High quality t track aluminium extrusion manufacturer & factory Providing Custom Solutions in China - YUZHI

High quality t track aluminium extrusion manufacturer & factory Providing Custom Solutions in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd high quality t track aluminium extrusion manufacturer & factory Chinahas delivered excellence in tailored aluminum extrusions from its world-class facility in Guangdong, China. YUZHI`s prowess stems from integrated capabilities to design, tool, extrude, machine and finish resilient 2080 series aluminum profiles specifically for lighting, solar and mechanical engineering applications. With state-of-the-art production lines manned by qualified staff, and a customer-first business approach, YUZHI supplies exceptional custom t track aluminium extrusions to leading companies across sectors as diverse as railways, roadways, aviation, construction, warehousing and renewables in export destinations spanning 6 continents.

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A slot, or expansion slot, in a computer is an engineered method of enhancing a computer's functionality through the addition of connection pinholes (typically, in the range of 16 to 64 closely-spaced holes), as well as a location to fit an expansion card containing the circuitry that provides some specialized capability, such as video...

What Is Aluminum Extrusion, Exactly?

Alloy of aluminum 6063One of the most popular options for extruding aluminum alloy is alloy 6063, which provides a high-quality finish and is a great choice.

How Can Aluminum Be Joined without Using Welding?

Aluminum to Aluminum AdhesiveThe simplest and easiest welding substitute is probably using instant adhesive or super glue. We advise using epoxy glue for a stronger bond, as was previously covered in our Guide to Gluing Metal.

How Durable Is Extruded 1010 Aluminum?

35,000 psi.Product SpecificationsN/A new; brSurface Area 0.4372 Square Inches35,000 psi is the yield strength.10,200,000 lbs per square inch is the elastic modulus.Weight in pounds 0.0424 inches

Without Ac, Can Aluminum Be Welded?

Use the appropriate polarity.Because of this, it's imperative that you TIG weld aluminum using alternating current (AC) polarity. This polarity offers a cleansing action that aids in removing and dissolving the aluminum oxide layer, resulting in a lovely flowing weld puddle.

What Dimensions Do T-Slot Aluminum Have?

The mounting hardware is the same for all three sizes of extrusions that use 45 mm increments: 45 x 45 mm, 45 x 90 mm, 90 x 90 mm, and 180 x 22.5 mm.

What Purpose Does A T-Slot Serve?

In order to place and hold objects being worked on in a workshop, a threaded clamp is used in conjunction with a T-slot nut. When using a router, drill press, or bandsaw, the T-slot nut glides along a T-slot track installed in a workbench or table.

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There are three different types of expansion slots shown in this image: PCI Express, PCI, and AGP.

T Track Aluminium Extrusion Products

t track aluminium extrusion

For 3D printer parts and CNC DIY CNC Workbench, 10 pieces of 1000 mm 2020 aluminum extrusion European Standard anodized linear rail industrial aluminum profiles are available in black, T style.

t track aluminium extrusion factory manufacturer supplier

High-strength European Standard Extruded Aluminum Linear Rail Guide, Anodizing Technology, 4PCS 15.75inch(400mm) T Slot 2020 Aluminum Extrusion Profile for 3D Printer and CNC DIY

T-Slot Nut Hammer Head Fastener -Plated Carbon Steel Sliding T Nuts for Aluminum Profile, 150 Pieces, 2020 Series (M5)

For use with 2020 Series Slot Groove 6mm Aluminum Extrusion Profile, PZRT 24PCS 20 Series M5 T-Nut Sliding Nut

Double T-Track | 36 Inch Aluminum Extrusion Tracks, Anodized Blue, POWERTEC 71133

Sandblasted anodized aluminum extrusion T rail track for woodworking, 36 double cut profile, 4 pack (UTOOL), with predrilled mounting holes and wood screws

POWERTEC 71182V Universal T Track Aluminum Extrusion For Woodworking, 36 Long, 2-1/4 High, 1 PK

T-Slot Track | Aluminum 3 x 36 DUBOIS 51022 Multi

Aluminum Double Track with Mounting Holes Predrilled for Woodworking, 12 Inch, 2 Pack, QWORK T-Track

T Bolt Set Screw Bolt Fastener Tool for 40 Series M8X25mm Nickel Plated Carbon Steel T-Slotted Aluminum Extrusion

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What is there to dislike? was delivered with the screws and was packaged in a sturdy tube. It has a lovely deep blue hue and looks wonderful on my table. It's a no-brainer when you consider that it's pretty much the least expensive choice up here. Had a minor flaw in one piece, but the seller fixed it straight away. AMAZING service! The table top is 4' x 3', so I purchased a 4-pack of the 48" and a 4-pack of the 36" and there were *exactly* enough pieces (each under 1') left over to finish the configuration shown in the pictures. I may have possibly made a small amount of savings, but I utilized a manufactured T-track edge for each piece of the table's edge, so the...

Spike Spiegel

These are powerful, straight, and exactly as described. Make sure the bottom of the screw head is smooth if you're using hex-head screws to slide in the channel. One I used had a sharp edge, and when I tightened it, it formed a burr on the inside of the track, making sliding unsatisfactory. The sharp edge was corrected by inserting the screw into a drill and filing the bottom of the head, but removing the burr from the track was more difficult. Two screws were sufficient because I used CA glue to secure the tracks in place. Though longer ones are more affordable per inch, the pricing is still fair.


These were ideal after numerous attempts to get the right size T-Nut. The 6mm T-nuts were roughly the proper size to fit in the 3/8" wide frame channel and locked in at an angle. Pan bolts measuring M6-1.00 x 10 were used, and a washer was placed in front of the Channel and another washer was placed on the outside of the Cleat. A very solid connection to the channel was made possible by the T-nut rotating in conjunction with the larger washer. On the top of the frame, I have two Cleats attached. For the extent of the waterway, hangers were hard to come by. They were flawless. Will provide a photo of the poster after it has been hung on the wall. Cheers, steve

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