Top Global u shape aluminium profile manufacturer & factory Since 2007 in China - YUZHI

Top Global u shape aluminium profile manufacturer & factory Since 2007 in China

Since 2007, Foshan YUZHI Aluminum Co. Ltd. (YUZHI) has earned global renown for manufacturing and exporting durable, resilient and superbly-crafted custom u shape aluminium profile tailored to customer needs. Headquartered in Guangdong province, China`s aluminum extrusion hub, our qualified technicians leverage fully integrated production lines encompassing in-house tooling, precision dies and stringent testing infrastructure to sculpt versatile LED profiles, modular PV arrays, specialty heat sinks and mechanical parts exported regularly by discerning investors across aviation, warehousing, renewables, construction, infrastructure and allied industries worldwide.

People May Ask

How Much Strength Does 6061 Aluminum Have?

T6 temper 6061 has a minimum yield strength of 35,000 p i and a minimum ultimate tensile strength of at least 42,000 p i (290 MPa). It has an elongation of 8% or more in thicknesses of 0.250 inch (6.35 mm) or less; in thicker sections, it has an elongation of 10%. T651 temper has comparable mechanical characteristics.

What Type of Aluminum Is Most Frequently Used?

Alloy 3003Alloy 3003: among all aluminum alloys, the one that sees the most use. a manganese-infused, commercially pure aluminum that is 20% stronger than grade 1100 thanks to the addition of the metal. It works well and has high corrosion resistance.

What Type of Aluminum Is The Most Stable?

Aluminum's most stable ion is hence A l 3 +.

Which Type of Aluminum Is Heavier, 6061 Or 7075?

The most popular temper for 7075 aluminum is 7075-T6, and it can be reinforced using the heat treatment method. The density of 7075 aluminum is somewhat higher than that of pure aluminum at 2.81 g/cm3 (0.102 lb/in3). As with pure aluminum metal, the density of 6061 aluminum alloy is 2.7 g/cm3 (0.0975 lb/in3).

What Kind of Weight Can An Aluminum Profile Support?

Strength values that are typical for popular aluminum gradesTensile strength by gradesixty one profiles 18,00045,000 6061-T6 brackets35,000 6063-T6 profilesOver 50,000 profiles in 7004Four more rows

What Thickness Is 6061 Aluminum Plate?

Thickness Thickness Tolerance
(0.1285" | 3.26 mm) ± 0.007"
(0.188" | 4.78 mm) ± 0.009"
(0.250" | 6.35 mm) ± 0.014"
(0.375" | 9.53 mm) ± 0.017"

What Is The Aluminum Profile's Raw Material?

The world's main source of aluminum is bauxite. Alumina was extracted from the ore using a chemical process, and it was then melted using an electrolytic process to create an extrusion ingot. To ensure the quality and strength of the product we extrude, the highest grade raw materials are used.

What Kind of Aluminum Is Better?

Making an Aluminum Grade Selection Using a Quick Reference Chart Ability to form or work Condi tion Re i tanceAlloy 2024 Excellent PoorGood Excellent Alloy 3003Alloy 5052 Excellent Very GoodAlloy 6061 Excellent Very GoodAnother 4 rows

What Are The Characteristics of An Aluminum Profile?

Standardized profiles of aluminum flat bar range from thin and malleable (10 x 2.0 mm) to thick and robust (200 x 20.0 mm).

What Are The Typical Profiles for Aluminum Extrusion?

The following are the primary standard aluminum extrusion profiles:
Standard aluminum extrusion profile for hollow beam.standardized triangular single radius aluminum extrusion profile.typical aluminum extrusion profile in the shape of an L.angled aluminum profiles.Extruded aluminum channels.Flat bar extrusion profile made of aluminum.Additionally,

U Shape Aluminium Profile Products

Spotless LED Channel System from Muzata, 6 Pack, 3.3 FT/1 M, Milky White Frosted Diffuser, Silver Deep Aluminum Profile Housing Track for Strip Tape Light U101 1 M WW, LU2 LN1 LW1

Rubber Weather Stripping Insulation Edge Sealing Strip, Car Door Edge Protector, Covering Sharp Edges - 6.5Ft U Channel Rubber Edge Trim Weatherstrip - 7/16 X 11/32

u shape aluminium profile

Muzata 6PACK 3.3FT/1M Flexible Silver LED Channel with Anodized Curved Mount U106 1M WW, Bendable Aluminum Profile Housing Track for Strip Tape Light

u shape aluminium profile factory manufacturer supplier

The Muzata 10Pack 3.3FT/1M Silver LED Channel with Milky White LED Light Diffuser Shallow Design Super Wide Aluminum LED Track Extrusion for Waterproof LED Strip Lights U Shape Channel U102 1M WW, LU2 LP1 has a shallow design.

Muzata 8mm Light Strip Inner Diameter USC1 Silicone LED Channel System 16.5Ft/5M Transparent Bendable Flexible Waterproof Tube IP67 Water Dust Proof

U2040, 8x17mm, Tiianmai 10-Pack 3.3 ft / 1 meter U Shape LED Aluminum Channel System with Milky White Diffuser Cover, Mounting Clips, and End Caps.

Aluminum Profile for LED Strip Light Installations, Hunhun 20-Pack 3.3 ft/1 meter U Shape LED Aluminum Channel System with Milky Cover, End Caps and Mounting Clips, Very Simple Installation

For LED strip light installations, Muzata 10Pack 3.3FT/1M White LED Channel System with Milky White Cover U Shape Aluminum Profile Track 8x17mm is available. HW U1SW, LU1

ALLmeter U-Shape Black LED Profile with Aluminum Diffuser A 10-pack of 1 meter (3.3 feet) long LED profile channels with white cover end caps and mounting clips for 12 mm wide 5050 5630 LED strip lights

Easy to Cut, Professional Look, U-Shape LED Cover Diffuser Track with Complete Mounting Accessories for Indoor StarlandLed 10x1m Aluminum Channel for LED Strip Lights Installation

Top Reviews

Felix del Gato

Initially testing with 60 LED/M, I was apprehensive about the brightness because of how much they diffused. Using them as accent lights for a project under the kitchen cabinets? So, I bought a strip of 144/m and dream colors in the mistaken belief that my ex would appreciate the softer colors (I told her I was working on this project and she wants them immediately), and they look AMAZING! The dialogue is excellent, and the additional LEDS make everything much brighter. Even when doing effects with WLED (AMAZING led controller), you cannot see a single LED. I wasn't originally pleased with the pricing, but I'm now really content. I must now perform some walk art!

Paul J.

It was my first time utilizing this channel, and I was quite impressed with its design and the way the diffusor produced a light that was genuinely "neon" in color and consistency. The channel was mounted in a hallway closet, as you can see from the photographs, so the homeowner could see the fixture immediately. Because of this, we need a channel that would emit "spotless" light and disperse it in a semi-circular pattern. This channel performs as promised and has wonderful, fashionable, curved milling with a hefty feel on the side. I'll use it again and highly suggest it. Note: Several people have expressed their disappointment with the channel for not offering...


For under-counter lighting in our daughter's freshly built home, I was installing LIFX strips. I went to test-fit the first strip when we discovered a problem that was not foreseen. The individual LEDs of the strip were flawlessly reflected by the quartz countertops. The appearance was definitely unflattering. After some searching, I discovered the Muzata channel with the diffuser and bought them from YUZHI. They simplified installation. Using a hacksaw, cutting them to length was simple. Since the diffuser and LIFX strip have been placed, the LED lights now show as a single bar of any hue that is instructed to the LIFX strip, and the reflection on the quartz countertops is even and pleasant.

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