Best slotted aluminum extrusion suppliers & manufacturers Direct from China - YUZHI

Best slotted aluminum extrusion suppliers & manufacturers Direct from China

Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co., Ltd. (YUZHI), founded in 2007 in Foshan, Guangdong, is a leading aluminum extrusion manufacturer with 16+ years of expertise. Specializing as a best slotted aluminum extrusion suppliers & manufacturers in China, YUZHI offers high-quality, bestized aluminum profiles and accessories for LED lighting and other industrial applications worldwide in markets like North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East. With advanced equipment and strict quality control, YUZHI provides personalized and comprehensive solutions from design to delivery.

People May Ask

What Distinguishes The Numbers 6061 And 6063?

Differences Specifically, between AL 6061 and AL 6063The melting temperature, thermal conductivity, and heat capacity of 6061 aluminum are all lower. When compared to AL-T6 6063, AL 6061-T6 has a higher yield strength and fatigue strength. Additionally, it is less resistant to corrosion than AL 6063.

Which Five Uses for Aluminum?

Numerous items, such as cans, foil, culinary utensils, window frames, beer kegs, and airplane components, are made of aluminum. This is as a result of its unique characteristics.

What Other Types of Aluminum Are There?

Aluminum alloys can be divided into two categories: wrought aluminum and cast aluminum.

What Are The Various Aluminum Grades?

Grades Of Aluminum: A Guide
Aluminium [Pure] 1000 Series....The Copper Alloys 2000 Series.The 3000 Series consists of manganese alloys.The Silicon Alloys 4000 Series.Magnesium alloys, 5000 Series....Magnesium and Silicon Alloys, 6000 Series.Zinc alloys, 7000 Series....Other Alloy Categories in the 8000 Series.

In What Grade of Aluminum Is Extrusion Used?

Alloy 6063 is a popular choice for extruding aluminum alloys because it provides a high-quality finish and is a great extrusion alternative. It is used to design both custom and standard aluminum extrusions, as well as heat-sinks, structural pipes, and seamless tubing.

What Is The Aluminum Extrusion ISO Standard?

Extruded rods/bars, tubes, and profiles - Part 1: Technical conditions for inspection and delivery. ISO 6362-1:2022. Wrought aluminum and aluminum alloys.

What Length Does An Aluminum Extrusion Typically Come in?

Many aluminum extrusion distributors stock extruded aluminum stock shapes, also known as extrusions, in 144" long master lengths. But did you know that 6061-T6511 aluminum extrusions may be ordered quickly and easily in custom lengths as short as 72" straight off the press?

What Is The Purpose of Aluminum T-Slot?

T-slot aluminum is a versatile, modular material that lets you build almost anything. It is frequently used in the manufacturing sector to make workstations, material handling equipment, desks, machine guarding, climate and office enclosures, and a huge variety of other things. It's frequently described as the "erector set for adults."

What Is The Smallest Radius Possible When Extruding Aluminum?

0.2mmCorners should often be radiused or rounded. Stronger and simpler to extrude are rounded corners. Radii typically range from 0.4 to 1.0mm. The shortest radius that can typically be extruded is 0.2 mm, which is necessary if the design calls for sharp edges.

What Varieties of T-Slot Extrusions Are There?

We offer four fundamental t-slot aluminum extrusion series:
Based on a 25 × 25 mm square, there are 25 series.
Based on a 40 × 40 mm square, the 40 series.
Based on a 50 × 50 mm square, the 50 series.
Based on a 60 × 60 mm square, the 60 series.

Slotted Aluminum Extrusion Products

Fastener T-Solt Connector Set for 1 x 1 1010 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profiles, 10 Pieces Corner Bracket with T Slide Nuts, and Hex Screw Bolt

boeray 20 Sets 2020 Series Aluminum Profile with Slot Set of 6mm Connection Brackets, 20 Corner Brackets, 40 Hex Socket Screw Bolts, 40 Washers, 40 T Slot Nuts, and 2 Wrenches

slotted aluminum extrusion factory manufacturer supplier

Metal corner brackets with socket head cap screws, mounting bolts, and washers - 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Connector Bracket Corner Brace Set - Aluminum Extrusion Accessories (20mmx20mm, 20pcs)

slotted aluminum extrusion

10 Pieces, 4mm Thick, 8 Aluminum Alloy 5052 Slotted Metal Connector Plate Repairing Plate Sliding Bracket, Straight Adjustable Fixing Braces Hardware

For 3D printer parts and CNC DIY, HFS (R) 4 pieces 2020 T Slot Aluminum Extrusion Profile Anodized Linear Rail (200mm)

Black T-Shape Connector Corner Bracket Outside Joint Board Plate, 4 Pieces by Iverntech, 20 Pieces M5 T-Nuts plus 20 pieces of M5 screws and one piece of wrench for 2020 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile

Black/16 x Hex Flange Nuts & T-Slot Screws, uxcell 2Set Inside Corner Bracket Gusset Kits, 78x78x79mm 8080 Angle Connector for 6060 Series Aluminum Profile

20 pieces of black 2020 Series L-shaped interior inside corner connector joint bracket with screws and one piece of slot 6mm 20S aluminum rail accessories

uxcell 5Pcs Inside Corner Bracket Gusset for 4040 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, 38x38x35mm Black

For 2020 and 2040 Series Aluminum Extrusion Profile, 6 Pieces, 4 Hole Slotted Corner Bracket, L Bracket Connector with 5.5mm Slot, Thickness 2.9mm

Top Reviews

Jessica R Jordan

I previously purchased a tall, incredibly cheap bookcase without any backing. Although cute, the item does not have any body support. I believed this bookshelf was going to physically fall in half one day because of how much it would sway and lean. I was unable to even move it. I finally decided that I would have to throw it away and buy something more expensive, but I still wanted to make one last desperate effort to salvage it. I searched online for a solution to the swinging before finding this product. I used it at the bottom and in the middle of the shelf's back. And let me add that these braces...

Jason and Mary Thompson

I like using 3D printers. My printers' frames are built of 2020 extruded aluminum, like the majority of 3D printers. I intended to mount a camera to my frame so that I could view prints from a distance. I've attempted to 3D print t nuts in the past to do this, but my results were inconsistent. This time, I choose to order these t nuts. These t-nuts are excellent. 150 T nuts and 150 M5 screws are included in the set. I was able to insert the screws directly into the t nut and through the camera holder I made. The t-nut turned 90 degrees when it was tightened, producing a large contact point with the 2020's underside. I set everything up, and then the...

Mildly Cranky Johnny

During assembly, the nuts used on 2020 extruded aluminum usually need to be placed into the channel's open end. The open end of the canal is covered once 2020 has been put in yet another section. It could take a lot of disassembly if you decide to add more nuts later on or change the configuration. When the screw is tightened, these nuts spin and lock into place. They slide sideways into the channels. Later change becomes simple as a result. There is good fit and polish on this hardware. Nothing to complain about.

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