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How to Design Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

Creating custom aluminum extrusions involves continuous processes to transform raw aluminum into specialized structural profiles:

1. Molten aluminum solidifies into cylindrical billets up to 6 meters long

2. Billets preheat to 500°C in the extrusion press to improve malleability and flow

3. Shearing saws cut the heated billet into shorter segments

4. Mechanical rams force aluminum through shaping dies at over 10,000 PSI

5. Moving hot saws cut continuously formed extrusion into individual lengths

6. Controlled air cooling re-hardens the extruded aluminum

7. Stretchers apply tension to straighten and relieve residual stresses

8. Milling, sanding, and finishing operations prepare surfaces

9. Additional fabrication like machining, welding, and installation finalize parts

The flexibility to customize aluminum alloy chemistry combined with precision extrusion enables high-performance profile solutions across industrial applications at reasonable costs.

What Are Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

Custom aluminum extrusions transform client specifications into specialized structural solutions. Unique cross-sectional profile requirements drive custom die design and CNC machining for one-off or low-volume applications.

Heated aluminum alloy billets soften for extruding through these hardened steel forms at over 5,000 pSI to replicate intricate shaping. Sudden cooling then re-hardens profiles for durability.

This customized fabrication process suits small to medium production runs economically. One-off tooling costs amortize over shorter timeframes unable to justify high-throughput die extrusion. Custom profiles also bridge capability gaps where unusual dimensional, strength, or cosmetic attributes prove difficult to achieve with standardized extrusion stock.

Industries leveraging these specialized aluminum shapes include construction, architecture, aerospace, defense, transportation equipment, and specialty OEM component fabricators. Custom aluminum extrusions enable innovative combinations of strength, corrosion resistance, and precision aesthetics mirroring the most demanding mechanical design visions.

Why Use Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

Custom aluminum extrusions transform unique visions into specialized structural solutions. Client-specific profile requirements drive custom die design and CNC machining to achieve targeted performance criteria:

Flexibility - Extrusion processes adaptively translate complex mechanical specifications into unified lightweight aluminum members

Design Freedom - Intricate shapes feasible in aluminum enable innovations in strength-to-weight ratio, airflow manipulation, and precision alignment impossible through off-the-shelf options

Finish Variety - From anodization to powder coating to polishing, a range of appearance and protection levels integrate directly into the extrusion process

Cost Effectiveness - Die costs amortize over shorter production runs making low-mid volume fabrication affordable at quality levels rivaling high-output processes

Benefits further driving custom aluminum extrusions:

  • High production rate with continuous workflow
  • Consistent precision and tolerance control
  • Inherent corrosion resistance for harsh conditions
  • Excellent thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Improved safety as a non-sparking material

The specialization and optimization potential unlocked by tailored aluminum extrusion drives progress in aerospace, automotive, robotics, equipment OEM, and beyond.

How Do Custom Aluminum Extrusions?

Aluminum extrusions are formed by forcing heated aluminum billets through a custom die to create a continuous piece with a uniform cross-sectional profile. The process involves:

1. Heating aluminum billets to approximately 900°F in a furnace until the aluminum is malleable enough to flow through the die, yet still maintains its basic cylindrical form.

2. Loading the softened aluminum billet into the container of a hydraulic extrusion press.

3. Forcing the billet through a steel die using a hydraulic ram, conforming the aluminum to the opening of the shaped die.

4. Cooling and stretching the new aluminum extrusion as it exits the die. The result is an elongated aluminum product that has the customized cross-sectional profile of the die opening.

Aluminum's lightweight, strength, and versatility make it an ideal metal for extrusion manufacturing. The process efficiently forms uniform aluminum parts and components with customized cross-sections. Hollow extrusions can also be produced using porthole dies consisting of an interlocking mandrel and cap.

People May Ask

Who Is Superior Extrusion's CEO?

We'll be shipping close to 48 to 50 million pounds annually once we start operating three shifts, according to President and CEO Brad Couture.

Are Extrusion Die Costly?

Another advantage worth highlighting is that extrusion tooling is less expensive to make than other types of tooling used in manufacturing. Die for geometrical implementations typically cost between $550 and $750.

Extrusion Be Less Expensive Than Injection Molding?

In the meanwhile, the extrusion process is more expensive up front than injection molding in terms of tooling costs, but it produces parts at a more average cost per component over time.

Why Is It So Difficult to Extract Aluminum?

To extract aluminum from its ore using carbon reduction, it has an electrochemical erie (reactivity erie) that is too high. The required temperatures are too high to be practical. It was electrolyzed in tea to remove it.

What Are The Benefits of The Extrusion Process?

The benefit of extrusionVariation in the product's size.Due to the fact that only one sort of croection can be obtained at once, there is a product limitation.
High early start-up costs.

What Is The Most Valuable Metal on Earth?

Tung ten, which is Chinese meaning "heavy tone," is the most powerful metal in existence. In 1781, a new element was discovered. It is frequently used to produce bullets and missiles, metal evaporation processes, paint, electron and televion tubes, and gla to metal alloys.

Who Produces The Most Aluminum Globally?

China has dominated the aluminum market in terms of both production and international commerce. The nation produced 38.8 million metric tons of aluminum in 2021 and exported it for 34.7 billion dollars.

Who Consumes The Most Aluminum?

Transportation is one of aluminum's most popular applications. Construction. Electrical.

How Many Aluminum Smelters Exist Globally?

The principal aluminum smelters in the world are included under the category "Aluminum Smelters." Over 200 smelters in roughly 40 countries produce aluminum.

What US Corporation Produces The Most Aluminum?

AlcoaAlcoa participates actively and increasingly in all key areas of the business, including technology, mining, refining, smelting, fabricating, and recycling. As a result, it is a significant producer of primary aluminum, manufactured aluminum, and alumina combined. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States.

Custom Aluminum Extrusions Products

custom aluminum extrusions

Black anodized 2060 V Model Slot Aluminum Profiles Extrusion Frame for CNC Tool DIY, Length 100-1200mm (LLBB) (400mm/15.75

custom aluminum extrusions factory manufacturer supplier

For use with 3D printer parts and CNC DIY, 4 pieces of 500mm T Slot 2020 aluminum extruded linear rail are available in black (19.7 inches).

Mssoomm 2 Pack 2040 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Black, 20 x 40mm, 78.74 inch Extrusions of the 20 Series T Type T-Slot European Standard Linear Rail Guide Frame for CNC

KAISENG 200-1200mm 40x80mm Extruded Aluminum Profiles Frame for Furniture Woodworking DIY (200mm) 40x80mm T Slot Aluminum Extrusions

Coavoo 2040 Aluminum Extrusion 20mm x 40mm 20 Series V Type Profiles, 68.9 inch / 1750 mm Length, Black, 4 Pack European Standard Linear Rail Frame in Anodized 4 Pieces

European Standard Anodized Linear Rail T Slot Standard Width 6mm for CNC and 3D Printer, 2 Pieces 600mm Linear Rail 2020 Aluminum Profile

3D printer corner brackets and aluminum profile attachments from CORHAD, 4 pieces European Standard Linear Rail Aluminum Guide Black T Slot Extrusion Aluminum Profile

The MGN12H MGN12C Linear Guide Carriage Bracket Mods Upgrade NOT for Neo Series by UniTak3D Ender 3 Pro V2 Linear Rail X-axis Conversion Kit (Linear Rail NOT Included)

Black European Standard Linear Rail Aluminum Profile Extrusion Guide Rail, TEHAUX 4 Pcs. Aluminum Profile T Slot 3D Printing Machine Linear Rail Printer Accessories

European Standard T Slot Aluminum Profile Extrusion 3030 400mm 2PCS CNC 3D Printer Parts from CNCYEAH Extruded European Aluminum Profile Linear Rail for Homemade 3D Printer Silver

Top Reviews

michael belew

There are many profile slot cover models available for 3D printing, but when I noticed this product, I compared the printing time and filament cost, and I decided to buy it. I'm happy I did. This aluminum profile slot cover is well-fitting, simple to lengthen, uniform in size and color. adds a beautiful splash of color to any CNC machine, 3D printer, or aluminum extrusion project. My Ender 3 Max Neo was the recipient of mine, and I still have enough to make another 3D printer. I would recommend and repurchase.

Frank Ryan

I purchased them in two hues to customize my 3D printer. It does have a practical use in preventing small pieces of dirt from entering the extrusion beneath the bed. It also serves a somewhat practical purpose because I concealed a connection from my LED lighting system underneath it. As soon as you open the package, it smells awful. If you can, I would suggest letting it air out for two days in the garage and, if you can't wait, straightening the roll to make installation a little bit simpler. It might not be required to correct it though, as it will install without that. Simply jam it into the extrusion of metal. It looks wonderful when the lines are cut straight.

Frank Ryan

The blue hue is striking and contrasts beautifully with the black extrusion. I was shocked to notice that this precisely matched the color of the TPU that I had printed some bespoke parts on my printer. This is the URL: The product number for this item is B0922C5PDR. They are easy to press in and remain in position. All that needs to be done is shove them in; nothing more. really simple to consistently trim to the ideal length. These are now installed in the European Standard Aluminum Extrusion V Slot 2020. One of the sets I bought is linked here. YUZHI.com/gp/product/B09DYJRRTG at this link. Fantastic product

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