The Premier high quality l shape aluminium profile supplier & manufacturer in China - YUZHI

The Premier high quality l shape aluminium profile supplier & manufacturer in China

Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd. (YUZHI), founded in 2007, utilizes fully integrated manufacturing facilities in Guangdong province to design and export best-in-class high quality aluminum extrusions worldwide high quality l shape aluminium profile supplier & manufacturer China. From meticulously high qualityized LED profiles and modular frames to robust angle bars and resilient solar mounts, YUZHI's 16+ years of aluminum expertise comes through in every thoughtfully conceived extrusion we produce for valued partners across aviation, construction, energy, lighting and allied sectors in our export markets encompassing North America, Australia, EMEA and Latin America.

People May Ask

Which Aluminum Gauge Is Thicker?

Gauge (ga) Thickness Chart for Sheet Metal (In.) Steel Thickness (In.) Aluminum Thickness
17 0.0538 0.0453
18 0.0478 0.0403
19 0.0418 0.0359
20 0.0359 0.032

What Varieties of Aluminum Extrusion Profiles Are There?

The standard common profiles of aluminum extrusion include corners, duct, square and round, T, U, and Z. These profiles are always on hand and readily available, as are the dies needed to create them, at all extrusion manufacturers. They are available in a wide variety of lengths and sizes.

What Is The Aluminum Profile's Thickness?

We are one of the well-known companies that is actively involved in offering Aluminium Profile of the highest caliber.

What Size Is 6061 Aluminum?

The measurements range from 0.2mm to 300mm in thickness, 500mm to 2500mm in width, and 500mm to 10000mm in length. Aluminum sheet 6061 T6 is available in a variety of shapes, including coils, foils, rolls, perforated sheets, checkered plates, strips, flats, blanks, and rings.

Which Aluminum Alloy Is Superior?

Choosing an Aluminum Grade Quick Reference Chart Ability to form or work Protection Against CorrosionAlloy 2024 Excellent PoorGood Excellent Alloy 3003Alloy 5052 Excellent Very GoodAlloy 6061 Excellent Very Goodanother 4 rows•

What Type of Aluminum Is Most Frequently Used?

Aluminum 3003 Aluminum 3003

3003 is the most often used type of aluminum alloy. It is mostly employed in the production of kitchenware, aluminum storage tanks, and architectural components. Manganese has been added to pure aluminum to boost strength by up to 20% without reducing flexibility in 3003.

What Grade of Aluminum Is Most Frequently Used?

The most popular aluminum alloy is alloy 3003. a manganese-infused, commercially pure aluminum that is 20% stronger than grade 1100 thanks to the addition of the metal. It works well and has high corrosion resistance. This grade is suitable for brazing, welding, and deep drawing.

What Size Is The 2040 Aluminum Profile?

The 20 mm x 40 mm Alux aluminum slot profile has a 40 mm height. Six 6 mm broad holes are present in the aluminum profile. The T slot has a 5.5 mm depth.

What Is The Aluminum Profile?

Aluminum alloys are the raw materials for aluminum profiles, which are then extruded into shaped products. This procedure is primarily responsible for the distinct combination of physical properties found in aluminum. Because this metal is durable and strong, aluminum extrusions are utilized in a variety of industries.

What Is The Aluminum Profile's Thickness?

Aluminum Profile, 3 to 10 mm in thickness.

L Shape Aluminium Profile Products

Surface Anodic Oxidation Black L Shape Corner Bracket Plate for 2020 Series Aluminum Profile 3D Printer Frame (Black L-8) by Befenybay, 8 PCS/Set

For 4545 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, HONJIE T Slot L-Shape Interior Inside Corner Connector Joint Bracket with Screws, 4 pieces

Accessories for Slot 6mm 20S Aluminum Rail (10PCS T Shape Without Screws and Nuts) Black 2020 Series Corner Bracket Plate, 5 Hole

l shape aluminium profile factory manufacturer supplier

With 10 pieces of silver L-shaped aluminum profile connector outside joining plate, screws, and a wrench, QIJINTRID 5-Holes 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Connector Plates Set is suitable for the 20s. 6mm Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile

l shape aluminium profile

Suitable for 6mm Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile, Zeberoxyz 20PCS L-Shape Joint Corner Bracket,2020 Series 90 Degree Aluminum Profile Interior Joint - with M5 Screws (L Joint Corner Bracket-Silver)

For 6mm T Slot Aluminum Profile Extrusion Accessories, QIJINTRID 20Set Black 2020 Series T Slot L-Shape Interior Inside Corner Connector Joint Bracket

For the 3030 Series Aluminum Profile 3D Printer Frame, YVSPTIK 4PCS/Set Surface Anodic Oxidation Silver L Shape Corner Bracket Plate 5-Hole Outside Joining Plate (3030, Silver L-4pcs)

For use with frame structures, uxcell 2Pcs Corner Bracket Plate L Shape 90x90mm 5-Hole Outside Joint Kits 3030 Aluminum Profile

10pcs/lot L-Shape Corner Connector Joint Bracket with Screws for 15x15 Aluminum Extrusion Profiles 1515 Series 1.5 x 1.5 Rail with 1.5 x 1.5 Extrusion Profiles

40mmx40mmx36mm L Shape Inside Corner Brace Angle Bracket Fastener for 4040 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile by uxcell, 4pcs

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