Buy best frame aluminium profile suppliers & manufacturers from China - YUZHI

Buy best frame aluminium profile suppliers & manufacturers from China

For over one and a half decades, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. Best frame aluminium profile suppliers & manufacturers China has been providing exceptional aluminum extrusions worldwide. Operating out of Foshan in Guangdong province, YUZHI utilizes cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to offer bestized and versatile aluminum profiles suitable for LED lighting, displays and various industrial purposes. With an unwavering commitment to outstanding service, superior products and timely delivery, YUZHI caters to clients across China and major export destinations such as the US, UK, Germany, Turkey and Vietnam.

People May Ask

What Is The LED's Profile Size?

Specified LED Strip Profiles' length and width

You can pick from the following choices: 17.5mm x 7mm. 17.5mm x 15mm. 20mm x 20mm.

How Much Time Does The LED Aluminum Profile Last?

The aluminum profileLed profiles come in lengths of 1 meter, 2 meters, and 3 meters.

What Does A Profile Light Look like?

7 to 50mm Aluminum LED Profile Light.

Does Aluminum Cost A Lot Or Little?

Generally speaking, because aluminum is a less expensive material, it is less expensive than stainless steel. Depending on where you acquire them and the type of metal you buy (e.g., sheets, bars, etc.), the price of raw materials will vary, although aluminum is often less expensive than stainless steel.

Aluminum: A Cheap Metal?

Although the term "poor metals" is not exact, it is widely understood to encompass the following metals: aluminium, gallium, indium, thallium, tin, lead, bismuth, and polonium. The inclusion of germanium and antimony is sporadic, despite the fact that these elements are typically categorized as metalloids.

Do Aluminum Frames Feel Better Than Steel Ones?

Aluminum frames are typically stronger than steel ones, producing a rougher ride. The stiffness is preferred by track racers when fractions of a second are involved. However, treet tel offers a more forgiving ride to the destroyed city. Teel is the most resilient frame material available.

Do Aluminum And Steel Frames Weigh Differently?

Lighter frames made of aluminum An aluminum bicycle typically weighs 1-2 pounds less than an equivalent steel bicycle. Aluminum has a substantially lower density than steel, which accounts for why it is lighter by volume. Steel has a density of roughly 8.05 g/cm3, whereas aluminum has a density of about 2.7 g/cm3.

What Is The Ideal Frame Thickness?

Double thick matboards are 8 ply, or about 1/8 inch thick, whereas the most popular thickness is 4 ply, or about 1/16th of an inch. The board is thicker and more robust the higher the number.

The Thickness of A Typical Metal Frame.

Hollow metal frames that are standardFor corrosion resistance, hollow metal frames can be made of cold-rolled steel or A-60 galvannealed steel, and are commonly offered in two thicknesses: 16-gauge and 14-gauge. Metal frames typically have 2 inch faces, but a 4 inch head for masonry installations is a possibility.

How Do You Know Whether An Aluminum Piece Is 6061?

Simply by comparing the numbers 6061 and 7075, the first distinction between them becomes apparent. Aluminum alloy grades 6XXX series grade 6061 and 7XXX series grade 7075.

Frame Aluminium Profile Products

FXIXI 2080 T-Slot Aluminum Profiles 100-1200mm Length Extrusion Frame for CNC (200mm)

Aluminum Type Frames Guide Mm V T Anodized Linear Rail Cnc Extrusion Brackets D VILLFUL 2 pcs Parts Standard for Corner Slot Profile European Black Frame Printer

European Standard Linear Rail Black 4040 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Frame Machine DIY 3D Printer Workbench CNC (500mm) 1PCS

VILLCASE Accessory 4 Pieces Standard Linear T Aluminum Anodized Frame Mm Type D Guide Profile Parts V Aluminium Corner Rail Brackets Black Frames for Printer Cnc Slot European Impresora 3d

New 1PC 2080 Aluminum Alloy T-Slot Profiles Extrusion Frame Linear Rail for CNC 3D Printer Parts for Do It Yourself

12.5 FT One Button Retraction Aluminum Telescopic Extension Yvan Telescoping Ladder Ladder With Extensions, Slow Design 250 Lb Capacity Multi-Purpose Ladder for Daily Use or Hobbies

Extended Profile Gauge Duplicator (12inch, 5inch), 12inch Contour Gauge with Metal Aluminum Lock, Profile Tool Set Precisely Copy Irregular Shape

Extruded Aluminum 30mm x 30mm 30 Series T Type Profiles, Black, 5.91 inch/150mm Length Coavoo 3030 Aluminum Extrusion European Standard Linear Rail Frame in Anodized, 2 Pieces

frame aluminium profile factory manufacturer supplier

Under Cabinet Lights, 12 Under Counter Lights Touch Dimmable, Warm White 3000K, Plug in Aluminum Led Light Bar for Kitchen, Workbench, and Desk (Black) from MYPLUS

frame aluminium profile

For use with a 3D printer and a CNC home laser engraver, Iverntech 1PC 600mm 2060 V Type European Standard Anodized Black Aluminum Profile Extrusion Linear Rail

Top Reviews


Alright. So, I was a little skeptical when I purchased this lamp. Low cost usually means less brightness and quality. Thus far, I'm in error. I opened it as soon as it arrived and looked through the contents. Everything looks fantastic, and the fact that it comes with its own tools really shocked me! Sincerely, The awl is fantastic, but even though the package came with a little screwdriver, I had to use a drill to put the light because the wood was too tough for it. It wasn't a deal breaker, though. I placed a marker at the installation site, drilled the holes, inserted the small holders (I apologize for not knowing their name), attached the light, turned on the power, and voilà! Lovely, bright lighting beneath that counter! Just so you know, while one of the promotional images appears to show tapping the light to switch it on or off, the aluminum portion on the sides is actually what does the trick.

Jim & Yolanda

Despite my great expectations, it didn't work. When I plugged it in, the light turned on, but the touch on/off function wasn't working. It would not switch on or off, even though I was careful to touch every part of the aluminum and avoided touching the plastic. It remained off and would not turn back on even after I unplugged and replugged it. I chose to replace it with the identical product because there are so many great reviews. This had to be an anomaly. Processing the return was simple. After I received a shipping label from them, I shipped it from a nearby UPS drop-off location. In five days, my new light will come. I'm crossing my fingers for it to succeed. With three stars for potential. I will update you! The replacement product is flawless and arrived in five days. It has been working well for me for the past eight months.


I adore this lamp! It consumes extremely little electricity, has a pleasant color range (and the dimmer is awesome), and was simple to install. A surface mounted under cabinet light was significantly more effective than a puck light or the outdated rope lights where I required it. Is it clear that the price was excellent? After supper, when we don't need the six 100 watt halogen lights from the ceiling, it provides a lovely, gentle light. As an extra bonus, we are consuming less electricity. Extremely pleased with this purchase!

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