Corporate Culture

Yuzhi Aluminum Co., Ltd. in Foshan deeply understands the importance of corporate culture to the company's development. Therefore, we actively cultivate and practice a core value system of "integrity, pragmatism, innovation, and win-win" as our corporate culture. In the daily operation of the company, we adhere to the principle of putting people first, caring for employees, and providing them with a good working environment and development opportunities.
Integrity: We always adhere to the principle of integrity management, maintaining a honest, fair and just attitude towards customers, partners, and employees. We know that only through honest business practices can we earn the trust of customers, build a good corporate image, and achieve sustainable development.
Pragmatism: We take pragmatism as the foundation, working hard and pursuing excellent quality. When facing market competition, we constantly improve our own abilities, responding to the expectations of customers and the market with practical actions.
Innovation: We are committed to technological and management innovation, striving to create competitive products and services. We encourage employees to try new things and be innovative, injecting a continuous stream of vitality into the company's sustainable development.
Win-win: We uphold the principle of win-win cooperation, sharing development achievements with customers, suppliers, employees, and society. We believe that only by achieving multiple wins, can the enterprise achieve sustained and healthy development.
In terms of talent development, we regularly hold various training activities to improve employees' business skills and comprehensive quality, stimulate their work enthusiasm and creativity. At the same time, we also pay attention to employees' career planning, providing them with broad development space and helping them achieve their career goals.
In addition, we actively participate in social welfare undertakings, giving back to society, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility. We focus on education, environmental protection, poverty alleviation and other fields, making positive contributions to society through donations, volunteer services, and other forms

Prototypes and Parts Delivered Fast with 4 Simple Steps

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Extrusion molding

In the process of aluminum extrusion molding, it is necessary to first select a suitable aluminum alloy material and carry out pre-treatment, such as removing the surface oxide layer and reducing the water content. Then, the aluminum rod is placed into the extrusion machine, and a certain pressure is applied to make it pass through the extrusion die, forming the required cross-sectional shape. The extruded aluminum profiles usually need to undergo subsequent processing such as cooling, stretching, and cutting to meet different usage requirements.

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Precise cutting

In the process of precise cutting, operators must have a high level of technical ability and experience to ensure that each cut meets the required accuracy and quality standards. It is typically used in the manufacturing of components or parts that require high precision, such as the aerospace, medical device, semiconductor, and electronics industries.

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Machining is a manufacturing method that utilizes mechanical forces to shape, size, or modify the properties of a workpiece. During machining, the operator uses various types of machine tools (such as milling machines, lathes, drills, etc.) along with cutting tools and cutting fluids to process the workpiece to achieve the desired level of precision and surface quality.

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Surface Treatment

Through surface treatment, we can eliminate dirt, oxide layers, and other defects on the surface of materials to achieve better surface quality and improved appearance. At the same time, it improves the corrosion resistance of the product, preventing corrosion, rust, and other chemical reactions from occurring. Improving the surface quality of materials enhances their functionality and lifespan.

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