The Trusted extrusion profiles suppliers & manufacturers to best From China - YUZHI

The Trusted extrusion profiles suppliers & manufacturers to best From China

For over fifteen years, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has offered exceptional CNC machined aluminium profiles to besters in infrastructure, transport, renewable energy and high-value industries across China and worldwide export markets. As a globally trusted best extrusion profiles wholesaler in China, YUZHI leverages fully integrated manufacturing resources at its Guangdong headquarters to precision craft LED panels, solar PV frames, heat sinks and mechanical parts.

People May Ask

What Distinguishes The Numbers 1060 And 6061?

The composition of 1060 and 6061 aluminum is their primary distinction. Aluminum 6061 contains 96.1% aluminum, compared to aluminum 1060's 99.6% aluminum content. Iron and silicon are the only surviving components in 1060 aluminum, whereas copper, magnesium, and chromium are the only remaining elements in 6061 aluminum.

What Is The Aluminum Extrusion Profile's Strength?

The precise alloy that is utilized, the material's temper, and the production method are just a few of the variables that affect how strong the 2020 aluminum alloy is. The strength of the 2020 alloy is often quite strong. The tensile strength of the 2020 alloy is normally in the range of 45,000 psi or 310 MPa.

What Is The Aluminum Profile's Yield Strength?

The yield tensile strength of 6061 aluminum alloy is 276 MPa (40000 psi), and the maximum tensile strength is 310 MPa (45000 psi). Table 1 provides a summary of these data. The ability of a material to resist being sheared by opposing forces along a plane, much like a scissor tears through paper, is known as shear strength.

How Is A Two T-Slot Aluminum Joined?

Cut your profile to the proper length.
To join, tap the core hole at the end.
Make a hole so your hex key can fit through it.
To the hole you previously tapped, attach a low profile cap screw and washer.
The washer and cap screw head should be slid into the slot.
Tighten the cap screw with your hex key using the access hole you previously bored.

How Should I Select An Aluminum Profile?

The load requirement is yet another crucial aspect to take into account when selecting an aluminum construction profile. The weight or pressure that the aluminum component can support is referred to as the load requirement. The aluminum extrusion's strength, stiffness, and deformation can all be affected by the load demand.

What Size Is An Extrusion?

The longest cross-sectional dimension of an extrusion, or how well it fits within a circumscribing circle, is used to calculate its size. The smallest circle that may entirely surround the cross section of an extruded object is called a circumscribed circle. Temperature is the most crucial element to keep in mind during the extrusion process.

What Do Structures Use Aluminum Profiles for?

Which aluminum structural profiles are available?
Vehicle limits. They are aluminum structural profiles that are primarily employed in the construction of buses and vans, among other industrial and commercial vehicles.specialized section corners.borders that attach with screws.Handrails for the staircase.The handles....Transitional materials.A picture frame.

What Purpose Does A T-Slot Serve?

T-slot profiles have a track of negative space in the shape of a "t" that enables parts to interlock and lock in place without the need for welding or other types of mechanically attaching joints. Once in position, screws, nuts, locks, and other components are utilized to keep the components of your modular structure together.

What Are The Three Channel Levels Examples?

Direct, indirect, and hybrid distribution routes are the three different categories.
Direct. The business sells to the customer directly through the direct channel.Indirect. When distributing goods and services from the seller to clients through indirect channels, numerous distribution partners or middlemen are used.

For A Heatsink, What Grade of Aluminum Do You Use?

Alloys made of aluminum are the most used materials for heat sinks. Despite being mechanically soft, aluminum alloy 1050A has one of the greater thermal conductivity values (229 W/m•K). The two most often used aluminum alloys are 6060 and 6063, which have respective thermal conductivity values of 166 and 201 W/m•K.

Extrusion Profiles Products

LUORNG 4PCS L Shape Connector, 16PCS M5 T-Slot Nuts, and 16PCS M5x8mm Hex Socket Cap Screw Bolt for 6mm Slot 2020 Series Aluminum Profile Aluminum Profile Connector Bracket Set

T Shape Bracket 2020 Series Aluminum Profile Connector Bracket Set LUORNG 2PCS T Shape Connector, 8PCS M5 T-Slot Nuts, and 8PCS M5x8mm Hex Socket Cap Screw Bolt

extrusion profiles

(16.5ft x 11/32 x 11/32 Brush inch, Grey) Weather Stripping Brush for Sliding Windows/Doors Frame Side,Pile Self Adhesive Weatherstrip Seal Strip Sealer Draft Stoppers

extrusion profiles factory manufacturer supplier

The LUORNG 4 Set 3030 Series Aluminum Profile Connector Set includes 4 24mm x 30mm Corner Brackets, 8 M6 x 16mm T-Slot Nuts, and 8 M6x10mm Hex Socket Cap Screw Bolts for Standard 8mm Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile.

European Standard Anodized Yellow Linear Rail Guide Frame for 3D Printer and CNC DIY, Mssoomm T Type 3030 Aluminum Extrusion Profile, Length 59.06 inch/ 1500mm, 2Pcs

The LUORNG 4 Set 3030 Series Aluminum Profile Connector Set includes 4 35mm x 35mm Corner Brackets, 8 M6 x 16mm T-Slot Nuts, and 8 M6x12mm Hex Socket Cap Screw Bolts for Standard 8mm Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile.

European Standard Anodized Blue Linear Rail Guide Frame for 3D Printer and CNC DIY, Length 39.37 inch/1000mm, 2Pcs, Mssoomm T Type 3030 Aluminum Extrusion

For 1 x 1 /20s Aluminum Rail Accessories, there are 20pcs Silver 1010/2020 Series T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile Connector Sets, 20pcs Corner Brackets, 40pcs T Sliding Nuts, and Hex Screw Bolt.

Black 4040 V Slot Aluminum Extrusion Coavoo 2 Pack Aluminum Extrusion, 40mm x 40mm, 1000mm Length, Series V Type Profiles European Standard Linear Rail Frame in Anodized, 2 Pieces

For T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile, QIJINTRID 20Sets 3030 Series Aluminum Profile Connector, 20 Pieces 3030 Corner Bracket, 40 Pieces M6 T-Nuts, 40 Pieces Hex Screw Bolt, and 1 Piece Wrench

Top Reviews


Although it fits my 25/75 extrusion profile well, it is advertised as being for 20/20 extrusion profiles. The bolts are carbon steel, the sliding nuts are galvanized, and the brackets are cast aluminum (painted black, not anodized). That is, if you keep this outside, the hardware (or at least the bolts) will eventually rust on you. In my pictures, the cutoff extrusion profile is 2575, not a 20 series extrusion. Having said that, this also worked perfectly in a leftover 2020 that I had. This paint is in good condition. It is rather easy to scratch with a screwdriver, but you cannot scratch it with a fingernail or piece of plastic. I don't think that's a huge concern, but it's something to be mindful of. If you are unsure if this will fit your profile, please refer to my photographs for the sliding nut measurements. Because of the M5 hole and the nut's shape, you must insert it through the extrusion's open end. This cannot just be dropped someplace in the extrusion's center. It must be slid in from the


I required these brackets precisely because they allow two pieces of 20x20mm aluminum extrusion to be joined at a precise and robust 90-degree angle for my project. This product includes 20 corner brackets along with all the sliding nuts and screws required to utilise them. Although I don't need an extra washer because the screws have wide heads, it's nice to know that I may add one if I need more strength. The M5 Allen wrench that is included with the brackets is a great bonus, and the sliding nuts and screws are the same size. It guarantees that I have the appropriate tool for the job and greatly simplifies assembly. Overall, for anyone using 2020 aluminum extrusions, I suggest these extrusion corner brackets. They offer a sturdy and dependable connection between extrusion components and are well-made and user-friendly. For further jobs, I will most definitely be buying more of these brackets.


I was able to buy an open box set of 10 pieces of 48-inch T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion European Standard Anodized Linear Rail for a terrific price. This product offers great value, particularly if you are gathering extrusions for a future construction. The anodized finish of the aluminum extrusions is uniformly smooth and well-made, adding to their durability. They are also incredibly adaptable, as they may be utilized for a wide range of tasks and purposes, such as constructing furniture or making unique 3D printers. The extrusions I received were secured securely to prevent damage during transportation, and they were in perfect shape even though they were shipped in an open box. Overall, ten pieces of 48-inch T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion European Standard Anodized Linear are highly recommended by me.

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