Best profile extrusions Direct from the suppliers & wholesalers and Factory in China - YUZHI

Best profile extrusions Direct from the suppliers & wholesalers and Factory in China

For over one and a half decades, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. Best profile extrusion suppliers & wholesalers China has been providing exceptional aluminum extrusions worldwide. Operating out of Foshan in Guangdong province, YUZHI utilizes cutting-edge manufacturing techniques to offer bestized and versatile aluminum profiles suitable for LED lighting, displays and various industrial purposes. With an unwavering commitment to outstanding service, superior products and timely delivery, YUZHI caters to clients across China and major export destinations such as the US, UK, Germany, Turkey and Vietnam.

People May Ask

What Makes Casting And Extrusion Different from One Another?

What distinguishes casting of aluminum from extruding of aluminum, you may wonder. Aluminum billets are driven into a die during the extrusion process, creating the desired cross section. As opposed to casting, which involves pouring molten aluminum into a mold and letting it set up.

What Benefit Does The Extrusion Method Offer?

Low cost is an advantage.The thermoplastics used in the majority of extrusion molding are capable of repeatedly being melted and hardened. Materials that are left over and are often thrown away as waste in other operations can be repurposed. Costs for raw materials and waste are decreased.

What Benefits Does Aluminum Profile Offer?

The fundamental material characteristics of an aluminum profile system are the first of its benefits. Despite being much lighter than steel, aluminum is nonetheless very robust. It is not significantly threatened by corrosion, thus time-consuming preventative procedures are not necessary.

What Makes Forging And Extrusion Different from One Another?

Transcript. Forging and extrusion serve distinct functions. Extrusion is only used to create a semi-product; forging is used to create the final shape of the product. Only cylindrical or rectangular rods can be compressed, and the resulting semi-product can then be used to create something else.

What Applications Do Extruder Profiles Have?

For the purpose of producing unique-shaped products with a constant cross-section, profile extrusion is a common procedure in the industrial sector. Extruded profiles have a variety of uses in numerous sectors and are frequently created from materials like polymers, metals, and rubber.

What Is The Extrusion Ratio for Aluminum?

The area of the cross section of the work billet (Ao) divided by the area of the cross section of the extrusion (Af) is known as the extrusion ratio. The reduction ratio, also known as the extrusion ratio, is written as (Ao/Af). According to a general rule, the extrusion rate must be reduced for alloys with higher mechanical qualities.

What Distinguishes Extrusion from Co Extrusion?

Co-extrusion and extrusion differ from one another.In a typical extrusion process, solid plastic pellets are gravity fed into a forming mechanism where they are melted and fed into a die by jacketed compression screws. Coextrusion, in contrast, uses several extruders to create layered or enclosed pieces.

What Distinguishes Wet Extrusion from Dry Extrusion?

The mechanical energy from heated surfaces, such as the barrel and screw surface, or shear forces between the wall and the material and the screw and the material, are what produce the high temperature in dry extrusion. Preconditioning and steam injection are used to raise the temperature for wet extrusion.

What Is The Ideal Saw Blade for Extruding Aluminum?

Using a circular saw blade is a widely used method for effectively cutting this metal alloy. We prefer to refer to them as cold saws here at Dake. Although the carbide circular cold saw blade costs more than comparable blades, it offers the fastest, cleanest, and most precise cuts.

What Are The Extrusion Zones?

The opening between the revolving screw and the barrel is the biggest in the first zone. The screw diameter in the metering zone is the biggest, while the distance between the screw and the barrel is the smallest. Of the three zones, the feed zone has the lowest temperature and the screw's deepest flight.

Profile Extrusion Products

For T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile, QIJINTRID offers 12 Sets of 4040 Series Aluminum Profile Connector, 10 Sets of 4040 Corner Brackets, 20 Sets of M8 T-Nuts, 20 Sets of Hex Screw Bolts, and 1 Set of Wrenches.

Frame Hinge Install Kit Connector Set for 1 x 1 1010 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profiles, 4 Pieces Zinc Alloy Hinge with T-Nuts and Hex Screw Bolt

Qjaiune 7 Inch Joint Line Brackets, 4 Pieces 3030 Straight Line Connector, T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Connectors with M6 Screws T Slot Fasteners for Aluminum Extrusion Profile 3030 Series with 8mm Slot

Black-Straight Bracket-20Series Yeebye Straight Line Connector 3.9 Joint Bracket with M5 Screw for 0.24 Slot 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Right Angle Corner Bracket Gusset 2 Hole with M5 Screws and T-Nuts, 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, 28mm x 28mm for 6mm Slot, 20pcs/Pack (Silver-20Series), Yeebyee

For 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, an 8-piece 2020 Corner Brackets Set with 32 M5 T Slot Nuts, 32 M5x12mm Hex Socket Cap Screws, and 1 M3 Wrench is available.

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For 2020 aluminum extrusion profile accessories, QIJINTRID offers 12 sets of silver 20S T slot aluminum extrusion profile connectors, 12 pieces of corner brackets, and 24 pieces of T sliding nuts.

20 Series T Type T-Slot European Standard Extrusions Profiles Anodized Linear Rail Guide Frame for CNC, Mssoomm 2 Pack 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile Length 47.24 inch / 1200mm Black

European Standard Anodized Linear Rail for 3D Printer Parts and CNC DIY 600mm Silver, 2PCS 20 Series T Slot 2080 Aluminum Extrusion Profile

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2020 6mm Slot Aluminum Profile Extrusion Frame LUORNG 2pcs Aluminum Profile Hinge Install Kit Metal Hinge with Screws Nut (2 x Zinc Alloy Hinge, 8 x M4 T-Nuts, 8 x M4 Hex Socket Flat Head Screw)

Top Reviews

Peter B.

These function flawlessly after being installed on my 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser 80 Series' Prinsu rack. They are quite sturdy and attach with the provided hardware with ease. This makes it easier to access the goods on top of the roof rack because my Land Cruiser is raised. They are so lovely that I recently purchased a second pair for the opposite side and might possibly order one more so I can have three handles total on each side. In contrast, a handle for my roof rack made by Prinsu costs $118. A wise purchase, these.

Angelo b.

It is just what I needed and is priced reasonably for what it is. I haven't used it long enough to attest for its durability, but it fits my LFD Roof Rack and feels sturdy. It certainly does the job, but I didn't want to pay $100 as another reviewer suggested. Instead, I wanted a handle with a straightforward design without any expensive supplementary lighting. Would advise if you need a straightforward roof rack accessory.


I made a CNC machine for my luthier business using 2080 slotted aluminum for the sides. I construct handmade acoustic guitars. In addition, I create and inlay unique fretboards, fix historical guitars, and perform guitar repairs. I used the machine's sides, measuring 550 mm in length. They were well-made and authentic. To hold the front and back, I tapped the end holes to accept M6 machine screws.

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