High quality Leading profile aluminium extrusions from the Trusted suppliers & wholesalers in China - YUZHI

High quality Leading profile aluminium extrusions from the Trusted suppliers & wholesalers in China

Established in 2007 in the aluminum processing hub of Foshan, Guangdong province, YUZHI brings 16 years of extrusion excellence to high qualityers in China and high-value markets worldwide. As a premier high quality profile aluminium extrusion suppliers & wholesalers in China, the YUZHI brand represents robust LED profiles, resilient angle extrusions and reliable accessories purpose-built for lighting, signage, machinery and more. Combining technical prowess and personalized service, YUZHI delivers market-leading solutions to the UK, Italy, UAE, Indonesia, Mexico and beyond.

People May Ask

What Applications Do Extruder Profiles Have?

For the purpose of producing unique-shaped products with a constant cross-section, profile extrusion is a common procedure in the industrial sector. Extruded profiles have a variety of uses in numerous sectors and are frequently created from materials like polymers, metals, and rubber.

What Is The Extrusion Ratio for Aluminum?

The area of the cross section of the work billet (Ao) divided by the area of the cross section of the extrusion (Af) is known as the extrusion ratio. The reduction ratio, also known as the extrusion ratio, is written as (Ao/Af). According to a general rule, the extrusion rate must be reduced for alloys with higher mechanical qualities.

What Distinguishes Extrusion from Co Extrusion?

Co-extrusion and extrusion differ from one another.In a typical extrusion process, solid plastic pellets are gravity fed into a forming mechanism where they are melted and fed into a die by jacketed compression screws. Coextrusion, in contrast, uses several extruders to create layered or enclosed pieces.

What Distinguishes Wet Extrusion from Dry Extrusion?

The mechanical energy from heated surfaces, such as the barrel and screw surface, or shear forces between the wall and the material and the screw and the material, are what produce the high temperature in dry extrusion. Preconditioning and steam injection are used to raise the temperature for wet extrusion.

What Is The Procedure of Sheet Extrusion?

A method for producing flat plastic sheets out of various resins is called sheet extrusion. To create packaging for items like drink cups, deli containers, produce trays, baby wipe containers, and margarine tubs, thinner gauges are thermoformed.

What Is The 6061's Melting Point?

6061: 1080 – 1205°F.

When Does Aluminum Start to Burn?

Alumina's melting point (2250 °C) must be exceeded for aluminum to burn in mixes of oxygen and argon, and its boiling point (3073 °C) must be reached for aluminum to burn on its own [9].

How Hot Is Aluminum Supposed to Be?

Aluminum alloys deteriorate as the service temperature rises, much like steel does. However, because aluminum only melts at 1,260 degrees, by the time it reaches 600 degrees, it has lost nearly half of its strength.

How Is Yield Thickness Determined?

By extrapolating a parallel, imperfect line with 0.2% positive slope from the linear region of the train graph, the yield strength was calculated. The yield strength of the material is indicated by the intersection of the train graph and the off-et line.

What Is A Profile Material Made of Aluminum?

Aluminum alloys are the raw materials for aluminum profiles, which are then extruded into shaped products. This procedure is primarily responsible for the distinct combination of physical properties found in aluminum. Because this metal is durable and strong, aluminum extrusions are utilized in a variety of industries.

Profile Aluminium Extrusion Products

WDONAY 6 Pieces 90 Degree Extrusion Corner Connector for Aluminium Profiles (2020) Silver

Right Angle Corner Bracket Gusset 2 Hole with M5 Screws and T-Nuts, 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, 28mm x 28mm for 6mm Slot, 20pcs/Pack (Silver-20Series), Yeebyee

8mm T Slot for 4040 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile Joint Bracket with Screws, 7 Inch, uxcell Straight Line Connector, 4 Pcs

For 8mm T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile 3030 Series Slot, Befenybay 10PCS Black T Slot L-Shape 90 Degree Interior Inside Corner Connector Joint Bracket with Screws (3030-Black).

4Sets 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile 3D Printer Frame Interior Corner Connector for 20x20 Series L Shape Joint Bracket with Screws and Nuts

profile aluminium extrusion factory manufacturer supplier

For 2020 aluminum extrusion profile accessories, QIJINTRID offers 12 sets of silver 20S T slot aluminum extrusion profile connectors, 12 pieces of corner brackets, and 24 pieces of T sliding nuts.

profile aluminium extrusion

20 Series T Type T-Slot European Standard Extrusions Profiles Anodized Linear Rail Guide Frame for CNC, Mssoomm 2 Pack 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Length 47.24 inch / 1200mm Black

2060 T-Slot Aluminum Profiles Extrusion Frame, 100-1200mm Length, FXIXI (350mm)

2080 T-Slot Aluminum Profiles Extrusion Frame for CNC, Length: FXIXI 100-1200mm (250mm)

For 20 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile Accessories, PZRT 2-Pack Silver Aluminum Alloy Handle Rectangular Industrial Pull Handles 90mm

Top Reviews

Angelo b.

It is just what I needed and is priced reasonably for what it is. I haven't used it long enough to attest for its durability, but it fits my LFD Roof Rack and feels sturdy. It certainly does the job, but I didn't want to pay $100 as another reviewer suggested. Instead, I wanted a handle with a straightforward design without any expensive supplementary lighting. Would advise if you need a straightforward roof rack accessory.

Peter B.

These function flawlessly after being installed on my 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series' Prinsu rack. They are quite sturdy and attach with the provided hardware with ease. This makes it easier to access the goods on top of the roof rack because my Land Cruiser is raised. They are so lovely that I recently purchased a second pair for the opposite side and might possibly order one more so I can have three handles total on each side. In contrast, a handle for my roof rack made by Prinsu costs $118. A wise purchase, these.

B. Merwin

expertly manufactured. Concerning the build quality, I have absolutely no reservations. Furthermore, I am using it successfully with 15 series extruded aluminum components even though it is advertised for 30 series components. These attach nicely; all I had to do was replace out the drop-in t-nut for the 1515 series. In fact, I've bought four sets of these handles as part of a bigger construction I'm working on.

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