Premier Provider of the high quality heatsink extrusion profiles Products in China - YUZHI

Premier Provider of the high quality heatsink extrusion profiles Products in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd high quality heatsink extrusion profiles suppliers & wholesalers China has delivered excellence in tailored aluminum extrusions from its internationally accredited facility in Guangdong. As an esteemed high quality heatsink extrusion profiles wholesaler in China, YUZHI`s prowess stems from integrated end-to-end production capabilities spanning extrusion to advanced CNC machining centers creating resilient, durable profiles and heat sink bars.

People May Ask

What Kind of Heatsink Aluminum Is Used?

Selecting the Best Heat Sink Aluminum Alloy...
The 6000 family of aluminum alloys are the best choice since they are robust, pliable, and perfect for extrusion. The Alloys 6060, 6061, and 6063 series are the most recommended among them for heat sink design.Dec. 1, 2020

For A Heatsink, What Grade of Aluminum Do You Use?

Alloys made of aluminum are the most used materials for heat sinks. Despite being mechanically soft, aluminum alloy 1050A has one of the greater thermal conductivity values (229 W/m•K). The two most often used aluminum alloys are 6060 and 6063, which have respective thermal conductivity values of 166 and 201 W/m•K.

What Is The Heatsink's Surface Roughness?

For the electronic device and the heat sink or cold plate to make adequate contact, the mounting surface flatness of 0.001 in/in is often needed. A surface roughness of 32–64 µin is typically sufficient, and it should match the roughness of the electrical device.

Which Five Kinds of Tail Fins Are There?

Protocercal, heterocercal, hemihomocercal, hypocercal, homocercal, leptocercal (diphycercal), isocercal, and gephyrocercal caudal fin types will be covered in this article.

Which Kind of Fin Works Better?

In terms of maximal heat loss and fin efficiency, the rectangular fin with single-step change has been determined to be the most effective fin profile.

What Kind of Fin Am I?

The elliptical fin's purpose is to produce the least amount of induced drag possible. Induced drag is a fancy word used in aeronautical engineering to describe situations where the drag force is actually the result of something else.

Which Two Materials Are Most Frequently Used to Make CPU Heat Inks?

transport of heat away from the source.

Because of this, materials with high thermal conductivity, such copper and aluminum, are used more frequently in the production of heat ink.

What Kind of Substance Is A High-Temperature Heat Ink?

Usually, copper or aluminum is used to make heat ink. Due to copper's extremely high thermal conductivity, heat is transferred through copper heat-resistant materials at a very quick pace.

Is Thicker Heat Ink Preferable?

True, it does. Each material has a thermal resistance that varies with its thickness. At a specific heat transfer rate, a larger temperature delta will be maintained across a thicker copper plate.

What Metal Works Best As A Heatsink?

The most typical material used in heat sinks is aluminum. Extruded aluminum heat sinks in particular meet the requirements of the majority of projects. The metal is thin and has a respectable level of thermal conductivity.

Heatsink Extrusion Profiles Products

heatsink extrusion profiles factory manufacturer supplier

SB-PSHS, a SABRENT M.2 NVMe PS5 heatsink

heatsink extrusion profiles

Double-Sided Heat Sink with Thermal Silicone Pad for PC / PS5 M.2 PCIE NVMe SSD or M.2 SATA SSD, MHQJRH M.2 2280 SSD

Heatsink Kit 124pcs, 9 Sizes, Easycargo Raspberry Pi 4 SSD NVMe M.2 PS5 Laptop Cooler Heat Sink Cooling VRM VRAM CPU GPU Small IC Multicolor Aluminum Copper + 3M 8810 Thermal Conductive Adhesive Tape

ESUMIC 20PCS Golden Aluminum Heatsink Cooling Fin for MOSFET, 40 x 40 x 11 mm Stepper Driver for VRam Regulators, VRM

For Intel LGA 1700 Sockets, the Cooler Master i70C CPU Air Cooling System features a quiet 120mm PWM fan that is 37.08 CFM, 1.33 mmH2O, 28 dBA, and compatible with ARGB.

Small Mini Cooler Heat Sink for Cooling VRM GPU Motherboard Stepper Driver MOSFET Voltage Regulators 9mmx9mmx5mm, Easycargo 100pcs VRM 9mm Heatsink Kit + 10g Thermal Conductive Adhesive Silicone Glue

Large Heat Sink Radiator Circuit Board Cooling Cooler Fin for Chip VGA RAM LED Electronic Power Amplifier Made of Aluminum, 3.54 x 3.54 x 0.59 inch/90 x 90 x 15 mm, Sliver

Black Aluminum Heatsink Cooling Fin, 20PCS, 40mm x 40mm x 11mm, for Cooling MOSFET Regulators for VRAMs VRM Stepper Driver

For the V6 Hotend, Volcano Hotend, Remote 1.75MM Direct & Bowden for Dual Driver Titan Extruder, GBA-SZC New V6 HeatSink 2PCS Precision Aluminum is available.(2PCS)

Heat Resistance, Thermal Pad, 14x12x2.2mm, Graphene Heat Sink Heatsink/GPU/CPU/LED Cooler for Laptop with High Temperature Resistance in Gray, with Double-Sided Tape

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