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Technical strength is the core force of our company. We adopt advanced production equipment and strict quality control systems to ensure every production link meets national standards and customer requirements.

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Machining is a process that uses high-precision machines to cut, grind, drill, and mill raw materials, transforming them into the required shapes and sizes. Machining can be used to manufacture various types of products, including mechanical parts, automotive components, aviation parts, lighting, furniture, instruments, and more.

Machining is an essential aspect of manufacturing, enabling us to produce products with various complex shapes and specifications. Machining processes include:

Extrusion: Heating and extruding raw materials into desired shapes using an extruder.
Milling: Cutting and carving workpieces using a milling machine.
Grinding: Grinding and polishing workpieces using a grinding machine.
Drilling: Drilling holes in workpieces using a drill or drill bit.
Cutting: Cutting materials using a cutting machine.
Welding: Joining multiple components or materials using a welding machine.

LED aluminum profile
Other aluminum profiles
Panel Light Aluminum Frame

Why Us?

High-quality products:
We have a rich product line covering LED extrusion profiles, LED linear profiles, LED panel light aluminum frames, LED surface-mount profiles, aluminum profiles, and angle profile accessories to meet the needs of different customers.

Professional technology and experience:
We adopt advanced production equipment and strict quality control systems to ensure every production link meets national standards and customer requirements. Our manufacturing processes include (precision cutting, angle cutting, punching, stamping, CNC milling, drilling, threading, countersinking, tapping, welding, chamfering, and deburring) to ensure product quality and performance.

Competitive pricing:
We are committed to providing customers with high-quality, reliable products or services while maintaining competitive prices. We optimize costs using advanced technology and efficient production processes, striking a balance between quality and cost for our customers. Additionally, we offer discounts based on order quantity and attractive customization plans for long-term partners. We believe our pricing and services will bring more value to your business, achieving a win-win outcome together.

Timely Delivery:
We understand that time is extremely valuable for our clients, which is why we are committed to ensuring the timely delivery of products or services. We have a dedicated team monitoring the production process and developing reasonable plans to ensure an efficient and smooth workflow. We have also established long-term partnerships with logistics companies to ensure prompt delivery of our customers' orders.
In addition, we consider timely delivery as part of our service and have set corresponding goals and indicators for it. We will communicate with our clients in a timely manner to ensure proper coordination and adjustments of production progress and logistics arrangements to avoid any delays.

Excellent Customer Service:
We recognize that good customer service is key to customer satisfaction and loyalty. We have a professional customer service team that responds quickly and can promptly address customer issues and needs.
We have established long-term partnerships with our customers and pay close attention to their needs and feedback. We offer flexible customization solutions, quick order processing, timely delivery, and comprehensive after-sales services to ensure the best customer experience.

Customized Design

We offer customized design services, tailored to our clients' requirements and specifications, ensuring that the dimensions, shape, color, and materials of the LED profiles meet their needs.

Material Selection

We provide a variety of material options, including commonly used aluminum alloys 6063 and 6061, allowing clients to select the most suitable material based on their requirements and budget, ensuring the quality and durability of the LED profiles.

Rapid Sample Production

We can produce and provide samples within a short period, allowing clients to test and confirm. Our sample production process is swift, offering quick feedback and confirmation for our clients.

Production and Quality Control

Our production lines employ the most advanced equipment and technologies, ensuring efficient production and high-quality products. Our quality control system ensures that products comply with international standards and clients' requirements.

Packaging and Shipping

We offer various packaging and shipping options, ensuring the LED profiles remain undamaged during transportation. Our shipping system guarantees timely delivery of products to meet clients' requirements and expectations.

We are committed to providing the highest quality OEM services to meet our clients' needs and expectations. If you have any OEM requirements for LED profiles, please feel free to contact us, and we will be at your service.

Extrusion molding

Heat treatment

Surface treatment



Laser Welding

CNC Milling


Selection process

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Why Choose Us

Professionally manufactured, technologically advanced, giving you more confidence in your choices.
Skillful craftsmanship, quality assurance, creating the perfect product for you.

Strict quality inspection, impeccable after-sales service, ensuring worry-free purchasing.
Volume discounts, save more with bulk purchases.

Timely delivery, efficient communication, making your procurement more convenient.
Customer-centric, providing professional service, aiming for your sat.


Model: 1234
Product Size: Customized according to requirements
Material: Aluminum alloy
Origin: Guangdong, China
Color: Customized according to requirements
Delivery terms: Delivery according to the agreement

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