Your best Choice for industrial aluminium profile suppliers & wholesalers in China - YUZHI

Your best Choice for industrial aluminium profile suppliers & wholesalers in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned distinction as China`s premier custom industrial aluminium profile specialist designing and manufacturing high-quality products for export worldwide. Leveraging fully integrated production capabilities, YUZHI`s customizable LED panels, solar PV arrays, rail coach parts and heat sink extrusions are tailored to technical specifications laid out by discerning B2B consumers from industries as diverse as infrastructure, renewables, transport and aviation globally.

People May Ask

Which Grade of Aluminum Is Most Frequently Used in The Aeronautical Industry?

2024 aluminum alloyThe most popular aluminum alloy used in the development of aircraft is 2024. The alloy has exceptional fatigue resistance, a high yield strength, and is a high-grade alloy. It is frequently used for the wing and fuselage in heet form.

For Aluminum, Are There Two Categories?

Aluminum alloys come in two varieties: wrought and ca-t. Different alloy types are formed by foundry workers in different ways, which significantly affects their characteristics. You can better understand how different aluminum alloys are called, their physical characteristics, and their most widespread applications, thanks to this article.

Why Are You Unable to Weld Aluminum 7075?

What Complicates the Welding of 2024 and 7075? After welding, aluminum alloys 2024 and 7075 may become susceptible to corrosion cracking. This occurrence is especially risky because it cannot be seen right away after welding. The cracking will eventually appear once the component has been in use.

Why Did I Choose Aluminum 7075-U?

The 7075 alloy is frequently used to build aircraft parts like wings and fuselage. In other fields, its strength and low weight are crucial. Commonly constructed from 7075 aluminum alloy are bicycle parts and rock climbing gear. The aluminum alloys 7005 and 6061 are used in the bicycle industry.

What Dimensions Do Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Have?

The mounting hardware is the same for all three sizes of extrusion using 45 mm increments: 45 x 45 mm, 45 x 90 mm, 90 x 90 mm, and 180 x 22.5 mm.

What Exactly Is High-Tensile Aluminum Alloy?

One of the most common commercially accessible aluminum alloys is 7068, which has a tensile strength similar to some types of steel. This material, which is typically known as an alloy for airplanes, may be heated.

What Is The Aluminum Weight to Strength Ratio?

muscle mass to body weight ratioAluminum weighs 2.81gcm-3 and has a tensile strength of 276 MPa. As a result, the ratio of strength to weight is 99.

What Distinguishes Al 6061 from Al 6063?

Both the numbers 6061 and 6063 share the same alloying ingredient. In comparison to 6063 aluminum, 6061 aluminum normally contains somewhat more silicon, copper, and chromium. It can also include up to twice as much iron. Generally speaking, 6061 has a higher concentration of each alloying element than 6063.

What Is Aluminum of The Commercial Grade?

The most popular grade of commercial aluminum sheet and plate is 6082, and the most popular temper is T6. The most widely used grade of aluminum for extrusion is grade 6063, a medium strength alloy. In terms of commercial aluminum fabrication, T6 is the most prevalent temper available.

Just What Is 6061 T6?

The most prevalent alloy among all aluminum 6061 grades is T6. The general-purpose alloy 6061-T6 aluminum is used in a variety of industries, including the construction, automotive, and aeronautics sectors.

Industrial Aluminium Profile Products

industrial aluminium profile

20 Series T Type T-Slot European Standard Extrusions Profiles Anodized Linear Rail Guide Frame for CNC, Mssoomm 2 Pack 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Length 1000mm Blue, 20 x 20mm

industrial aluminium profile factory manufacturer supplier

uxcell 2 Pieces Inside Corner Bracket Gusset for 8080 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, 78x78x79mm Black

For European 4040/4080 Series Aluminum Profile, uxcell 8Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits, 77x77x40mm 4080 Angle Connector (Silver/32 x Hex Flange Nuts & T-Slot Screws)

(Silver/ 16 x Slider Nuts & Hex Socket Bolts & Washers) uxcell 8Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits, 38x38x35mm 4040 Angle Connector for 4040 Series Aluminum Profile

Black/4 x Hex Flange Nuts & T-Slot Screws, uxcell 2Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits, 35x35x29mm 3030 Angle Connector for 3030 Series Aluminum Profile

For 4040 Series Aluminum Profile, uxcell 8Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits, 38x38x35mm 4040 Angle Connector (Silver/16 x Square Nuts & Hex Socket Bolt & Washers)

20 Pieces Inside Corner Bracket Gusset for 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, 20x20x17mm, Black, uxcell

Eight pieces of uxcell s inside corner bracket gusset, measuring 38x38x18 mm and fitting 2020/2040 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile Silver, are included.

57x57x59mm 6060 Angle Connector for European 6060 Series Aluminum Profile (Silver/ 16 x T-Slot Nuts & Hex Socket Bolts & Washers) by uxcell 2Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits

35x35x29mm 3030 Angle Connectors for 3030 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, uxcell 20Pcs Inside Corner Bracket Gusset, Black

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Steve L.

Although my application is odd, it demonstrates how incredibly useful aluminum extrusion components are. Not just for 3D printing, however. In my situation, I required a mechanism to mount a pair to the shower's drying racks. I didn't want to drill through my glass tile or press directly against it with a clothes dryer. Since I already had vertical grab bars installed, mounting the racks to them looked like the logical course of action. The black anodized surface of the aluminum extrusion linear rails looked terrific and provides the ideal structure. Someone person described these rails as a modern-day adult erector set that can be used to construct anything. I select a stock length by...

Herbert L Parham III

I got in touch with the seller, and they sent me a replacement package right away. T-Nuts fulfill my demands well. The shipping box was acceptable, but the T-Nut bag had a hole in the bottom, and there were only 19 T-Nuts in the box as opposed to 50. Since the mailing envelope had no holes or other damage, this had to take place before the nuts were dispatched.

Jerry Rutherford

As part of my science project, I'm using extruded aluminum to construct a wind tunnel. I understood that three of the crosspieces required to have something mounted on them. Disassembly and reassembly would have taken around an hour and a half, respectively. I chose to try them, and they were excellent. They stay where you need them to be once you slide and snap them into place. You're done after you install your component. I will definitely order more if I run out.

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