Leading Manufacturer of the top oval aluminum extrusion Products in China - YUZHI

Leading Manufacturer of the top oval aluminum extrusion Products in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned leadership as China`s most trusted top oval aluminum extrusion wholesaler manufacturing and exporting durable, resilient and high quality custom profiles tailored to customer technical requirements across diverse global sectors spanning aviation, transport, infrastructure, renewables and more.

People May Ask

How Do You Join A T-Lot Made of Aluminum?

You can move that to anywhere you want it to be located, whether it's two inches or three inches.More

How Much Weight Is Too Much for A Lot?

View the graph below. As you can see, a 36" long bar made of the 80/20 t-lot material 1010 (which is 1" x 1") will bend 1/10" when 46 lb is applied to its center while both ends are supported. If we were creating an actual table, we may state that it could support up to 184 lb.

How Should A T Lot Be Cut?

Now. Time to install the t-lot piece, which requires me to shift my fence. o I used a few more.

What Dimensions Do Aluminum Profiles Come in?

The aluminum profile's characteristicsColor of natural anodization: Seven standard profile sizes are available from MI UMI in 20 to 60 mm squares. Every graphic is offered in various versions.

What Is The Best Grade of Aluminum for Extrusion?

Alloy of aluminum 6063One of the most popular options for extruding aluminum alloy is alloy 6063, which provides a high-quality finish and is a great choice.

What Is The Aluminum Profile's Raw Material?

3. RAW MATERIALbr>The world's main source of aluminum is bauxite. Alumina was extracted from the ore using a chemical process, and it was then melted using an electrolytic process to create an extrusion ingot. To ensure the quality and strength of the product we extrude, the highest grade raw materials are used.

What Is An Extruion, And What Kinds Are There?

Extrusion is a metalworking technique that involves pushing metal against resistance through a die hole in order to complete it in a circular motion. Extrusion is a process that is frequently used to create hollow or solid bars, tubes, and constructions of any shape.

What Is A Profile Made of Aluminum Extrusion?

What has aluminum been extruded? Aluminium Extrusion is a term used to describe how aluminum is produced. A steel die is used to extrude aluminum billet that has been heated to 600 degrees Celsius. The material that is extruded as a result displays a flawless reproduction of the die design.

What Purpose Does A T-Lot Cutter Serve?

T- lot The cutter is designed to mill T-lot into various materials. High-pitched teel T- lot In applications where a good surface finish is required, such as milling T-lots into machine tool tables and beds, cutters are designed specifically for those tasks. To allow the neck and hank to enter the cut, a vertical lot must be cut.

What Variations of Aluminum Profile Are There?

What varieties of aluminum profiles are there?
Hollow Beam. Quadrilateral Profile. Aluminum Profile Type D.RCW Profiling.Door detection.The Louver Profile.T- detection.

Oval Aluminum Extrusion Products

10 Pieces 39.37 Inch 1000mm 2020 T Slot European Standard Anodized Black Linear Rail Guide Frame for 3D Printer Laser Engraving Machine CNC Workbench by BELLA BAYS

20 Pieces of TOUHIA 2028 Aluminum Corner Brackets for 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile with Slot 6mm

oval aluminum extrusion

For use with CNC DIY and 3D printer parts, 10 pieces of 800mm T Slot 2020 aluminum extrusion are available in black (31.5 inches).

oval aluminum extrusion factory manufacturer supplier

400mm 2020 V Type Black European Standard Anodized Linear Rail Aluminum Profile Extrusion from Iverntech for Do-It-Yourself 3D Printer and CNC Machine

BLCCLOY 8 Pieces Black 3-Way End Corner Bracket Connector for 2020 Series Slot 6mm European Standard Aluminum Extrusion Profile

CheeMuii 2040 Corner Bracket Kit, 20 Pieces Corner Brackets, 80 Pieces Hexagon Socket Screw, 80 Pieces Slide Nuts, and 1 Piece Hex Wrench for Slot 6mm 20 Sets Black

Accessories for Slot 6mm 2020 Series Aluminum Rail: 20Sets Black 2020 Series Aluminum Profile Connector Set, 20 Pieces Corner Bracket, 40 Pieces T Nuts, and Hex Screw Bolt

Beams (10x10mm in Diameter), brackets, nuts, and bolts are all included in the MakerBeam Regular Starter Kit, which is clear anodized.

Extruded aluminum in the following sizes: 6 x 2040 V Slot 1000 mm European Standard Anodized Linear Rail for 3D Printers, CNC DIY, Laser Engraving Machine, Furniture, Supports, Lighting Equipment, Workbenches

2020 Series 6mm Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile Accessories: 30Sets 2020 Corner Bracket L-Type Internal Connectors (Silver)

Top Reviews


These 2020 T slot extrusions come in 6 pieces. They are accurately cut to 400mm (15.748") and measure 20mm by 20mm (2020). These rails have clear anodization and are colored silver (I believe this to be the case). Unlike other black 2020 rails that I have seen, the cut ends are not anodized. There are numerous common accessories on hand. Although there are countless uses for these 2020 rails, the most common ones involve 3D printers, CNC routers, and Diode laser engravers/cutters. Any robotic or automation ideas may find these railways indispensable in 2020.


I recently bought 10 pieces of 48inch T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion European Standard Anodized Linear Rail and got a terrific deal on an open box set. This product offers fantastic value, especially if you plan to one day build something and are collecting extrusions. The aluminum extrusions have a smooth and even anodized finish, and they are constructed nicely and are strong. They are also incredibly adaptable because they can be used for a wide range of tasks and purposes, such as building furniture and developing unique 3D printers. The extrusions I received were in excellent shape and were tightly secured to prevent any damage during transportation, even though the box was open. In conclusion, I heartily endorse 10pcs 48inch T Slot 2020 Aluminum.

Charles H Birks

I made a driving chassis out of these for my robot project. They were simply cut using my 4500 rpm miter saw and a 100 teeth carbide circular saw blade made for metal and plastics. YUZHI sells the MASTEC 10-Inch 100T Carbide Tooth TCG for Aluminum Saw Blade with 5/8-Inch Arbor. Simply ensure that the material is clamped firmly and that the cut-off end cannot jam (a length stop should not be used since it can jam the cut-off piece and send it flying). I learned that the hard way. Measure, scribe, and visually align your cuts). Use your safety glasses as well!

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