Best led aluminium frame suppliers & manufacturers YUZHI Meets Any Requirement in China

Best led aluminium frame suppliers & manufacturers YUZHI Meets Any Requirement in China

Trusted by leading companies across six continents for aluminum excellence since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd best led aluminium frame suppliers & manufacturers China provides bespoke, performance-driven solutions with its tailor-made LED profiles, panel frames, heat sinks, angle bars and parts crafted meticulously to specifications. Headquartered in Guangdong province`s aluminum heartland, YUZHI combines technical prowess with integrated manufacturing to deliver resilient, versatile extrusions to clients ranging from lighting majors to solar OEMs across China, the US, Germany, UAE, Mexico, Vietnam, Turkey, India and beyond.

People May Ask

What Common LED Panel Sizes Are There?

LED Panel Size InformationRound panel light: panel diameter sizes of 120mm, 200mm, and 300mm. The e are frequently used in mall offices, homes, restrooms, etc. Quare panel light dimensions are 600 × 600 mm and 300 x 300 mm, respectively.600 x 300, 1200 x 600, and 1200 x 300 mm rectangle panels.

What Substance Did I Use for The Aluminum Profile?

The substance. The most frequently used aluminum alloy for the production of profiles is alloy from the erie 6xxx family. 6060 and 6063 with T5 heat treatment are the most commonly used to create aluminum profiles for construction. According to the needs of the customer, Ge tión de Compra al o produces profiles using various alloys in a 5xxx or 7xxx range.

What Does The Common LED Trip Ize Look like?

An LED trip light normally measures up to 16 feet (5 meters) in length and half an inch (10–12 mm) in width.

What Exactly Is The Triangular Aluminum Profile?

7000 erie . The strongest alloy now in use, 7000 series aluminum is mostly used in construction, although it is also present in the automotive and aeronautics industries.

The Standard LED Width Is What?

The most frequent size you'll encounter is 5mm, and they can be very brilliant. 5mm LEDs are frequently used for illumination (illuminating anything, such as a flashlight; we'll talk about this next).

What Is The LED Profile Thickness?

Offering a large assortment of LED trip profiles allows us to cater to the many needs of our customers.

Why Use An Aluminum LED Profile?

LED light trip mounting aluminum profile. The diffuser produces a uniform, blended light, while the aluminum acts as a heat sink for cooling the LED. include mounting bracket and end cap, and can be trimmed to any size. Buildings made of aluminum. Thermoplatically diffu er from a ted.

How Should I Select An Aluminum Profile?

You can choose an aluminum ection profile that suits your needs and preferences by taking functionality, load requirements, design requirements, manufacturing processes, and costs into consideration.

What Is The LED Profile Size?

We have been able to present a broad choice of LED Profile Light as a result of our committed experts. The products are produced in accordance with industry norms and standards.

What Is The Aluminum Profile's LED Trip Light Size?

Product classificationLED Product Category ProfileDimensions: 16 mm by 12 mm by 1000 mm.Aluminum is a material.Length one meterPackage Content: 2 end caps and 1 LED profile measuring 1 meter each.

Led Aluminium Frame Products

3.8inch Aluminum GU5.3 GU10 Trimless Recessed Round Frame, 6 Pack, ECHENLED EC8127-1 LED Downlight Fixture Housing (White)

Wireless Picture Lights Rechargeable with 4000mAh Battery, Painting Lights Art Ddisplay Light with Remote Control, 3 Lighting and Dimmable, Full Metal Led Accent Light for Picture Dartboard from YAQIIHOME

led aluminium frame

Aluminum 24x24 inch ceiling frame kit, not including the LED panel light HEH, VocgoUU 6 Pack 2x2 FT Surface Mount Kit for LED Flat Panel Light

A highlight for artwork is provided by the YAQIIHOME Led Picture Light Wireless Rechargeable Battery, Painting Light with Remote, Accent Display Art Light with Three Lighting, Brightness Dimmable and Timer Set. Gallary of Darts

led aluminium frame factory manufacturer supplier

Surface Mount Kit (2FTx2FT, 2 Pack) for 24 LED Flat Panel Light, 2 Drop Ceiling Light, and 2 Edge-Lit Light Ceiling Frame Kit made of aluminum.

Warm White (Black Frame) Surface-mounted Aluminum Ceiling Spot Lights for Display Showcase, Hallway, and Closet from CNBRIGHTER include LED Cabinet Lights, Bathroom Porch Lights, 3W COB Dimmable IP65 Waterproof, and more.

Pack of 6 ECHENLED MR16 Cut Out Size: 3.3 inches GU5.3 GU10 Aluminium Trimless Recessed Round Housing Frame, Model Number: EC8142-2

Picture Light Battery Operated, 16 Rechargeable Picture Frame Light with Remote, Cordless Picture Lights for Paintings, Dimmable LED Art Display Lamp for Portrait Dartboard Wall Artwork

White MR16 Cut Out Size: 3.55inch Aluminium GU5.3 GU10 Trimless Recessed Round Frame, 6 Pack, ECHENLED EC8119-2 LED Downlight Fixture

Outdoor wall lamp, 4215BK9, by Xiang Xing Lighting, 2-Pack, ETL Listed Exterior Wall Sconce, Waterproof & All Weather Resistant, E26 Socket Porch Light Fixture

Top Reviews

Thomas Beatty

I first placed an order for one of them. I asked for an exchange because it didn't work, and I'm very pleased I did. Because of some of the reviews, I had my doubts, but when the replacement arrived, I was thrilled with how well it performed. Installing something was a first-time experience. I've only ever changed batteries using a screwdriver, though. This was incredibly simple to apply, however after it's up, I wouldn't want to take the sticker down because it might leave noticeable paint damage, especially if the wall is flat. Since I bought it eight months ago, its performance has remained unchanged. Due of its cordlessness, it also works well as an emergency light. The...


Just a quick review: These wall lights are basic and elegant, but they also give the installation an architectural feel for a much lesser cost! This two-pack is a great deal! I haven't yet installed these, as you can see from the pictures. I need to finish some other tasks beforehand. But based on what I've observed thus far, I decided to quickly write a review. The way the lights are built and the caliber of the materials used are both great. The opaque plastic lenses are made of thicker material than you may expect from the light. The wires are neatly wrapped, so replacing them should just take a few minutes. I'm guessing pretty safely here...


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