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Your best flat aluminum extrusions suppliers & wholesalers Solution in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned distinction as China`s premier custom flat aluminum extrusions specialist designing and manufacturing high-quality products for export worldwide. Leveraging fully integrated production capabilities, YUZHI`s customizable LED panels, solar PV arrays, rail coach parts and heat sink extrusions are tailored to technical specifications laid out by discerning B2B consumers from industries as diverse as infrastructure, renewables, transport and aviation globally.

People May Ask

Is Aluminum Flat Bar of What Thickness?

Flat bars made of aluminum with a 1/4" wall thickness offer structural durability for a variety of architectural projects. Eagle Aluminum flat bar that has been molded alongside or against architectural millwork has an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

In MM, How Thick Is A Flat Bar?

There are several options for flat bars. Typically, the thicknesses are 2 mm, 2.5 mm, 2.7 mm, and 3 mm, with a length of 6 m, and the width is between 12 and 100 mm. Standard A TM A276 flat bar typically ranges in width from 1.2 to 150 mm and thickness from 25 to 33 mm.

What Is A Flat Bar Used for?

A basic building support material is flat bar. They are typically used for bracing, overhead doors, duct work, ladder hangers, gate latches, heaters, and bracing.

Is There A Flat Aluminum Bar There?

I am a flat aluminum bar trong. Despite being relatively light, aluminum flat bars are exceptionally strong and resilient in extreme conditions. They are used in many environments and are safe for even construction and engineering use because of their ten-mile strength.

The Length of An Aluminum Flat Bar.

trength. Upper strength is provided by aluminum flat bars. This varies by grade, but 6061 aluminum in particular has a tensile strength of 45 kilopounds per inch, a yield point of 40 kilopounds per square inch, and a hear strength of 30 kilopounds per square inch.

Are Flat Bars Still in Use?

Corrosion-resistant textile When exposed directly to moisture, tainle teel flat bars differ from mild teel (or carbon teel) flat bars and carbon teel ru t. The surface of the metal will eventually become corroded by this extremely active rust, which will increase corrosion by manufacturing additional rust.

Can Aluminum Flat Bar Be Bent?

Aluminum flat bar bending takes some skill and endurance, but it is manageable with practice. Depending on how much force needs to be exerted and the desired outcome, you should carefully choose whether cold-bending or hot-bending is best for your project.

The 6061 Aluminum Flat Bar Is How Thick?

3/8" x 4", 0.375" Thick, 6061 Aluminum Flat Bar | Remington Industrial Raw Material.

What Do I Need Aluminum Flat Bar for?

Numerous industrial applications and projects use aluminum flat bar. Construction, manufacturing, architectural design, do-it-yourself projects, furniture making, automotive component, and marine use are just a few of the industries where they are frequently used.

Why Is Aluminum Flat?

The non-ferrous, corrosion-resistant, lightweight alternative to steel bar tock used in construction, manufacturing, furniture, aviation, and consumer goods is known as aluminum flat bar (also known as flat tock or rectangle bar).

Flat Aluminum Extrusions Products

For the 2020 Series Aluminum Profile 3D Printer Frame, YVSPTIK 8PCS/Set Surface Anodic Oxidation Black L Shape Corner Bracket Plate 5-Hole Outside Joining Plate (2020, Black L-8pcs)

For use with 3030 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, uxcell Inside Corner Bracket Gusset, 60mm x 60mm, 8 Pcs (Silver)

Aluminum L Bracket Connector for 3030 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile with Slot 8mm, Qjaiune 4 Pieces 3-Way End Corner Bracket Connector with Screws

For T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile, QIJINTRID 20Sets 3030 Series Aluminum Profile Connector, 20 Pieces 3030 Corner Bracket, 40 Pieces M6 T-Nuts, 40 Pieces Hex Screw Bolt, and 1 Piece Wrench

20x20x17mm 2020 Angle Connector for European 2020 Series Aluminum Profile (Black/ 16 x T-Slot Nuts & Hex Socket Bolts & Washers) by uxcell 8Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits

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10 Pieces Connecting Reinforcement Vertical Connection Tool for Aluminum Flat Straight Brackets (2020-2hole)

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Hilitand 10 Pieces Aluminum Flat Connecting Reinforcement Joining Plate Flat Straight Corner Brace Plates for Vertical Connection Tools (2020)

For 2020 Series Aluminum Profile, PZRT Aluminum Profile Connector Bracket Set, 2 Pieces T Shape Connector, 8 Pieces M5 T-Slot Nuts, 8 Pieces M5x8mm Hex Socket Cap Screw Bolt

Brackets for 30mm Aluminum Extrusion Profile Rail, 20 Pieces of 3030 Series Extrusion Connector

Aluminum Profile Corner Bracket, 10 Pack, TTZEZE 2020 Series Standard 6mm Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile (2020 Bracket) 20x17x20mm L Shape Right Angle Joint Bracket Fastener, L Brackets Connector

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