The Specialist high quality cnc aluminum parts manufacturer & factory in China - YUZHI

The Specialist high quality cnc aluminum parts manufacturer & factory in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned distinction as a skilled cnc aluminum parts specialist designing and manufacturing premium aluminum profiles in China for buyers worldwide across infrastructure, transport, renewable energy and allied sectors. Leveraging fully integrated production capabilities comprising in-house tooling and strict quality control procedures, YUZHI`s customizable offerings, including LED panels, solar PV frames, rail coach parts and heat sink extrusions, cater to discerning B2B consumers from industries as diverse as warehousing, roadways, airports, rolling stock, and automotive around the globe.

People May Ask

How Much Does Typical CNC Processing Cost?

Delegate Your Need Prices for CNC machining in Europe are often more expensive because of the better standard of life there. For 3-axis machines, they typically charge $35 to $40 per hour, whereas multi-axis devices cost $75 to $120 per hour.

Aluminum 6061 Is Ductile Or Brittle?

Aluminum alloys 5052 and 6061 are both susceptible to mixed ductility fracture and brittle fracture.

What Kind of Aluminum Can Be Bent?

3003 aluminum alloy This alloy is likely the finest for bending in the majority of situations.

Will Aluminum 6061 Rust?

Versatility. For general-purpose applications, 6061 aluminum is a good choice due to its formability and weldability. Its excellent strength and resistance to corrosion make it a great choice for structural, architectural, and automotive applications.

Why Do The Welds on My Aluminum Crack?

When there is significant thermal stress and solidification shrinkage while the weld is moving through several stages of solidification, hot cracking, also known as solidification cracking, happens in aluminum welds.

What Kind of Filler Rod Is Used with 6061 Aluminum?

Which filler wire-5356 or 4043-works best for welding 6061-T6 aluminum? A: Both are suitable for welding 6061-T6, but depending on the situation, each has advantages and downsides. 5356, an aluminum alloy with 5% magnesium, is often more ductile and stronger than 4043.

What Does T6 in Aluminum Mean?

The T6 temper classification denotes a solution heat treatment, quenching, cooling, and aging of the aluminum alloy. The material can attain the desired precipitation hardening by artificially aging.

How Is 60 61 Produced?

Precipitation-hardened aluminum is 6061-T6, which was created in 1935. High temperatures are used during precipitation hardening to raise aluminum's yield strength. Aluminum is made into 6061-T6 through precipitation hardening, which also reduces plasticity.

What Distinguishes 6061 Aluminum from 2024 Aluminum?

Due in large part to its higher yield strength than 6061 aluminum (324 MPa vs. 276 MPa), 2024 aluminum performs very well in airplane applications. Although 6061 aluminum is also thought to be robust and has many other appealing characteristics, 2024 aluminum is the better option if strength is a top concern.

What Is The Purpose of T6511 Aluminum?

Round 6061-T6511 extruded aluminum bars are a great choice for the majority of processing methods and have low corrosion rates. It is a thin material with sharp edges, a smooth finish, and a high strength to weight ratio. Frequently used in electronic, marine, and aircraft building applications.

Cnc Aluminum Parts Products

cnc aluminum parts

Mist Coolant Lubrication Spray System for Metal Cutting Engraving Cooling Sprayer Machine for Air Pipe Upgrade Version

cnc aluminum parts factory manufacturer supplier

CR125 CRF250 CRF450 XR250 JFG RACING CNC Universal Motorcycle Engine Stop Start Kill Switch Button With Mounting Backplate

Wood turning tools set with carbide tips: Lathe Rougher Finisher Detailer Six pieces of interchangeable aluminum alloy grip handle with diamond round square carbide inserts for Swan Neck Hollower Parting Tools

SDYIEN 2 Pcs. Aluminum alloy flexible stepper motor coupler motor connector joint for 3D printers and CNC machines, 8mm to 8mm motor shaft coupling

CNC 3018 PRO MAX, all metal construction, 200w spindle at 12000RPM, enhanced stepper motor, CNC engraving device with GRBL and offline control, limit switches, Z-probe, and emergency stop

For use with CNC DIY parts and 3D printer parts, 4PCS V Slot 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Profile 27.5 European Standard Anodized Linear Rail (27.5

Two 400mm V-slot 2040 aluminum extrusion linear rails for CNC DIY and 3D printer parts are available.

CHAOTICLAB Voron 2.4 CNC Parts Kit Aluminum Alloy Frame CNC Kit with Matching Screws and Accessories Upgrade DIY 3D Printer Part

Hole plugs for M10 motorcycle mirrors Anodic CNC Aluminum Blanking Plug Screws 10mm: 2 clockwise rotations (10mm: 2 right threads)

For 3D printer parts and CNC DIY, HFS (R) 4 pieces 2020 T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile Anodized Linear Rail (500mm)

Top Reviews

Mark Chester

To assist with chip removal and part cooling in my MillRight (2019) CarveKing CNC machine, I purchased the "Upgrade Version Mist Coolant Lubrication Spray System for Metal Cutting Engraving Cooling Sprayer Machine for Air Pipe CNC Lathe Milling Drill" (see photo). The unit I received is depicted in the picture; it is marked "Succkey Full Sealed Mist Sprayer S/N: AE 2150343". The product performed as advertised. I spent sixteen hours CNC-ing aluminum pieces, and I used air alone. With a raised coolant source, I tested the coolant, and it sprayed a lovely mist that I could adjust with the two screws. Still, I concluded that using this device's pressurized air alone would be sufficient to make my endeavor successful. I hope it remains strong and hard for a very long time because the nozzle stayed precisely where it was directed.

Kent H

I bought them for my Harley ELW's mirror holes. They are a tight fit, but with a quick tap with a rubber mallet or a hefty push (if they just don't fit your bike precisely), the hole is quickly filled with black. I did buy four with the intention of plugging the mounts' bottoms as well, but it turns out that the holes on the underside of the mirror mount are smaller than I had thought, so they don't fit. No big deal... I have two extras in case I ever need them for another project or if they ever pop out (don't see that happening). Additionally, one side slightly protrudes over the edge, but this is insignificant in terms of covering the holes. I'm able to sand.

Goth Gone Grey

I am very happy that I did not receive a lower-quality one; I adore it! Here's a fantastic tip as well: I used painters tape to attach the desired side to the unit and to tap the surface to which it was to be mounted. I then coated the back of the tape on both the unit and the mounting surface with Super Glue from Dollar Tree and adhered the tapes to one another. Do not fool yourself into thinking that this is not the best idea. I use a CNC machine to mount aluminum stock to the work table and machine parts, and they hold very firmly. When I'm done, I simply pry up one corner of the completed part and remove the tape, protecting all surfaces. Look up "CNC Painters Tape Fixturing with Super Glue" on YouTube; it's a really fantastic idea. Additionally, since the connector required 8mm but I only had 6mm blue plastic tube, I heated the tube and stretched it until roughly 1 inch of it was big enough to go over a pencil. It worked beautifully.

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