Top custom made aluminum parts manufacturer & factory for Panel Lighting in China - YUZHI

Top custom made aluminum parts manufacturer & factory for Panel Lighting in China

Since its founding in 2007 in Foshan, Guangdong province, YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned its stripes as a premier supplier of high-quality 2080 aluminum extrusions in China top custom made aluminum parts manufacturer & factory China. Supported by fully integrated manufacturing resources encompassing in-house dies & tooling together with advanced CNC-operated production lines for extrusion, machining and surface treatments, YUZHI delivers resilient LED profiles, heat sink bars and accessories tailored to buyers worldwide across sectors like infrastructure, renewable energy, railways, roadways, lighting and mechanical engineering.

People May Ask

I Worked with Aluminum Tube?

Because it is made of aluminum, machined aluminum is very light. Additionally, they have a high strength, which makes them suitable for use in structural applications. For instance, they are highly well-liked in the aeronautical industry due to the e property.

How Is Aluminum So Affordable?

The most common and least expensive metal on Earth is aluminum. However, it seemed to be worth more than gold. Although it also bonds easily with other elements, aluminum is the third most prevalent metal in the Earth's crust. That indicates that it is not a pure metal found in nature.

Is 6061 Or 7075 Less Expensive?

The 7075 aluminum alloy, which typically comes in at a higher cost (25%), will provide you greater strength with marginally less machinability. The biggest drawback of using 7075 is that it has significantly lesser corrosion resistance than 6061.

What Is Aluminum of The Highest Quality?

Aluminum 1100 brThis is the purest form of commercially available aluminum, and it has a minimum purity of 99%. It has exceptional ductility and workability. This makes it a fantastic option for difficult forming operations.

What Is The Cheapest Type of Metal Machining?


Aluminum is one of the most cost-effective metals for CNC machining and is available in a variety of alloys. It is highly machinable, with minor variations depending on the alloy. Additionally, this metal has a low raw material cost associated with it.

What Metal Is Easiest to Mill?

Bra is one of the easiest and most cost-effective materials to mill because of its stability and low tensile strength. This kind of machining was used in a broad range of industries and applications.

Who Produced Inexpensive Aluminum?

American inventor, businessman, and chemist Charle Martin Hall (December 6, 1863 – December 27, 1914) was born in the United States. He is best known for developing an inexpensive way of making aluminum in 1886, which led to aluminum becoming the first metal to experience widespread adoption since the prehistoric discovery of iron.

How Are Aluminum Parts Produced?

Extrusion, casting, rolling, and forging are four of the most often used methods for manufacturing aluminum. Each one uses a different method and gives the metal special qualities. Because of this, product designers can utilize them for various sections and purposes.

Is It Simple to Make Aluminum?

creating aluminum is a little bit different from creating other minerals, like iron, where the compound may be separated simply by melting the mineral. The technique is difficult and energy-intensive when dealing with aluminum. Because of this, the majority of aluminum smelters are always constructed close to energy sources.

Is It Difficult to Produce Aluminum?

The manufacture of aluminum is substantially more complicated and uses a significant quantity of electricity. Because of this, aluminum smelters are always constructed next to clean, non-polluting energy sources, typically hydroelectric power plants.

Custom Made Aluminum Parts Products

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Shift Linkage Compatible with Harley Davidson Motorcycles by Kustom Cycle Parts DILLIGAFF Electra Glide Ultra Touring Street Glide Road Glide Road King. Made to Order in the USA

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Engine Bay Dress Up Fastener Kit, M6 JDM Fender Washer Kit for Bumper Fender Washer, Bumper Washer Bolt, Headlights, and Trunk Engine Bay Dress Up, 20 Set Aluminum Bumper Fender Washer with Bolts (Blue)

Votex s M14 x 1.5MM Stainless Steel Neodymium Magnetic Engine Oil Drain Plug, part number DP001, is manufactured in the United States.

2 pieces universal car rear tail light lamp stickers, measuring 18.89 x 11.81 (black), are self-adhesive tint film sheets for rear light covers.

1 Pair H7 LED Headlight Adapter Bulb Base Holder Socket Retainer, H7 LED Headlight Adapter Compatible with VW/MercedesBenz/Audi/BMW/Buick/Hyundai/Nissan/Saab

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Parts for a Kustom bike in black and grey Harley Davidson motorcycles are compatible with the American flag shift linkage. Street Glide Road King Electra Glide Ultra for touring. Made to Order in the USA

Top Reviews


For a quicker installation, I advise entirely removing the tail light housing, but if you take your time and do it right, they work and look fantastic.


The volume of unfavorable or dubious reviews worried me a little, but I reasoned that YUZHI returns had become much simpler. I bought 4 sets. Each box was complete and comprised the blinds, the mounting hardware, and the instructions. There was nothing broken or missing. Great! I'll echo what others have said: these don't use the universal mounting like other blinds do. But in all honesty, removing the existing mounts from my old blinds took only a short amount of time—less than 5 minutes with a manual racheting screwdriver, and perhaps even less time with an electric one. I'd advise you to probably read the mounting instructions—exactly the same ones given out in the box—found on your computer's item listing.

Kimberly Robinson

It's a beautiful colour, in terms of shades. Simple to install and functions as intended. All I want is for them to be less expensive. However, when compared to other identically sized products, its cost was the lowest.

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