Custom extruded aluminium channels from the Trusted suppliers & manufacturers in China - YUZHI

Custom extruded aluminium channels from the Trusted suppliers & manufacturers in China

For over 15 years, Foshan YUZHI Aluminium Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has delivered unparalleled product quality and service as China's trusted custom CNC aluminum profile wholesaler custom extruded aluminium channel suppliers & manufacturers China. Leveraging fully integrated manufacturing capabilities at its Guangdong headquarters, YUZHI`s stellar reputation stems from tailored LED profiles, resilient panel frames and robust accessories crafted to customer specifications for solar power, lighting, machinery and construction applications worldwide.

People May Ask

How Many Different Types of Aluminum Alloy Exist?

Seven distinct alloys are frequently used in the production of aluminum. Each erie tart is marked with a number between 1 and 7 (i.e., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7). What alloying element has been added to the aluminum is essentially determined by that number.

Which of The 4 Alloy Types Are They?

The most prevalent alloys and their uses are listed below.Alloy with a steel core. tainle teel is an alloy made of iron and carbon, similar to those found in aluminum, bronze, and nickel.

What Was Aluminum Tubing Extruded for?

The byproduct of heating aluminum material and forcing it through a die is aluminum extrusion. An aluminum billet was placed into an extrusion press after being heated to a high temperature of about 900°F. The raw material flows through the die to create a shaped form after a ram is applied to it.

What Is The Aluminum I Extruded Made of?

A billet of aluminum or an aluminum log is used in the extrusion process. A kind of raw aluminum known as an aluminum billet is heated to a precise temperature at which it becomes soft and malleable.

Why Is Welding with Aluminum Bad?

When welding aluminum, hazardous fumes are produced, endangering the welder's health significantly. Tiny (sub-micron) particles of aluminum, aluminum oxide, and other metals contained in aluminum alloy, most frequently copper, zinc, magnesium, silicon, manganese, and lithium, are produced during the welding of aluminum.

How Many Different Types of Aluminum Channels Exist?

Aluminum channel extrusion comes in two varieties: olid and emi-hollow.

What Is The Aluminum Ejection's Thickness?

Aluminum sheet, 5-10 mm thick.

Describe Aluminum Extrusion.

Extrusion of aluminum with a bic coatingAluminum billets are heated and forced through a shaped die aperture during extrusion, a contemporary process. The opening can be altered to generate various shapes and sizes to meet a particular demand. We use various teel die depending on the type of aluminum bar that is needed.

Is 7075 Aluminum More Durable Than Steel?

The maximum tensile strength of 7075 wrought aluminum grade is greater than 572 MPa, and its density is 2.8 g/cm3. Contrarily, 304-grade titanium steel has a tensile strength of 621 MPa and a density of 8 g/cm3. 70% less weight and 90% of the strength of 304 stainless steel are shared by 7075 aluminum.

What Makes 7075 And 7075 T6 Different from One Another?

Zinc is the main alloy component in 7075, and it has exceptional fatigue properties. However, it's fracture toughness may be lower to other alloy choices in the T6 temper. It exhibits strong ductility, high strength, toughness, and good fatigue resistance in addition to having outstanding mechanical properties.

Extruded Aluminium Channel Products

extruded aluminium channel factory manufacturer supplier

For 3D printer parts and CNC DIY 600mm black (23.6inch) linear rail, 4PCS V Slot 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Profile

extruded aluminium channel

For use with CNC DIY and 3D printer parts, 4 pieces of 300mm T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Linear Rail are available in black (11.88 inches).

For use in 3D printer parts and CNC DIY workbench, T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion European 500mm Standard Silver Extruded Aluminum Anodized Linear Rail High Strength Guide Frame (4 PCS 19.7 inches).

The 0.5x5x56mm Corner Clips from DGHAOP 20pcs Stainless Steel Window Screen Tension Spring Hold Screen Sliding in Aluminum Channel Safely and Securely

For use with P1000, P1001, P5000, P5001, P5500, P5501 and All 1-5/8 or Taller Strut Channel, UNISTRUT Genuine P2950-EG 4 Wheel Trolley Assembly

Extruded Aluminum 20mm x 40mm 20 Series T Type Profiles, Black 2 Pack, 60 inch / 1524 mm Length, Coavoo 2040 Aluminum Extrusion European Standard Linear Rail Frame in Anodized, 2 Pieces

European Standard Anodized Extruded Aluminum Profile Linear Rail for 3D Printer, 35.4 (900mm), 10 PCS V Slot 2020

Sandblasted anodized aluminum extrusion UTOOL 24 Inch Double Cut Profile Universal T Track with Predrilled Mounting Holes and Wood Screws, 4Pack (Blue)

Easy Installation Electric Hoist for SKTREX 6 Wheel Trolleys For use with Unistrut 1-5/8 Wide and All 1-5/8 or Taller Strut Channel, Silent Roller Trolley, 2 PCS

Extruded aluminum, black painted finish, 2-inch Defender Security S 4035 tamperproof sliding door channel lock (single pack)

Top Reviews


Fits Superstrut 1-5/8-in x 1-5/8-in, sold at Home Depot or Lowes. Nevertheless, lag bolts are not cleared. So, you'll need to purchase the hangers, which cost $15 apiece on YUZHI."Unistrut P1834-EG Channel Trolley Track Intermediate Support Hanger Bracket" . Fortunately, they were only half that at my neighborhood electrical supplier (Kelly & Hayes also has them). This is useful for moving 200 pounds of big items into and out of my truck while using a block and tackle on the track. I've also witnessed individuals transferring patients in and out of beds using two tracks and an electric winch. I learned about this in one of my support groups and I have a rare muscle disease. To avoid the brackets, there is also High-Profile Strut Channel (2 7/16 " high x 1 5/8"), which will fit but may cause shipping issues for ten feet.


What is there to dislike? was delivered with the screws and was packaged in a sturdy tube. It has a lovely deep blue hue and looks wonderful on my table. It's a no-brainer when you consider that it's pretty much the least expensive choice up here. Had a minor flaw in one piece, but the seller fixed it straight away. AMAZING service! The table top is 4' x 3', so I purchased a 4-pack of the 48" and a 4-pack of the 36" and there were *exactly* enough pieces (each under 1') left over to finish the configuration shown in the pictures. I may have possibly made a small amount of savings, but I utilized a manufactured T-track edge for each piece of the table's edge, so the...


In my brewery, I use a Menards 1 5/8" strut channel track to hang a tiny hoist from it. When filled, 20-gallon fermentors weigh almost 250 pounds, but I can lift and move them with ease. I had to use a small countersink bit to slightly countersink the bolt heads of the high-end torx driven lag screws I was using because it was having some difficulty clearing them from the channel (what else?).

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