alloy 7068-T6511, also known as Tennalum® 7068, which is extremely strong. It has the highest mechanical strength of any commercially available aluminum alloy, with a yield strength of 99 K I (683 MPa), surpassing that of various steel and being 2.5 times stronger than 6061 and 35% stronger than 7075.

Which Aluminum Factory Is The Best in The World?

leading producer of aluminum in the world by production output in 2021. Chinalco held the title of largest company in 2021, producing almost 6.7 million metric tons of aluminum. Globally, the top three aluminum producers are Hongqiao, Rual, and Xinfa.

What Distinguishes Aluminum between 6061 And 6063?

The distinction between AL 6061 and AL 6063The melting temperature, thermal conductivity, and heat capacity of 6061 aluminum are all lower.Aluminum 6063 has a higher melting temperature, greater thermal conductivity, and more heat capacity than aluminum 6061 AL.

Cnc Aluminium Parts Factory Products

cnc aluminium parts factory factory manufacturer supplier

For use with a 3D printer, CNC machine, and servo stepping motor, Befenybay 2PCS 5mm to 8mm Aluminium Plum Flexible Shaft Coupling D20 L25 Connector Flexible Coupler (5x8mm)

cnc aluminium parts factory

Genmitsu 600 x 600 mm, 24 x 24 Upgraded Accessories Kit with XY-Axis Extension for CNC Router Machine PROVerXL 4030

Metal Cutting Engraving Cooling Sprayer Machine with Air Pipe for CNC Lathe Milling Drill Machine, ChgImposs Mist Coolant Mist Lubrication System Unit

a modernized CNC router,Wood and metal engraving machine Mcwdoit 3018Pro-MAX 200W spindle,Wood Router Engraver GRBL Control 3 Axis PCB Milling Machine

Engraving Milling Machine CNC Router Bits for Wood, Aluminum, Copper, and Steel 6mm (Set of Three) by JIULI TOOL

Longruner GRBL CNC Shield Board+RAMPS 1.4 Mechanical Switch Endstop DRV8825 A4988 Stepper Motor Driver Nema17 Stepper Motor LKB02, Black, 3D Printer CNC Controller Arduno CNC Kit

Nema23 Stepper Motor 425oz-in 3A 112mm, FMD2740C Driver 4A, USB Interface Card USBCNC Control Breakout Board, and 36V Power Supply CNC Router Machine Kit are included in the 3 Axis USB CNC Controller Kit.

4 Axis Nema23 Stepper Motor Kit, 425oz-in 112mm 3A Dual Shaft, Motor Driver CNC Controller Kit, Mach3 Control Board, 36V Power Supply for CNC Router Milling Engraving Machine from CNCTOPBAOS

Kit for a CNC spindle motor, 110V Mysweet 2.2 KW Water Cooled Spindle Motor, 2.2 KW Single to Three Phase VDF, 110 volt Water Pump, 3.15 inch Clamp, 196 inch Water Pipe, 40 inch Electric Wire, and 13 pieces of ER20 Collet

Metal Wood Acrylic MDF Carving Cutting All-Metal CNC Router Machine 3020-Evo, AnoleX X&Z-axis Dual Steel Guide Rails CNC Router Kit with 300W Spindle, Limit Switches, and Emergency-Stop

Top Reviews

R. Oleson

My first try at using a CNC machine is here. Over the years, I have created and seen a variety of things, but I have only used enormous, pricey CNC machinery. This item offers a decent value for the money. Before assembling, it was important to carefully follow the instructions, especially if you are not mechanically inclined. For the optimum X-Y calibration, it is also advised that you "fine-tune" your pedestal with a micrometer. Both a win7 and winXP computer successfully installed the software without any driver problems. I advise making a backup disk of the included CD software, directions, and driver. It is advised that you review g-codes and how they relate to the CNC process even if the software is largely straightforward. This information is especially helpful because you need to add the command "M20" at the beginning of your file in order for the machine to convert standard units to metric automatically. This device is calibrated in metric units. It's crucial to precisely position your ze


The seller promptly sent me a new control board by direct delivery after I contacted them, and it works fantastically! Overall, especially considering the cost, I am incredibly pleased with the machine's performance. One star less because my unit was initially defective, but two stars more because of the outstanding support I got. Because the bits you use are so small and brittle, I advise building an enclosure for the machine. This will keep the bits and whatever you cut contained in a small space, making cleanup simple. —- First update: I got a replacement item from YUZHI Customer Service, but it also had a poor connection. It appears that this one also has a fuse problem on the z axis. It appears that someone made a solder bridge to replace the fuse in an attempt to fix the problem. —- Original Assessment Fairly simple to put together, though parts could be of higher quality for less money. The assembly's vertical components, which hold the spindle and two of the three axes, cannot be fully tightened


The “My Sweety” 3018 is a really solid machine! I was seeking for a basic CNC router to update my abilities obtained many, many years ago when CNC operated on tape. Versatility is why I chose this computer. You need to understand the limits before purchasing so you make an acceptable option. PROS:s300 mm x 180 mm work table ( 11.81” x 7.08”). Woodpecker enhanced board Candle software featuring GRBL 1.1 Possibility to add “upgrades” such as end stops, homing function, etc... ER 11 collet allowing updated cutters from what comes with the machine. (YUZHI choices are numerous and considerably better than what is offered). Possible to “tweak” GRBL settings to improve your rig in the candle program This platform is backed by various “freeware” programs ( see photos) so you don’t have to write your own things to get started and do outstanding work! CONS: (remember this is a low budget, introductory yet “buildable”, CNC). No end stops or homing function. I crashed a couple projects in the

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